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Anslem Kiefer
to paint
Fragonard-The Swing
le paysage
to openabierto
to simplify objects
la foto
the photograph
Negative space, curvy
(The) Gulf Stream
three dementions
length, width, depth
el autorretrato
the self potrait
Made of non-metallic materials
Achromatic color scheme
no color
Cornelia, Mother of the Gracchi
Disderi, Princess Gabrieli, 1862 (Marien, p. 82)
Disderi creates a multiple-lens camera through which he can shoot multiple
images upon one plate as a negative
This is the beginning of the mass-production of portrait photographs
People want photo pri
painting in the Japanese manner
very influentual teacher in germany
translates his wartime experience into symbolic installations/performances
Two additive processes
modeling and assembling
symbols of ideas,rudiments of written language
The Death of Marat
Jacques Louis David
Economic and social organizations that control of the making an marketing of given products in a medieval city. To work as a painter or sculptor in a city, an individual had to belong to a guild, which established standards for the craft.
Bilateral Symmetry
Mirror-type similarity between the sides of a composition. Also termed "pure" or "Formal" symmetry.
the examination of the relationship among the facts in an artwork
What years was the rococo in
everything is symmetrical (one of Degas' biggest concerns when painting)
kinetic art
art that moves. Example: Mobiles
artistic content depends on internal form rather than pictorial representation
Georgia O'Keefe often painted depictions of
enlarged floral paintings
The area of the most reflected light.
the actual picture the artist makes from a printing process
Pen and Ink
A drawing using black ink.
Organic Shape
Free form, irregular shape. Also called biomorphic or amoeboid shape (or natural shapes).
controlled everything in art - how, what, and why to paint
any of various pale or light colors
Liquid that controls the thinness or thickness of a paint
In printmaking, where multiple images are made from the same original design, each individual print is called
an impression.
A painting medium made by combining water, pigment, and usually, egg yolk.
The exaggeration or emphasis of light areas in a composition.
folk artists
no formal art training, example Bill Traylor from Alabama
the appearance of how an object feels or how it actually feels
Postive Space
The actual aspects (objects) of the design
the technique of cutting into a block of material to create a new form
Homer "The Veteran in the New Field" 1865 realism
Alfred Steiglitz
Photo secessionist; Photo as its own art, away from photo as painting.
toreador fresco
"leaping bull fresco", has been pieced back together, best known wall painting of Knossos
a period during which a single family provided succession of rulers
positive space
area that is occupied by objects, shapes, or forms.
Empty space between the shapes or forms in two-and three- dimensional art
Negative space
action paintings
paintings that show a record of the creating act of painting; what goes on the canvas was not picture but an event
converging lines
lines that are coming together to meet at a point
Additive Process
colors of light mix to produce still lighter colors. For example, red and green light mix to produce yellow light. Add blue light to the mix and the result is white. People who work directly with light such as lighting designers who illuminate settings for film, theater, or video productions learn to mix color by additive process.
vision after the sermon part 2
tree=river, four legs=wrestling couple. intensified color (jap) after hearing a sermon on jacob they believed they had a vision of it.
Double transept
Square apse
What are some differences in the Salisbury Cathedral in comparison to French Gothic Cathedrals?
a stage that thrusts its actors at its audience
Colors on the Yellow-Red side of the color wheel that produce visual sensations suggestive of warmth, comfort, and energy, as produced by the sun. Warm colors seem to advance toward the viewer.
Warm Colors
Linseed Oil
A mixture added to oil paint to extend the drying time
Wassily Kandinsky, a major proponent of __________, is recognized as the first painter of __________.
Der Blaue reiter; pure abstraction
What were some techniques used for cave paintings?
engraving, drawing, sculpture, and painting
3. There is a central courtyard in the middle to pray in
4. Entrance is facing Mecca
La fragua de Vulcano / Velázquez / Madrid2 '31-49
Tema - mitología tambien
Despues de viaje 1 a italia
Ahora - claro, ligero, destaca los colores, composicion parabola/cuña, integrado, espacio, cortones precicos y borrosos
Naturalismo - Naturaleza muerta pero
Italy - estatuas clasicas
REALISMO - mas fuentes de luz! no tan fuerte contraste
Italy 2 - Medici - impressionsimo!/luz
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