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Terms Definitions
copulatory organ
comprise of:
base, shaft, glans (end)
Which animal lacks an ampulla?
interstitial tissue
surrounds the seminiferous tubules
excurrent duct system
efferent ducts
epididymal duct
ductus deferens
(allows for final maturation, storage, and delivary of spermatozoa to the pelvic urethra)
serves as transport, storage, and maturation site for sperm
ischiocavernosus muscles
physiological role: contract during ejaculation to propel smen through the urethra to the environment
bulbourethral gland
paired gland
large in the boar, and contribute to the gel fraction of the boar ejaculate
- inability to retract prepuce over glans penis- congenital or acquired- management: circumcision
rete testis
Merges the seminiferous tubules and the efferent ducts
Where does the epididymis originate from?
mesonephric duct
cremaster muscle
surrounds the spermatic cords and attaches to and support the testis
functions to contract and relax, causing pulsation of blood in teh pampiniform plexus
stimulated during fear
A whitish greasy secretion that builds up under the foreskin of the penis
Arterial supply of ejaculatory ducts:
- inferior vesicle artery
Prostate gland lobes:
1. Anterior- anterior to urethra2. Posterior3. Lateral lobes4. Middle lobe
attaches the testes to the base of the scrotum; governs testicular descent
OS penis
bone in penis of cats and dogs
How many lobes does the prostate gland have?
5 lobes
The glans penis is the distal expansion of the ___ ___.
- corpus spongiosum
mediastinum testis
core of testes that houses the rete testes
The rim of the glans of the Penis, erotically sensitive nerve endings
Foreskin (or prepuce)
The loose skin that partially or completely covers the glans in males who have not been circumcised
Bulbourethral aka Cowper's Gland are pea sized glands located ____ to the ___ ___. They have ducts that open into the ___ ___.
- posterolateral- membranous urethra- spongy urethra
Posterior lobe of prostate gland contains ___ tissue, is readily ___ by digital rectal exam, is separated from the rectum by the ___ ___aka ___ ___.
- glandular- palpable- rectovesical septum aka Denonvillier's fascia
Acquired phimosis is common complication of ___ or ____.
- balanitis- inflammation of glans penis- balanoposthitis- inflammation of glans penis and prepuce
Spongy body ( Corpus Sponsiosum)
A single midline erectile structure. In both sexes it fills the glans; in Males it extends backwards along the underside of the Penis, surrounding the Urethra
The ____ ___ of the deep Buck's fascia separates the corpus cavernosum from the corpus spongiosum.
- intercavernous septum
Ejaculatory ducts arise near the ___ ___, open into the ___ urethra, convey sperm into the ___ urethra.
- bladder neck- prostatic- prostatic
Seminiferous Tubules (where sperm develop)
Dominate the internal structure of the testicle. A set of about 1,000 narrow convoluted tubes that are site of sperm production (spermatogenesis)
what forms the ejaculatory duct?
- duct of the seminal vesicle- ductus deferensTEST KNOW IT
Prostate cancer and why should have digital rectal exam done:
- 70% arise in outer glands (adenocarcinomas) and are palpable by digital rectal exam
Layers of the scrotum from outermost to innermost:
- skin > superficial dartos fascia and muscle > external spermatic fascia > cremasteric muscle and fascia > internal spermatic fascia > parietal layer of tunica vaginalis> visceral layer of tunica vaginalis> tunica albuginea of testis> lobules of testis
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