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90-character keyboard
allowed mass production of newspapers
before linotype, no newspaper in the world had more than 8 pages
new low-framed safety bicycle
replaced high seated model
by 1893, million bicycles in use
women now using the bicycles
Lecompton Constitution
1857;proslavery constitution in Kansas, supported by Buchanan, freesoilers against it (victorious), denied statehood until after secession, making Kansas an eventual free state.
This city had the first subway
Bloodiest European threater of the Seven Years' War, where Frederick the Great's troops drained French strength away from North America.
Wealthy extended clans like the Fitzhughs, Lees, and Washingtons that dominated politics in this most populous colony
Virtual Representation
British governmental theory that Parliament spoke for all British subjects, including Americans, even if they did not vote for its members
Booker T. Washington's approach to solving the nation's racial problems.
It was called this because it stopped short of directly challenging white supremacy.
He avoided issue of social equality.
He acquiesced in segregation in return for the right to develop the economic and educational resources of the black community.
Private Philanthropy
Industrial millionaires donated to educations
"one who steals privately and gives publicly"
in 20 years they gave about $150 million
Augustus Saint-Gaudens
This man was a famous sculptor
New Immigrants
These post-civil war immigrants began immigrating in 1880 and came from mostly eastern and southern europe. These immigrants did not assimilate as easily as old immigrants
The larger European struggle of which the French and Indian War was part.
The oldest college in America, which reflected Puritan commitment to an educated ministry
Indentured Servants
Primary laborers in early southern colonies until the 1680s
Red Coats
Popular term for British regular troops, scorned as "lobster backs" and "bloody backs" by Bostonians and other colonials
National Prohibition Party
alcohol increased during civil war
formed after civil war
received some votes, not enough
Yellow Journalism
Joseph Pulitzer
publisher of New York World and St. Louis Post Dispatch
colored comic strips featuring Yellow Kid
Millard Fillmore
13th President of U.S., from 1850-1853, and the last member of the Whig Party to hold that office. Succeeded Zachary Taylor., compromise of 1850, California becomes a free state, territories chose popular sovereignty, Uncle Tom's Cabin.
Bret Harte
This man wrote California gold rush stories
Stephen Crane
This man wrote about the seamy underside of life in urban,
industrial America (prostitutes, etc.) in such books like Maggie: Girl of the Street. He also wrote the Red Badge of Courage
Victoria Woodhull
This woman proclaimed free love, and together with her
sister, Tennessee Claflin, wrote Woodhull and Claflin's Weekly,
which shocked readers with exposés of affairs, etc
King Louis XIV
Absolute French monarch who reigned for seventy-two years.
This man was made the emperor of Mexico by Napoleon III
The third most populated colony at the time
Social Structure
The basic pattern of the distribution of status and wealth in a society
A person of mixed African and European ancestry. (p. 130)
Intolerable Acts
Harsh measures of retaliation for a tea party, including the Boston Port Act closing that city's harbor
Hatch Act of 1887
Extended Morrill Act
provided federal funds for establishment of agricultural experiment stations in connection with land-grand colleges
These acts led to spawning of 100s of colleges
Booker T. Washington
1881-called to head the black school in Tuskegee, Alabama.
Started with about 40 students.
Taught blacks useful trades so they would gain self-respect and economic security.
Harriet Tubman
American abolitionist. Born a slave on a Maryland plantation, she escaped to the North in 1849 and became the most renowned conductor on the Underground Railroad, leading more than 300 slaves to freedom in her 19 trips.
Samuel Clemens
This man, better known as Mark Twain, wrote many enduring american novels such as the masterpiece of satire, Huckleberry Finn
Phineas T. Barnum
This man and James A. Bailey teamed
up in 1881 to stage the "Greatest Show on Earth"
Uncle Tom's Cabin
This item prevented Britain and France from intervening in the war and helping the south
Homestead Act
This act, enacted in 1862, gave out free land to those who would settle it, improve it, and grow crops.
Royal African Company
Organization whose loss of the slave trade monopoly in 1698 led to free-enterprise expansion of the business
Barnum and Bailey Circus
"The Greatest Show on Earth"
"Wild West"
"Buffalo Bill"
Nathaniel Hawthorne
Author of a novel about the early New England practice of requiring adulterers to wear the letter "A"
Gadsden Purchase
1853; area for which the US paid $10 million, it strengthened the South's bid for a transcontinental railroad&completed manifest destiny.
New York City slave revolt of 1712
Major middle-colonies' rebellion that caused thirty-three deaths
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