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strong rapids
corresponding parts
supreme sun god
same as cataract
symbol for life
a large, powerful waterfall
Wild rapids are called...
the first female ruler
king, 'true king', 'house'
glazed earthenware decorated with opaque colors
ancient god of the dead
believing in only one god
ruled in the 2500s B.C.E
society, urban, government, art, religion, writing
all things necessary for a civilization
A paper-like material ancient Egyptians used to write on ; made from a plant that grows in the Nile River
material burned for its pleasant smell
Legendary Egypt ruler,he unified the Upper and Lower Kingdoms of Egypt and built the capital city Memphis
Leonardo Da Vinci of Ancient Egypt
process developed by the ancient Egyptians of preserving a person's body after death
writing system in which pictorial symbols stand for words or sounds
the largest desert in the world
huge buildings with four sloping triangle-shaped sides
Kushite ruler, extended boundries for Kush, conquered Upper Egypt (southern) and Thebes (capital city of Upper Egypt), had a son named Piankhy
a stone coffin (usually bearing sculpture or inscriptions)
Egyptian falcon-headed god of the sky
One of the chief gods representing immortality
Middle Kingdom
restored order & reunited the country
Kush's ______, items sent to other regions for trade, included gold, pottery, iron, tools, slaves, ivory, leopard skins, ostrich feathers, and elephants.
an ancient greek historian who called egypt the gift of the nile
a line of rulers from one family
plain at the mouth of a river
the practice of one person owning another person
rich, fertile soil deposited by the flooding of a river
Rosetta Stone
Ancient Egypt artifact which was intrumental in advancing modern understanding of hieroglyphic writing.
What did those crossing the river say?
monumental structures symbolize
wealth, skills, and organization capacity of ancient Egypt
(pyramids and Sphinx at Gize near modern Cairo, temples at Karnak and Thebes in the South
a simpler form of writing for everyday use
Social Pyramid
social structure in shape of pyramid, layers representing different social statuses
Old Kingdom
period of Egyptian history that lasted for 500 years, 2700 to 2200 BCE
pyramids where built
pharaohs seen as the god Horus.
someone who rules for a child until the child is old enough to rule
peasant farmer
the lowest social class that most people belonged to; grew crops
step pyramid
first pyramid to be built in Egypt
The Nile River.
What is Egypt's most precious resource.
Golden Empire
The New Kingdom within the Ancient Egyptian History
A tablet discovered in 1799, three languages, helped historians to understand hieroglyphics
Rosetta Stone
Nile River
the longest river in the world, the Egyptians' lives depended on it
to prevent decay of a dead body by treating it with preservatives
the next life, in which the dead are believed to live again
trade network
Meroe became the center of a large ______________, a system of people in different lands who trade goods back and forth. Kushites sent goods down the NIle to Egypt.
it holds the paints, a water pot to moisten the brush, and a piece of cloth to use an eraser.
a green marshy lake area off of the nile
Low level
The Artisans and Farmers were of the social level. Artisans provided goods for the king and his family, such as furniture and jewelry. The artisans were paid in food. Farmers spent their lives growing food they supports other levels of society by providing them food.They also provided buildings because in flood season they couldn't farm. So they worked on temples, pyramids, and irrigation canals.
Upper Egypt
The southern part of the kingdom of ancient Egypt
Lower Egypt
on a map of Ancient Egypt this would have been located in the north due to elevation
Double Crown
the crown worn by the pharoah of Upper and Lower Egypt
Keys to rising in Egyptian society
Individuals could attain high positions through government service
What is a delta?
A triangle shaped marshy area where the river meets the sea
the pyramids of giza
the pyramids built for Khufu which is 500 feet tall
High social level.
The people of a high social level were the pharaoh, his queen, and priests. The pharaoh and queen were of high social level because they ruled Egypt and they were thought of as gods. The priests were at the top of the social pyramid because they helped the Egyptians support their religion and designated their lives to the study of astronomy and philosophy.
Book of the Dead
a book containing spells and a map to get through the afterlife
Valley of the Kings
a valley on the west bank of the Nile near the site of Thebes: the necropolis (cemetery) of many of the kings and queens of the 18th and 19th dynasties
How was stone for a pyramid transported to the building site?
Tied them to sleds and pushed or pulled them into place.
What were the Hyksos and what did they do?
The Hyksos were group from southwest Asia that invaded and ruled the region for 200 years.
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