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A low level noble.
a highly educated person
a poor farmer or worker
China's first civilization. The people live on the Shandong Peninsula. Archaeologists found remains of their civilization that told about their lives.
Chinese philosopher and scholar (circa 551-478 BC)
a green, semi-precious stone crafted in jewelry and objects of art
Lost-Wax Method
Earliest example of bronze making. Model formed of wax.
peice-mold process
Bronze production method developed by Chinese bronze workers in the 2nd millennium. Model formed of clay.
Group of people who claim their descent from a common ancestor.
the system of ethics, education, and statesmanship taught by Confucius and his disciples, stressing love for humanity, ancestor worship, reverence for parents, and harmony in thought and conduct
occurs when a group has exclusive control over the production and distribution of certian goods
Han Dynasty
imperial dynasty that ruled China (most of the time) from 206 BC to 221ad and expanded its boundaries and developed its bureaucracy
a hard white ceramic ware commonly know as china
Person the lord chooses to lead them during crisis. Overlord.
A city in central North China where Archaeologists worked in the royal cemetery to uncover Lady Hao's tomb.
What was the result of paper?
It influinced education
shi huangdi
Founder of the short-lived Qin dynasty and creator of the Chinese Empire (r. 221-210 B.C.E.). He is remembered for his ruthless conquests of rival states and standardization. (163)
strict conformity to the letter of the law rather than its spirit
a rich fabric woven from the cocoons of silkworms
Sima Qian
Wrote down the "Basic Annals" which is a record of the history of 100 bce.
yin and yang
two forces in the universe, according to Chinese Theory: Yin is the passive, negative force, and Yang the active, positive force
Wu Zhao
the only woman to ever declare herself empress, she was a member of the Tang Dynasty; takes over when Li Shimin dies; she used trickery to get power, cuts taxes, raises salaries of government officials, encourages trade and buddhism, takes korea as a tributary state, reforms the civil service exams, builds more school for more job opprotunities, takes critism from Li Bo and improves
one who makes a living by buying and selling goods
Eastern Zhou Period
770-221 BCE rulers of Zhou period lead from a capital to the east of its original home.
Lady Hao
One of the wives of the king of the Shang dynasty. Weapons found in her tomb signify she may have helped lead the battles.
"Spring and Autumn" Period
770-491 BCE first part of the era of the Eastern Zhou period. From the title of a history written during this period, important events written by the seasons in which they occurred.
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