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At the organizational maintenance level, thepoint of contact for all material requirements generated by a squadron islocated in what organization?1. Material control center2. ASD/SSC3. AIMD4. Production control
What officer designates the maintenance of all original aviation life support systems(ALSS) records?1. MMCO2. AMO3. XO4. CO
In the NSN 7RHF 1560-00-123-4567DF, which is the FSC?1. 7R2. 123-45673. F4. 1560
In the NSN 7RHF 1560-00-123-4567DF, what is the cognizance symbol?1. 7R2. H3. F4. 1560
What Material Condition code tells you that an item of supply is fast moving and inhigh demand?1. F2. I3. O4. S
“Actions taken to retain material in a serviceable condition or to restore it toserviceability” defines which of the following terms?1. Management2. Production3. Maintenance4. Inspection
Detailed procedures for maintaining aircraft historical files can be found in what volume of OPNAVINST 4790.2?1. Volume I2. Volume II3. Volume III4. Volume V
Volume III
What activity generates the Structural Life Limits Form, OPNAV 4790/142, for theaircraft logbook?1. NADEP2. NAVAIR3. The squadron4. The functional wing
The squadron
What is the 13–digit number called that identifies an item of material in the supplysystem?1. NSN2. NIIN3. FSC4. SMIC
Within an activity, personnel in what rating normally maintain the IMRL?1. AZ2. AK3. AS4. AD
Which of the following Project codes is used when maintenance activities requesition material to return mission essential subsystems to an operational condition when an aircraft is in a PMC status1. 02. 93. 74. 3
Which of the following instructions contains procedures used by supplyactivities to report deficiencies that resultfrom incorrect preservation, packing, marking, or handling?1. OPNAVINST 4790.22. NAVSUPINST 3750.23. NAVAIRIN
What officer is authorized to designate CDQARs in an activity?1. The CO2. The AMO3. The QA officer4. The aircraft division officer
The Inspection Record is identified by what OPNAV number?1. OPNAV 4790/22A2. OPNAV 4790/24A3. OPNAV 4790/26B4. OPNAV 4790/28A
OPNAV 4790/22A
On the Aeronautical Equipment Service Record, oil analysis results are documented on what form or record?1. OPNAV 4790/136A2. OPNAV 4790/27A3. OPNAV 4790/24A4. OPNAV 4790/25A
OPNAV 4790/24A
Which of the following FAD's is also called combat?1. I2. IV3. II4. III
What section of the IPB contains an explanation of the source or SM&R codesused in the IPB?1. Introduction2. Group assembly parts list3. Numerical index4. Alphabetical index
What two instructions govern policies, procedures, and definitions applicable toSM&R codes?1. OPNAVINST 4790.2 andNAVSUPINST 4440.162. NAVSUPINST 4423.14 andNAVAIRINST 4423.33. OPNAVINST 4440.25 andNAVSUPINST
When removal of a component from an aircraft is not feasible or advisable until areplacement is on hand, supply personnel can exempt the turn-in of the component(retrograde) if its part number is listed inwhat document?1. LI
Which of the following types of maintenance is required by hours, calender periods, or starts?1. Unscheduled maintenance2. Scheduled maintenance3. Phase maintenance4. Intermediate level maintenance
Scheduled maintenance
An explosive incident is reported in accordance with what instruction?1. OPNAVINST 5100.72. OPNAVINST 5215.13. OPNAVINST 8100.34. OPNAVINST 8600.2
If organizational activities desire to use QAstamps, what personnel may use them?1. CDIs and QARs only2. CDIs and CDQARs only3. CDQARs and QARs only4. CDIs, CDQARs, and QARs
CDQARs and QARs only
What priority is assigned to the repair or manufacture of material for non-fixedallowance stock?1. Priority 12. Priority 23. Priority 34. Priority 4
Priority 3
At a minimum, how often should a joint awaiting parts validation be performedwith the AWP unit in supply?1. Quarterly2. Monthly3. Weekly4. Daily
What record is used to record maintenance data for modules replaced by an intermediate maintenance activity?1. Installed Explosive Device Record2. Inventory Record3. Parachute Record4. Miscellaneous History Record
Inventory Record
FAD V is used for which of the following?1. Others2. Combat3. Positioned4. Reserves and support
What is the time requirement before a QA stamp may be reassigned?1. 12 months2. 9 months3. 3 months4. 6 months
