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Terms Definitions
to approve
American Disadvantage
inadequate supplies
ALL the Loyalists.
faithful, true, faithful, true
refusal to buy goods
Thomas Paine
Wrote the "Common Sense"
Turning point of the war
American Colonists who favored American Independence.
Nathanael Greene
American general from RI
General Cornwallis surrendered his entire army to Washington
information designed to influence a decision
personal freedom from servitude or confinement or oppression
American colonists who remained loyal to Britain and opposed the war for independence
Second Continental Congress
declared independencein 1776,and helped lead the United States during the Revolution
George Washington
General of the American troops
After Lexington, the British marched to _______.
Battle of Bunker Hill
June 17th 1775
years of French and Indian War
Sudden, complete change in how a country is governed
What guarantees did the Continental Congress give to African American fighters?
no rights
baron von steuben
served as an inspector general
Thomas Jefferson
Author of the Declaration of Independence.
Whose control did New York remain under for most of the war?
John Lock
gave Jefferson belief that government should only exist with the consent of the people
Stamp Act Congress
assembly where representatives from nine colonies met to discuss resistance to Stamp Act
Military blockade of a city or fort
New Englander
the settlers of the 13 colonies
running away from duties such as military service; aka going AWOL
part of the British government in which members make laws for the British people
declaratory act
1766, declaration by the british parliament that accompanied the repeal of the stamp act. it said that parliament had the right to make laws to bind the colonies and people of america.
Boston Tea Party
1773. protest of tea act
1st part of DOI
Why a declaration was needed
The killing of a large number of people who can't defend themselves
Acceptance of the truth or reality of something without certain proof
Valley Forge
the site where George Washington and his troops endured a harsh winter without proper food, shelter, or clothing
The beginning of the French and Indian War
3/5's Compromise
3/5's of each state's slaves were counted as population
person who takes power by force and rules with total authority
Articles of Confederation
this document, the nations first constitution, was adopted by the second continental congress in 1781during the revolution. the document was limited because states held most of the power, and congress lacked the power to tax, regulate trade, or control coinage
men ready to fight at a minutes notice.
Samuel Adams
Patriot leader in Boston. Started Sons of Liberty.
In 1763 when Britain paid little attention to the colonies the time was known as
Salutary neglect
Nathan Hale
Disguised as a Dutch schoolteacher in order to spy on the British
a soldier who fights for any country or group that will pay him
Patrick Henry
a leader of the American Revolution and a famous orator who spoke out against British rule of the American colonies; his well-known quote is "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death"
Lexington and Concord
First battle of the American Revolution
Which act required the colonies to provide housing and supplies for the British troops who remained in America?
Quartering Act
William Dawes
the rider that reached both Lexington and concord
boston massacare
the death of 5 unarmed colinists caused by provoked british soliers.
to offically say that people must pay tax or charge
Quartering Act
An act passed by the British that allowed British troops to live in the homes of the colonists
Pocket books
a pocket sized case for holding paper money
Sugar Act
1764 -- put three-cent tax on foreign sugar and increased taxes on coffe and wine -- taxed without consent of colonists
Battle at Saratoga
British wanted to take control by Hudson River. Was stoped by John Burgoyne, Joseph Brandt and Hurracio Gates, A surrender by the british caused by french and american armies closing in on them.
July 2, 1776
actual date of signing of the declaration
The first country to sign a treaty of alliance with America
Battle of Saratoga
1777 Turning point of the American Revolution. It was very important because it convinced the French to give the U.S. military support. It lifted American spirits, ended the British threat in New England by taking control of the Hudson River, and, most importantly, showed the French that the Americans had the potential to beat their enemy, Great Britain.
The belief that the world was about to end with the seond coming of Christ. The preacher William Miller predicted the second coming would occur on October 21, 1844.
Old North Church
Were the patriots hung lanters to inform of how the British were arriving. One lantern if by land, two lanters if by sea.
Sons of Liberty
group that led protests against the new Stamp Act tax
Writs of Assistance
It was a search warrant allowing officials to enter buildings in which smuggled goods may be. It required no cause for suspicion and homes were often ransacked.
It influenced the addition to the Fourth Amendment to the Constitutions requiring officials to obtain a warrant for search and seizures.
checks and balances
three branches of government can stop each other from passing bad laws
Olive Branch Petition
Assured the king of colonist's desire for peace. But the king refused to protect their rights.
Daughters of Liberty
An organization formed by women prior to the American Revolution They got together to protest treatment of the colonies by their British Rulers
A general truth or rule on which other truths are based.
Patriot who said, "If this be treason, make the most of it."
Patrick Henry
natural rights
..., the idea that all humans are born with rights, which include the right to life, liberty, and property
Crispus Attucks
- One of the men/ protesters to be killed in the Boston Massacre
- He has been frequently named as the first martyr of the American Revolution
Intolerable Acts
A series of laws set up by Parliament to punish Massachusetts for its protests against the British; closed Boston's harbor
French & Indian War
War between England and France with Indian Tribes helping on both sides, England won, France lost almost all territory, Enland had large debt
1st continental congress
all colonists sent reps to plan for war
Shot heard 'round the world
The first shot fired of the Revolutionary War at Lexington and Concord when a group of armed minutemen confronted a British column.
Green Mountain Boys
Group who was led by Ethan Allen and captured at Fort Ticonderoga
Vindication of the Rights of Women
Book written by Wollstonecraft which explained that women should have equal rights with men in education, politics, and economics
negotiating an end to the Revolutionary War american delegates
were quite successful in representing their interests and in gaining a treaty favorable to the new nation
Long way from home, news and supplies were slow to travel, and didn't know the country side.
What were the British negatives?
What is the relationship between England and the colonists during the mid-1700s?
There is a disconnection that occurs between them.
New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania
First, the British win in New York, and the Americans run to Manhattan. The colonists were being followed as Washington crossed the Hudson river, and the Delaware river to Pennsylvania, so he got an officer (Nathan Hale) to spy for him. He got caught and was hanged (they found information in the soles of his shoes).
Challenges the British faced by fighting so far from home
they had no food, they were hated, and there supplies had to be brought over 3000miles of ocean
Why was the Battle of Saratoga so important?
It was the turning point of the American Revolution.
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