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1. travels2. double dribble3. palming/carrying4. steps on or over the boundry lines when the player is in the possession of the ball5. kicks the ball6. 3 seconds in the key on offense7. taking more than 10 seconds for the offenseive team to cross the mid-court line8. a player in control of the ball is closely guarded by an opponent for 5 seconds9. free throw violations10. causes the ball to go out of bounds11. jump ball violation. 12. backcourt violations: once the player goes over the mid-line with both feet and the ball the offensive player cannot go back into the backcourt.
sixth man
a team's best substitute
personal contact against a defensive player by a player in possesion of the ball
illegal personal contact with an opponent which interferes her freedom of movement.
technical fouls
1. commmiting unsportsmanlike foul2. disrespectful to an official3. using profanity4. excessively swinging arms or elbows is a technical foul-no contact necessary. 5. a sub may not enter court without reporting to scorer's table or being beckoned by an official. 6. player shall not change numbers, or wear an identical number7. delaying the game by preventing the ball from being played after the basket.
when a player blocks a shot
slam dunk
a particularly forceful, often dramatic dunk shot
aggressive move towards the basket by an offensive player in possession of the ball
quick offensive maneuver by a player in order to get in position to receive a pass
To throw the ball to a teammate
when an offensive player makes illegal contacts with a defensive player
a jump ball that begins each period
any of various offensive plays in which teammates form a protective formation around the ball carrier, pass receiver, shooter, etc.
an offensive maneuver, a player is between a teammate with the ball and a defender, then cuts quickly to the basket for a pass from the same teammate
2 players of the same team have possession of the ball at the same time, moving w/ ball and not dribbling
technical foul
a player disagrees w/ a refs call
head and feet
a good defensive player uses his
game time
4 quarter six minutes each. change baskets @ halftime
2 points are allowed for each basket. 1 point for a free throw and 3 points for a 3 pointer.
Field Goal
When the player shoots the ball through the basket. 2 points
When a player crosses mid court then back
backdoor play
an offensive tactic whereby a player breaks away from a defender to receive a pass near the baseline in order to make a quick layup
a field goal worth three points, made from behind a specified line the three-point line
free throw lane
the rectangular area extending from behind each backboard to the foul line and along the sides of which players line up during a foul shot
a board or other flat vertical surface to which the basket is attached
point guard
the player who directs the team's offensive play
to attempt to thrust (a ball) through the basket using a dunk shot.
charging foul
when an offensive player runs into a defensive player who has estbalished a defensive position. offense player doesnt have to have the ball when its called
backcourt violation
when the team with the ball crosses back over the half court line towards the other teams bakset, it is called...?
23, 131, 122
what are the most common zone defenses?
speed and controlled
what are the 2 types of dribbling?
oulet pass
direct pass from a rebound that starts a fast break
jump ball
method of putting the ball into play that involves tossing the ball up into the air between two opposing players in the center circle
personal fouls
if a player commits 5 personal fouls she is out of the game
international or flagrant foul
an intentionally violent or savage contact such as striking, kicking, running under a player who is in the air which cause severe injury to the opponent. PENALTY= the player is disqualified and the opponent is awarded 2 free throws and ball out of bounds
the act of keeping one foot in place while holding the ball and moving the other foot one step in any direction, so as not to be charged with walking
bank shot
a shot into the basket, made by rebounding the ball off the backboard
when the ball rolls around the rim of the basket and does not go in
an open net suspended from a metal rim attached to the backboard and through which the ball must pass in order for a player to score points.
double dribble
when a player uses both hands to dribble or when a player holds the ball momentarily, resulting in loss of possession of the ball
throw in
putting the ball in play from out of bounds
penalty for violation
the play is stopped and referee awards a throw in to the opposing team from the side line or from the line nearest to where the violation occured.
A rule to settle all jump ball situations after the opening tip using a possession arrow. A possession arrow first points to the team who lost the opening tip than switches after each jump ball situations
Alternating Possession Rule
push shot
a shot with one hand from a point relatively distant from the basket, in which a player shoots the ball from shoulder level or above
fast break
a play that brings the ball from one end of the court to the other quickly in an attempt to score before the defensive team can get into position
foul shot
a throw from the foul line, given a player after a foul has been called against an opponent, or a score of one point made on this throw
to strike a ball in the air in the direction of a teammate or of the basket
dunk shot
a shot made by a player near the basket by jumping with the ball to thrust it through the basket with one hand or both hands held above the rim
free throw
a throw from the foul line, given a player after a foul has been called against an opponent.
air ball
a missed shot that fails to touch the rim, net, or backboard
set shot
a shot with two hands from a point relatively distant from the basket, in which a player stands still and shoots the ball usually from chest level
center jump
a jump ball between the centers of the opposing teams, held in the circle at the center of the court, as at the beginning of each period
3 second lane violation
offensive player stays in the lane for more than 3 seconds
jump ball situations
1. when the ball is held by players. 2. the ball goes out of bounds and it was simultaneously touched by 2 players. 3. the start of each quarter. 4. double free throw violation 5. when a live ball dodges on a basket support or rim 6. when a double foul occurs.
jump shot
a shot with one or both hands in which a player leaps into the air and shoots the ball at the basket on reaching the highest point of the leap
hook shot
a shot with one hand in which a player extends the shooting arm to the side and brings it back over the head toward the basket
2 foul shots
how many shots does a player get for a shooting foul?
the followthrough gives control and direction to the ball
two hand chest pass and bounce pass do what in the followthrough
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