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Terms Definitions
artifical waterway
Homemade corn whiskey
foolishly in love
when did Jamestown start
Great Compromise
Connecticut compromise
bicameral legislature
house of reps and senate
Political/ Social thought that juxtaposes the people against the elites and urged social and plitical system changes. Political ideas and activities that are intended to represent ordinatry people's needs and wishes.
New Orleans/ Right of Deposit
ulysses grant
republican canidate of 1868
defacto segration
segregation by custom or tradition
the means of producing and distributing goods is owned collectively or by a centralized government that often plans act controls, the economy
introduction to the decloration of independence
Black Hawk War
Lincoln's only military experience
First permanent English settlement in North America
The Mayans
Valued Religion, Art, and learning.
Located mainly in Central America
Thrived from 800-200BC
House of Representatives Un-American Activities Committee
investigated disloyalty
"Malaise" Speech
-Jimmy Carter
-he says that Americans don't have any faith in themselves.
Viet Cong
a Communist-led army and guerrilla force in South Vietnam that fought its government and was supported by North Vietnam.
South Carolina declares right to nullify.
J.Q. Adams
Both sides were locked in _________ which best describes the first few years of world War I
National Recovery Administration
Department that enforced fair-trade rules set by industry associations during the 1920s, encouraged companies and workers to meet and agree on prices and wages, and established a public relations campaign to mobilize support of the new deal.
Gag Resolution
(MVB) 18-36-1844, Strict rule passed by prosouthern Congressmen in 1836 to prohibit all discussion of slavery in the House of Representatives
What was MLK jr's approach to change?
public control of property and income.
Socialism favors
America's population
-Grew as more groups moved in
-greatest concentration of groups along coastline
Free silverites
____________ belonged primarily to the Populist Party and included many who also favored a system of bimetallism
Emiliano Zapata
leading figure in the mexican revolution, which lasted 10 years; 1910-1920; faught for farmers' rights; gathered army in southern mexico and urged farmers to join; liberation army of the south
Edwin Drake
inventor of the modern oil industry-dug the first oil well
cattle boom
This ended because of overgrazing, fencing of the open range, and bad weather
Townshend Act/Tax
Act placing taxes on imported materials from England. (glass/lead/paint/paper) Special tax on tea
Planned June 5th June 6 1944 Germans occupied Normandy France Germans though it would occur at Calais and goal was to liberate Paris
Hollywood Ten
ten witnesses from the film industry who refused to cooperate with the HUAC's investigation of Communist influence in Hollywood
a British passenger ship that was sunk by a German U-boat in 1915
Kitchen Cabinet
a group of unofficial advisers to Andrew Jackson who met with him in the White House kitchen
The Virginia Plan
Favored large states
2 houses based on population
Edmund Randolph (idea) James Madison
Hiroshima and Nagasaki
(FDR following death) nuclear attacks during World War II against the Empire of Japan by the United States of America at the order of U.S. President Harry S. Truman
Alien Act
president has power to remove foreign residents from US
Amendment that gave women the right to vote
Daylight savings time
to conserve energy, the Fuel Administration, run by Harry Garfield, shortened workweeks for factories that did not make war materials and introduced
Proclamation of 1763
law forbidding english colonists to settle west of the appalachian mountains
Depressions in the past hurt the labor movement, but labor actually made great strides during the Great Depression.
True or False
Person who believes the value of an idea is whether it works or not
Pontiac's Rebellion
Pontiac Ottowan chief let an uprising. The indians were attempting to keep the region between the Mississippi Rover and the Alleghenies. They were able to seize but not hold. end resulted in the proclamation of 1763
Kent State
College where 4 students were killed by the National Guard
Social Gospel Movement
Believed in salvation through helping the poor.
The soldiers marched on DC in what year to get there bonus?
minute men
citizens who could fight at a minutes notice
Flexible Response
a policy that involved preparing for a variety of military responses to international crisis rather than focusing on the use of nuclear weapons
Samuel Sewall
Wrote the Selling of Joseph, the first antislavery paper in the colonies
Which of the following did the most to shape the growth of New France?
A. The search for gold
B. The establishment of farming communities
C. The fur trade
D. The enslavement of Native Americans
Battle of Tippecanoe
between United States forces led by Governor William Henry Harrison of the Indiana Territory and forces of Tecumseh's growing American Indian confederation led by his younger brother Tenskwatawa. In response to rising tensions with the tribes and threats of war, a United States force of militia and regulars set out to launch a preemptive strike on the headquarters of the confederacy.
production quotas
The number of items an employee was expected to make in a given period of time.
French and Indian War
sement engligh dominance; hybrid of new culture
14th amendment
all people born in the u.s, are citizens of the u.s.
A statement agreed between Britain and the United States of America. It was intended as the blueprint for the postwar world after World War II, and turned out to be the foundation for many of the international agreements that currently shape the world.
The Atlantic Charter
Jacques Cartier
French sailor who sailed up the St. Lawrence River to present-day Montreal
Pepin the Short
•Power in the Frankish kingdom was passed to him after his father Charles Martel died •On behalf of the Church Pepin agreed to fight the Lombards, who had invaded Italy and threatened Rome•Pope anointed Pepin "king by the grace of God"•This began the Carolingian Dynasty
Sugar Act
a law passed by the British Parliament in 1764 raising duties on refined sugar imported by the colonies, giving British sugar growers a monopoly
the federal deposit insurance corporation
created during the depression and continues to support bank accounts up to 100,000 dollars per account
The People's Party
What was the Populist Party also known as?
Maginot Line
This was a deffense line set up by France
English bill of rights
King William and Queen Mary accepted this document in 1689. It guaranteed certain rights to English citizens and declared that elections for Parliament would happen frequently. By accepting this document, they supported a limited monarchy, a system in which they shared their power with Parliament and the people.
Setting sail
August 1492, 90 men begin to sail with Columbus
October 12, Columbus' men spot land/Columbus claims land for Spain
Court Packing
Done by FDR to try to circumvent check and balances in retaliation for the 4 Horsemen
Battle of Vicksburg/Port Hudson and Gettysburg
turning point of the Civil war
attacked the Japanese on selected Pacific islands.
Under the strategy of island-hopping, the American forces
to defend freedom of speech and religious tolerance
What was Voltaire's main object?
Why is Eisenhower's election important
the first time since the 1850s that the South had a two party system
Barbed Wire- Inventor:joseph f. Glidden
Soon barbed wire fencing had been put across the plains and ended open range ranching, so the Ranchers fought it.
why was mr.president chosen over other options to all tehre leader
they didnt want it to sound royal.
What was the aim of the KKK?
to destroy GOP (Republican party) in the South
many women took jobs with war-related industries.
One way World War II affected women was that
Why did five Nixon supporters break into the Watergate complex
To place wire taps on the phones to spy on Democrats
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