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Terms Definitions
national power
grant copyrights
make and enforce laws
government authority shared by national and local governments
cooperative federalism
Cooperation among federal, state, &local govts; "marble cake" federalism
authority cliamed by the president that is not clearly specified by the Constitution. These powers are usually inferred in the Constitution.
Eleventh Amendment
prohibits individual damage suits against state officials and protects state governments from being sued against their consent by private parties in federal courts or in state courts or before federal administrative agencies.
Reserved powers
Constitution given powers and powers only for the states include:
establishing public schools, protecting public health and safety, regulating businesses that operate in state
Money provided by on level of government to another to be spent for a give purpose
Federalist 10
guard against factions w/ interests contrary to the right sof other or power w/i the national government
Creative Federalism
(Great Society [LBJ]- 1980's) Marble Cake; Liberal Agenda under LBJ; National government used block and categorical grants to control states; National government set more guidelines for states to follow; 1960's national government starting telling states what needed to be focused on; Inherent conflict between national and state; Categorical made sure government interests were not tweaked by the states by being narrow and specific in nature
whereby voters can remove an elected official from office
categorical grants
federal grants for specific purposes, such as building an airport
unitary system
power centralized in central gov't, state and citizens are beneath
Strings Attached
something down played but has a catch
land grants
first form of grants-in-aid to the states by the federal govenrment were in this form
General revenue sharing
under this program, federal dollars were given to states based on a complicated statistical formula with few if any restrictions on how the money will be spent,
10th Amendment
anything not given to the federal government by the constitution is reserved for the states
Block Grants
Federal grants given more or less automatically to states or communities to support broad programs in areas such as community development and social services
Percentage a state budgets is made up of national funding
The doctrine that a state can declare null and void a federal law that, in the state's opinion, violates the Constitution
Layer cake federalism
federalism characterized by a national government exercising its power independently from state governments.
Federal system
a system of government in which power is divided between a central authority and a number of individual states
Gibbons vs. Ogden
1824 court case where the Supreme Court upheld broad congressional power over interstate commerce
Federalist 51
checks and balances can be created in government and advocates a separation of powers w/i the national government
Articles of Confederation
a written agreement ratified in 1781 by the thirteen original states, it provided a legal symbol of their union by gave the central government no coercive power over the states or their citizens
US v Lopez
The Court held that Congress had exceeded its commerce clause power by prohibiting guns in a school zone.
Grants in Aid
money given by the national government to the states
privileges and immunities
citizens of one state must be treated the same as citizens of every other state. It does not prevent states from imposing reasonable restriction such as minimum residency requirements for voting/holding public office or charging out of state residents higher tuition than in state residents at state colleges
McCulloch v. Maryland
attempt by maryland to destory a brach of the bank of the US by imposing a tax on its notes, most famous marshall decison..no national bank, upheld bank rights to exist and be free from taxes
Dual Federalism (layer cake)
view the holds the Constitution is a compact among sovereign states, so the powers of the national government are fixed and limited
Full Faith and credit clause
a clause in article IV, section 1 od the consitution requiewing each state to recognize the office documents and civil judgments rendered by the courts of other states
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