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Terms Definitions
Arcuate Line
Ridge running inferiorly/anteriorly from the auricular surface down to the superior ramus of the pubis.Helps define the pelvic brim.
Bony Pelvis
Coxal bones/os coxae, sacrum, coccyx
Anterior portion of the hip bone.Fuses with the ilium and the ischium at the acetabulum and articulates with its pair at the pubic symphysis.
We sit on __________ !
ischial tuberosity
Iliac Crest
Thickened superior margin of the ala.
Pubic Arch
Inverted V (male, narrower/longer) or U (female, wider/shorter) shape just inferior to the pubic symphysis.
Ischial Tuberosity
Rough, thickened portion of the inferior surface of the ischial body. Inferior to the lesser sciatic notch.Bears our weight when sitting. Attachment site of a ligament which runs to the sacrum.
Ischial Ramus
Thinner, inferior branch of the ischium which makes up the lateral part of the loop which forms the obturator foramen.
Gluteal Surface
Broad posterolateral surface of the ilium.
Large, flaring bone that forms the superior region of the coxal bone.Articulates with the sacrum and is fused with the pubis and ischium at the acetabulum.Contains the body, ala, iliac crest, tubercle of the iliac crest, anterior superior iliac spine, posterior superior iliac spine, anterior inferior iliac spine, anterior inferior iliac spine, greater sciatic notch, gluteal surface, posterior gluteal line, anterior gluteal line, inferior gluteal line, iliac fossa, auricular surface, arcurate line, and pelvic brim.
superior pubic ramus, inferior pubic ramus (also called _____)
ischio-pubic ramus
Fig. 5.4
pelvic girdle includes pelvic inlet, ala of sacrum, sacroiliac joint, anterior superior iliac spine, coccyx, obturamen foramen, ischial tuberosity, pubic symphysis, ischiopubic ramus, pubic tubercle, ischial spine
Iliac Fossa
Concavity of the internal surface of the iliac ala.
Sacroiliac Joint
Articulation point of the sacrum with the auricular surface of the ilium.
The ischium for the ____________ of the hip bone.
lower posterior
Iliac fossa is the attachment site for ______.
Greater Sciatic Notch
Deep indentation in the ilium just inferior to the posterior inferior iliac spine / posterior to the acetabulum.Passage point for the sciatic nerve to enter the thigh.
Inferior Ramus
Lower bar which extends from the body of the pubis, making up the inferior medial portion of the loop around the obturator foramen.
Ischial Spine
Sharp bump on the ischial body which projects medially into the pelvic cavity.Serves as a point of attachment for the sacrospinous ligament from the sacrum.
The superior ridge of pubis is called ________and ends at the pubic tubercle
pubic crest
The obturator foramen is between ______ and ________
obturator foramen, two rami
Os Coxae/Coxal Bone
"Hip bones." The pair of hip bones articulate with each other anteriorly and with the sacrum posteriorly.
Body of the Ischium
Main portion of the ischium, abutting the acetabulum.
Behind the iliac fossa, there is ______________.
articulation with the sacrum
There are also two ligaments stretched between sacrum and _________ and __________.
ischial spine (sacro-spinous) and ischial tuberosity (sacro-tuberous) Fig. 5.23
The ilium has a superior margin known as the ______ and end anteriorly and posteriorly to two tubercles called _____ and ______.
iliac crest, ASIS, PSIS
Pelvic Girdle is comprised of two ______ and _____ that articulate together to form the _______.
hip bone, sacrum bony pelvis
The 3 bones that join together of the hip bone at a deep cavity called _______ on the lateral surface of the bone are
acetabulum / ilium (proximal/superior), ischium (inferior posterior, pubis
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