3 months
What officer, with assistance from QA, reviews all correspondence relating toaircraft flight mishaps?1. The aviation safety officer2. The aircraft maintenance officer3. The assistant aircraft maintenanceofficer4. The m
The aviation safety officer
What form is used to designate an aircraft“safe for flight”?1. OPNAV 4790/141 2. OPNAV 4790/26A 3. OPNAV 4790/60 4. OPNAV 47900/113
OPNAV 4790/141
Which of the following actions requires an entry in the Miscellaneous/History section of an aircraft logbook?1. The aircraft is damaged in an in-flight mishap2. The aircraft is exposed to a large quantity of salt water3. Dye is added di
Each of the above
Where can maintenance and aircrew personnel find an accurate, comprehensiverecord of all outstanding maintenance requirements on a specific aircraft?1. The aircraft logbook2. The Aviation Material Readiness Report3. The Maintenanc
The Aircraft Discrepancy Book
You need to order a replacement component for an aircraft, and you do notknow the part number of the item. Which of the following basic information shouldyou be able to provide the AK so that he or she can research the IPB?1. Type
All of the above
At an AIMD maintenance activity, what personnel may use a QA stamp in place of asignature?1. QARs only2. CDIs only3. QARs and CDQARs only4. CDIs, QARs, and CDQARS
Which of the following persons or officeshas responsibility for ensuring validity ofthe Naval Flight Record Subsystem (NAVFLIRS)?1. Analyst2. Maintenance control3. Operations department4. Each of the above
Each of the above
What items should NOT to be listed on the Inventory Record, OPNAV 4790/27A?1. ASR2. EHR3. MSR4. Aircraft engines
Aircraft engines
What section of the IPB contains a description of a component listed in the IPB?1. Introduction2. Group assembly parts list3. Numerical index4. Alphabetical index
Group assembly parts list
In regards to FAD IV, which of the following urgency of need designators are correct1. 8, 10, 152. 1, 4, 113. 3, 6, 134. 2, 5, 12
3, 6, 13
Which of the following factors add to yourexpenses and cut down on overall efficiency?1. Broken tools2. Misdirected efforts3. Injured personnel4. All of the above
All of the above
When a misuse of equipment is witnessed and reported, which of the following personnel may submit the SupportEquipment (SE) Misuse/Abuse forms?1. SE division officer2. Safety officer3. QA personnel4. The witness to the misus
The witness to the misuse
The first position of the EOC code is derived from what source?1. The Work Unit Code manual2. OPNAVINST 4790.23. MESM, OPNAVINST 5442.44. Local maintenance instruction
The MCRL is used to provide a cross reference between what items of information?1. Noun name and CAGE 2. CAGE and NIIN 3. NIIN and item number 4. Reference number and NSN
Reference number and NSN
Which of the following is a requirement to become a QAR?1. Be assigned to the work center the longest period of time2. Be senior in grade and experience3. Have prior experience as a work center supervisor4. Have prior experience a
Be senior in grade and experience
What is the purpose of an index number in an IPB?1. To describe a major component2. To establish the relationship betweenparts in the illustration and the corresponding parts list3. To identify items procured from acom
To establish the relationship between parts in the illustration and the corresponding parts list
Which of the following is NOT a concern of the work center supervisor?1. Know your personnel and their limitations2. See that the job is done correctly and safely3. Conduct the Monthly Maintenance Plan meeting4. Train your p
Conduct the Monthly Maintenance Plan meeting
If you need to perform maintenance on anaircraft that requires “no electrical power,” what must you do?1. Post someone outside the aircraft to inform others2. Request quality assurance place the aircraft in a “no power” st
Request maintenance control place the aircraft in a “no power” status
What factors determine the number of personnel assigned to a QA division?1. Size of the unit and number of work shifts2. Size of the command and type of aircraft3. Size of the work spaces and number of aircraft4. Size of the work
Size of the unit and number of work shifts
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