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42 president
Jefferson Davis
Religious folk songs.
white collar jobs
professional jobs
he conquered the aztecs
Upton ______________ wrote "The Jungle" describing the horrible conditions inside the meat packing industry.
Literal interpretation and strict adherence to basic principles of a religion
Whiskey rebellion
extra tax on whiskey
Glass-Steagall Act
Established FDIC, reogranized banking
Second Bull Run/Manasas
same result, bigger damage
Pendelen Act
allowed president to decidewhich federal jobs would be filled (got to be filled by the people he wanted), federal gov. finally began to move from spoil system
the second amendment protects the rights of citizens to own..?
secret kickbacks to powerful shippers to ensure safety and traffic
Ezra Pound
brilliant Idahoan who deserted American for Europe; proclaimed his doctrine "Make It New" where he called "and old bitch civilization, gone in the teeth"
Roger Williams
fled Massachusetts for religious beliefs that did not agree with the Puritans of Massachusetts
an underground tunnel or passage enabling pedestrians to cross a road or railway, 1897 in Boston, New York in 1904
What did Senator Stephen Douglas propose in the Kansas-Nebraska Act?
Quartering Act
Colonists must supply British troops with housing, other items. Let to protest in assemblies; New York Assembly punished for failure to comply, 1767.
14th amendment
1) Citizenship for African Americans, 2) Repeal of 3/5 Compromise, 3) Denial of former confederate officials from holding national or state office, 4) Repudiate (reject) confederate debts
auto touring
craze that encouraged americans to take long sight seeing trips in their automobile
Also called 'Indian Corn', maize was one of the staples of the New World.
Secondary Source
Records created after events have occurred, often based on Primary Sources
a theory of management that analyzes and synthesizes workflows, with the objective of improving labor productivity
Trend to emphasive science and secular values over traditional ideas about religion
Risk-takers who used their money and talent to launch new ventures
16,000 these kinds of men (german mercanary) that British used so that they don't have to fight against Americans.
Cattle Trails
used to transport livestock from summer grazing areas in Texas to the railroads in Kansas
Careful about what one says or does.
Great Society
-Blacks migrated to cities, leaving rural areas behind-1964 war on poverty launched-Acts created to help development, housing and education-Social security expanded
Boston Masssacre
(1770) conflict between British and colonist
McCulloch v. Maryland
1819, Cheif justice john marshall limits of the US constition and of the authority of the federal and state govts. one side was opposed to establishment of a national bank and challenged the authority of federal govt to establish one. supreme court ruled that power of federal govt was supreme that of the states and the states couldnt interfere
Huey Long
Perhaps the most serious threat to President Roosevelt from the left came from Democratic Senator named
navigation acts
laws directed the flow of goods between england and the colonies
Prince Henry
Portuguese prince who started a school for sailors and sponsored early voyages of exploration
Passive Resistance
Refusal to cooperate (Gandhi and MLK with sit-ins)
cassablanca conference
roosevelt and churchill agreed to step up the bombing of germany
Voting Rights Act 1965
stop voting discrimination -stopped literacy tests,
Manhatten Project
Code name for America's atomic bomb project
horizontal consolodation
process of creating one giant business by bringing togather smaller firms in the same field.
an arrangement in which a buyer pays later for a purchase, often on an installment plan with interest charges
what states were dustbowl?
"Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, Colorado, New Mexico"
William Becknell
a merchant and adventruer was the first to head for Santa Fe; he led traders from Franklin Missouri and other Americans soon followed. His trail became known as the Santa Fe Trail
an act or decision that sets an example
FDR referred to them as the "rattlesnakes of the Atlantic"?
German Submarines.(U-Boats)
George Kennan
author of containment. Came up with Domino theory
manifest destiny
argrument that it was the undeniable fate of the US to expand across North America
eatire way of life that a people has developed
Battle of Wounded Knee
were the Seventh Cavalry slaughtered 300 unarmed Native Americans thus ending the Indian wars
Ironclad Ships
trade dropped more than 90% in South. South was desperate to find way to break blockade- ironclad. merrimack-confederates . monitor- union
how did they benefit?
-starting plantations to grow valuable commodities.
-establishing trading posts
-collecting a percent of company profits
Sons of Liberty
protesters of the British acts who harassed soldiers and tax collectors, hung people in effigy
Prior to WWI the U.S. followed the policy of isolationism regarding_____?
world affairs
___ was created in 1820 to keep a balance in the United states between free and slave states
amerigo vespucci
was an italian explorer who was a navigator and cartographer
the Blues
The blues came from the countryside of the rural Mississippi Delta region in the South, and evolved mostly from the spirituals and work chants that had been sung by enslaved African Americans. Blues musicians often used instruments to imitate the singing voice. The most popular instruments used were the guitar, harmonica, and piano. The lyrics were often about daily struggles, racism, and lost love.
XYZ affair
Adams wants to end a French treaty because they're rude
France won't talk to America's representatives in France
Some French secret agents X Y and Z say they can get them in for $250,000
US be like no and leave
What became popular during the depression?
Comic Books- superman- batman
why Spain sold Florida
too weak to hold on to it
New and Industrial South
New southern industries, and a new economy: South became merchans, bankers, industrialists, and still large landowners. Had cheap labor, they were called "redeemers" because they saved the south, they were politcally conservative: less spending, and started cigar companies
treaty of paris
the name of the document that ended the revolutionary war
Arab Oil Embargo
Embargo placed on oil by Arab nations against Israel's supporters, showing how heavily the US relied on it by pressuring the US into convincing Israel to end its aggressive behavior
Lone Star Republic
Texas became a free territory and was called this
Extermination Camp
a camp where prisoners were sent to be executed
Freedmen's Bureau
an agency of the War Department set up in 1865 to assist freed slaves in obtaining relief, land, jobs, fair treatment, and education
Consumer Culture of the 50's
Creation of the middle class with consumerism (chemical and electric industries)
John Foster Dulles
Came up with idea of using all force; brinkmanship
The bank during Jackson's time
Clay wanted the bank, but Jackson vetoed it because he thought it was unconstitutional and only helped the richRoger Taney withdrew the banks funds and made smaller pet banks but the caused inflationJackson tried to stop inflation with Specie Circular (1836) which made everyone pay for land in gold and silver
the aztecs main god was?
Huitz..sun god he told the people to find their own city
Fundamental Orders of Connecticut
a set of laws that were established in 1639 by a Puritan congregation who had settled in the Connecticut Valley and that expanded the idea of representative government.
What was the "the day that iwll live in infamy"?
Peral harbor, December 7th, 1941
the two main goals of the Progressives
take control of government from big bussiness, and use government to improve social welfare
What role did FDR play in WWII?
He was the president of the United States and ran the war
Why did the 2nd bank of US apply for an extention of its charter 4yrs early?
Henry Clay was in a runoff against Andrew Jackson, and he persuaded Biddle to apply early in order to make it an issue for Jackson- causing him to lose. But Jackson won the election anyways and eventually killed the 2nd bank of US.
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