AP Language Rhetorical Terms Quiz Flashcards

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Tells a story.
an emotionally violent, verbal denunciation or attack using strong, abusive language
adjective or adjective phrase appropriately qualifying a noun by naming a key or important characteristic of the subject
Legendary stories that explain things. They have supernatural stuff, like the greek MYTHOLOGY. Think immortal Jerry Springer show.
the duplication, either exact or approximate, or any element of language, such as sound, word, phrase, clause, sentence, or grammatical pattern
A crossing parallelism where the second part of a grammatical construction is balanced or paralleled by the first part, only in reverse order.
relating to someone famous or something famous
Expresses equality by the arrangement of words. "A nation for the people, by the people..." Repetition of "the people" allows people to see how equal the people's role is. Which isn't a smart idea, politically.
Logical appeal: Abortion is wrong because it is the murder of cute little innocent babies. These babies have each of the characteristics of life, and are therefore alive, constituting murder. The facts are logical.
a worn-out expression or idea, no longer capable of producing a visual image provoking thought about a subject
a verbal description, the purpose of which is to exaggerate or distort, for comic effect, a person's distinctive physical features or other characteristics.
comparing two things in order to understand one better
Deductive reasoning. Let's make it simple.
If a, then b. If b, then c. "If you are a ninja, then you are asian. If you are asian, then you make good food." Unless you're like starving and eating cardboard, in which case, I'm sorry =(
TO CLASSIFY. Spent forever looking for THAT definition.
a work that closely imitates the style or content of another with the specific aim of comic effect and/or ridicule
ad populum
"to the people"; playing on the prejudices of the audience
those who will hear an argument; more generally, those to whom a communication is addressed
raising one or more questions and then proceeding to answer them
to use a negative statement to recall the word
A word means two things. We smart-aleiks (HOW DO YOU SPELL THAT?) like them. "Please check your answers." You can either do the teacher a favor and check all of them correct, or physically go through and make sure you're right. 1st option= easier.
Something to hate. It's actually a noun. It is anathema. It seems like an adjective. It is not. "My friend is anathema to my mother."
figuative language
writing or speech that is not intended to carry literal meaning and is usually meant to be imaginative and vivid
begging the question
making a statement that assumes that the issue being argued has already been decided
repetition of one word at the end of successive phrases, clauses, or sentences
A comparison that does not use like or as. "Look beyond what you see." "METAPHORS? YOU SPOKE TO MY SON IN METAPHORES?!"
Faulty causality
Assumes that there can only be one reason for an occurrence, or lack of one. Think of Spontaneous Generation. JUST BECAUSE MAGGOTS ARE ON TOP OF MEAT THAT MUST MEAN THAT THEY CAME FROM IT, AMIRITE? no.
to place a good point next to a bad point in order to make it less severe
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