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vastus intermedius
deep Quadriceps muscle
-Abductor Pollicis (brevis)-Flexor Pollicis (brevis)-Adductor Pollicis (brevis)-Opponens Pollicis (deep and oblique)AFA and O underneath
thenar muscles
a specialized, impulse-conducting cell that is the functional unit of the nervous system, consisting of the cell body and its processes, the axon and dendrites.
those star-shaped glial cells with cytoplasm extended into elongated processes to form the blood-brain barrier are called ___
most important autonomic center of the brain,center of emotions and drives, regulates pituitary gland
The outermost covering of an unmyelinated axon is called (the)a)neurolemma b)sacrolemma c)axolemma d)internode e)n.o.t.a
filum terminale
delicate strand of fibrous tissue, about 20 cm. in length, proceeding downward from the apex of the conus medullaris.
sensory nerves are also known as ___
proteins are synthesized at an organelle of the cell body known as the ___
nissl body
most sensory neurons are neurons described as ___
unipolar neurons
the outer portion of schwann cells that surrounds the axon is called the ___
Microglia are (the)a)largest neuroglia cell b)most numerous neuroglia cell c)smallest neuroglia cell d)least numerous neuroglia cell e)n.o.t.a
c) smallest neuroglia cell
char of interneuron
Interneuron Conduct impulses between other neurons Found only in the Brain & Spinal cord
Brachioradialis muscle
muscle used for flexion of the forarm
superficial peroneal nerve
nerve that innervates the lateral leg
motor neurons are also known as ____
efferent neurons
the two main divisions of the nervous system are the PNS and (inner) nervous system.
Blood and cerebrospinal fluid drain from teh brain in (the) a)subarachnoid space b)ventricles c)dural sinuses d)epidural space e)n.o.t.a
c) dural sinuses
Which type of functional subdivision is distributed by the cranial nerves concenred with taste and smell?
Special visceral afferent
reflex action
noting or pertaining to an involuntary response to a stimulus, the nerve impulse from a receptor being transmitted inward to a nerve center that in turn transmits it outward to an effector.
From lateral to medial:-Lateral head-Medial head (deep and distal)-Long head
3 parts of Triceps Brachialis
the two main types of cells in the nervous system are nerve cells and (glial) cells
in the PNS, schwann cells for the ___
myelin sheath
The portion of a neuron that carries info in the form of a nerve impulse is calleda)dendrite b)axon c)Nissal body d)soma e)myelin
b) axon
The caudate nucleus and the lentiform nucleus are anatomically seperated by (the)a)internal capsule b)longitudinal fissure c)corpus callosum d)fornix e a.o.t.a
a) internal capsule
The efferent division specific to a group of muscles from the brachial arch would be classified as?
Special Visceral efferent
-Tibialis posterior-Flexor Digitorum Longus-Flexor Hallicus Longus
Tom, Dick and Harry of Posterior leg
The very beginning of an axion is called a)neurofibril b)initial segment c)Nissal body d) axoplasm e)axon hillock
b) initial segment
Demyelinationa)is teh addition of teh myelin to the axon b)is the gradual reduction in th emyelin c)only affects oligodendrocytes d)is the thickening of the myelin e)only affects the Schwann cells
b) gradual reduction of myelin
Where are the cell bodies of the efferent fibers located?
in ventral hron
-Superior Gluteal Artery and Nerve
The artery and Nerve exiting above Piriformis
The CNS includes the a)brain b)spinal cord c)nerves d)A&B e)A&C
d) brain and spinal cord
-Tibialis anterior -extensor digitorum longus-extensor Hallucis longus
3 muscles of anterior leg (begin at lateral knee and end inferior to medial malleolus (tom, dick and harry)
The coroid plexusa)is teh site of drainage of used cerebrospinal fluid from the neural tissue b)is the site where the spinal nerves first enter the medulla c)is the site of production of the cerebospinal fluid d)is located on the entire surfa
c) site of production of cerebrospinal fluid
A gap junction acts to facilitatea)growth of Schwann cells b)the passage of neurotransmittersbetween cells c)a change in permeability of the postsynaptic membrane d)the passage of ions between the cells e)a.o.t.a
d 0 the passage of ions btwn cells
Which of the following contributes to the maintenance of a resting membrane potential?
lower plasma permeability to Na+ than to K+
know the mechanism of how an action potential is generated in a neuron:
The inside of ALL cells in the body are negative in charge (polarity) , When compared to the outside environmentWhen a stimulus comes in contact with a neurons dendrites/cell bodyThis changes the “charge” (polarity) of the cell’s inside (intra-cellular)Whatever the stimulus;Causes certain ion channels (gates) to openThe ions diffuse based on their concentrationHigh to LowThis diffusion changes the ion concentrations Results;the neuron’s internal charge (polarity) changesA change in charge (polarity) = Electrochemical Activity
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