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la luna
In Asia
cultural determinism
(autonomy) env
il paese
country; small town
native to a place
relatively small, roughly circular discordant pluton, usually less than 100km2 in surface exposure
question about transboundary pollution =
this produced substantial ethnic Russian minorities in all the non-Russian republics
What means stormy or rainy?
Rock flour
Fine-grained rock material produced when a glacier abrades or scrapes rock beneath it.
predicting what the weather will be
crude oil
petroleum that hasn't been processed
Which era do we live in?
- Olympic Peninsula, only rainforest in continental US
- Mount Ranier NP
- Mount St HElens - active volcano
- SEATTLE - grunge music, starbucks, SPACE NEEDLE, puget sound
A flow of water falling vertically.
the body of pratical theoretical knowlegde about making distinctive visual represenations of earth's surface in the form of maps
relationship between external and internal processes and forces
geomorphic process
a movement that stresses the strict following of basic traditional principles
quadrilateral with exactly one pair of parallel sides
JF-What is the usual pattern of weather events in an area over a long period of time?
Who carried agriculture theory by proposing not one but three agricultural hearths rise to language families?
Colin Renfrew
When did the British colonial rule begin?
primary activities
those that harvest or extract something from the earth
legally a term encompassing all the citizens of a state, it also has other connotations. Most definitions now tend to refer to a group of tightly-knit people possessing bonds of language, ethnicity, religion and other shared cultrual attributes. Such homogeneity actually prevails within every few states.
The drive torward the creation and expansion of a colonial empire and, once established, its perpetuation.
Agricultural Density
farmers per arable unit of land
Medieval cities
Developed in Europe during Medieval Period which contain features like; extreme density of development w/ narrow buildings and winding streets, ornate church at city center, high walls surrounding the city center for defense against attack.
280 Founder of Christianity Jesus 281 Birthplace of Jesus
Structuralist Theory
-economic disparities are the result of historically derived power relations w/in the global economic system; cannot be changed easily (misleading to assume all areas will go through the same process of development).
the changing of landforms by slowly moving glaciers
a sheltered place along a shoreline where ships can anchor safely
Thematic map
Maps that deal with specific topics that help connect geograhpy and history
dispersal hypothesis
states that p.i.e. spread east first then to the caspian sea then to the russian-ukrainian plians and then to the balkans
What language is most spoken in Africa?
Niger-Congo Family
Prime Meridian
The imaginary line that divides the west and east
Why is southeast Asia one of the world's great geographic crossroads?a-its people come from many ethnic groupsb-people come from around the world to see its great natural beautyc-its location makes i a natural meeting placed-the political and cultural unity of the region draws people to it
orographic Precipitation
mountains, air lifts and cools, and once it goes on the other side there is a rain shadow desert
Where is the Rust Belt located?_______
in the Northeast
Most of Europe's original forests were cut for timer or cleared for farming centuries ago. What two European countries still have large areas of timer-producing forest?
Sweden and Finland
International migration
Permanent movement from one country to another.
426 The study of the interplay between political relations and the territorial context in which they occur
GPS (Global Positioning System)
satellite-based system for determining the absolute location of places.
Geographic Information System (GIS)
computer system that captures, displays, analyzes, stores geographic information
an ancient region in W Asia between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers: now part of Iraq.
a high, steep slope or cliff with a broad flat front
Atlas Mountains
N Africa - African and Eurasian plate colliding
Sea Level
The level that is even with the surface of an ocean or sea.
Nonviolent Resistance
The policy of opposing an enemy or oppressor by any means other than violence.
Continental Drift Theory
The idea that continents are slowly drifting apart as the tectonic plates that they sit on move. This idea comes from Alfred Wegener, who proposed that Earth once had one giant supercontinent. This supercontinent broke apart into plates that have slowly drifted to their current locations.
flood plain
flat land near the edges of rivers formed by mud and silt deposited by floods
16 The process of the spreading of a feature or trend from one place to another
Where is Af (tropical rainforest)?
centered on the equator, Hawaii
the doctrine of or belief in more than one god or in many gods.
green house effect
layer of gases released by the burning of coal petroleum traps solar energy- high temps.
27. Find on a map of the world the ocean that does not end with the letter "C"?
shifting cultivation
an area is harvested for a number of years, then a new planting area is prepared and used.
A __________ on a map is a picture that stands for something else.
map symbol
Dam Disaster in Vaiont, Italy1963
Dam failure that caused 3,000 deaths. 1.1 mile long and 1 mile wide, filling reservoir 500 feet above capacity. Wall of water 240 ft high. Displacement of air shattered windows and lifted roofs off houses. 1) Sedimentary rocks layers folded into a trough-like configuration.2) Fractures split the rocks apart and into a "V" shape.3) Previous sliding left old slide surfaces on weak clays.4) Some rocks layers contained thin streams of weak clays.5) Limestone caused caverns6) Water saturated rocks caused elevated pore-water pressures.
Total Fertility Rate (TFR)
the average number of children a woman will have throughout her childbearing years          ( ~ 15-49 )
another way to measure the number of births in a society
What are the 12 orders of soil taxonomy?
Entisols, Inceptisols, Vertisols, Andisols, Histosols, Aridisols, Mollisols, Alfisols, Spososols, Ultisols, Oxisols, Gelisols
Major Conflicts Between Israelis & Palestinians
Founding of Israel, Week Long War 1967.
What are the 5 stages of the epidemiological transition?
1. Plague, famine, etc.2. Receding pandemics3. Degenerative and human created diseases4. Delayed degenerative5. Invectios diseases reimerge
What are Biogeographic Relicts, how do they occur, what are glacial relicts?
-species that had large range but have shrunk to narrow endemics.-"Paleoendemics"-become relicts due to narrowed range from climate change-Glacial relicts: monterey pines/torrey pines, used to be widely dispersed along CA, likes cool climate/water, global warming (past 10,000yrs) has minimized sites.-survive due to cool summer fog.
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