Animal Farm Propaganda Flashcards

Terms Definitions
working class
animal rebellion
russian revolution
Animal Farm
Soviet Russia
animal farm/manor farm
the property-owning class
pravda (russian propaganda newspaper)
Napoleon takes over farm
eliminating Trotsky
spies/media who examined information w/ opposing countries
one party/group controlling the government
An inoffensive expression that is substituted for one that is considered offensive
The propagandist attempts to pacify the audience in order to make an unpleasant reality more palatable. This is accomplished by using words that are bland and euphemistic.
5th commandment
no animal shall drink alcohol
literary device using wit to criticize
This technique tries to persuade everyone to join in and do the same thing.
a story with a one-to-one comparison between characters and real life events
This technique repeats a name, slogan or product over and over and over again.
plain folks
by using this technique, speakers attempt to convince their audience that they, and their ideas, are "of the people." The device is used by advertisers and politicians alike.
Transfer Device
This technique uses the history, qualities or appeal of an image transfer onto him or herself
This technique employs a famous person to make you support someone or something.
a short tale designed to teach a lesson
ideas or information used to help or hurt a cause;
ignorant working class
this contributes to a dictatorial leader because the ignorance of the workers prevents any knowledge or questioning or unfairness, like when the commandments are broken or altered
corrupt leadership
Napoleon became corrupt because he had no one to question or revolt against the unfair directives he set forth, such as working on Sundays otherwise your ration will be cut in half
Rhetorical Question
A statement that is formulated as a question but that is not supposed to be answered
equality/lack of equality
in a communist structure, there is inherent inequality as seen when the pigs didn't work, woke up later, and had more/better food than the other animals
glittering generalities
seeks to make us approve and accept without examining the evidence by connecting it to a virtue word
windmill as a symbol
this is the industrialization of the farm but also a way to get the animals to work hard and toil so they are too exhausted to revolt
Fancy Facts & Figures (Using Science!)
This technique uses tests, statistics or information that sounds scientific to prove one product or person is better than another.
4 legs good, 2 legs bad
a slogan of the sheep that served as propaganda by using repetition to put the fact that animals are better than humans into the animals' heads
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