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Sleep researchers who are interested in brain wave activity are likely to use which kind of brain scan?


Evolutionary psychologists are most likely to emphasize that human adaptiveness to a variety of different environments has contributed to human
A) naturalistic observation
B) genetic mutations
C) behavior correlations
D) reproductive succes
D) reproductive success

Which of the following are located exclusively within the brain and spinal cord?
A) sensory neurons
B) motor neurons
C) myelin sheath
D) interneurons
E) axons

D) interneurons

A person with schizophrenia may have an overactive dopamine system. Drugs used to treat this disorder prevent the action of dopamine by keeping it from binding to its receptors. These drugs are
A) agonists
B) somatic
C) sympathetic
D) an
D) antagonists
Golf instruction that reinforces short putts before attempting to reinforce long putts best illustrates the process of
A. generalization
B. shaping
C. modeling
D. discrimination
E. delayed reinforcement
B. shaping
The chemical messengers of the endocrine system are called
A. neurotransmitters
B. interneurons
C. hormones
D. agonists
E. antagonists
C. hormones
Evolutionary psychologists would be most likely to attribute gender differences and attitudes towards sex to the fact that men have _______ than do women.
 A. larger bodies
B. stronger personalities
C. a weaker sense of empathy
D. greater reproductiv
D. greater reproductive potential
The coiled, fluid-filled tube in which sound waves trigger nerve impulses is called the
A. eustachian tube
B. auditory canal
C. semicircular canal
D. cochlea
E. vestibular apparatus
D. cochlea
Which type of psychologist most directly investigates the links between biological activity and our thinking and behaviors?
A. behaviorist
B. psychotherapist
C. biological psychologist
D. cognitive psychologist
E. psychometrician
C. biological psychologist
Which theory best explains the occurance of afterimages?
A. trichromatic
B. opponent process
C. place
D. frequency
E. signal detection
B. opponent process
A dramatic increase in children's violent play immediately after they viewed a video of the Power Rangers illustrates the role of television as a source of
A. respondent behaviorB. spontaneous recovery
C. negative reinforcement
D. observational learnin
D. observational learning
The slowdown of neural communication in multiple sclerosis involves a degeneration of the
A. thresholds
B. dendrites
C. endocrine gland
D. myelin sheath
E. pituitary gland
D. myelin sheath
An allergy attack triggered by the sight of plastic flowers best illustrates the process of
A. latent learning
B. delayed reinforcement
C. generalization
D. secondary reinforcement
E. spontaneous recovery
C. generalization

Which type of psychologist most directly investigates the links between biological activity and our thinking and behaviors?
A) behaviorist
B) psychotherapist
C) biological psychologist
D) cognitive psychologist
E) psychometrician

C) biological psychologist
In a class lecture, Professor Hampton emphasized the extent to which abnormal blood chemistry can contribute to psychological disorders.  The professor's lecture highlighted a ________ perspective on psychological disorders.
A. psychodynamic
B. humanis
C. biological

Studies of identical twins who had been reared apart most clearly highlight the importance of ________ in personality development.
A) natural selection
B) mutation
C) adoptive relatives
D) home environments
E) genetic predispositions

E) genetic predispositions

A researcher who assess the heritability of intelligence is most likely a(n)
A) humanist
B) evolutionary psychologist
C) behavior geneticist
D) social psychologist
E) behaviorist

B) evolutionary psychologist
After listening to your high volume car stereo for 15 minutes, you fail to realize how loudly the music is blasting.  This best illustrates
A. Weber's law
B. accomodation
C. sensory adaptation
D. the volley principle
E. transduction
C. sensory adaptation
In the early 1960's, the cognitive revolution in psychology involved a renewal of interest in the scientific study of
A. mental processes
B. hereditary influences
C. unconscious motives
D. learned behaviors
E. evolutionary influences
A. mental processes
The relief of pain following the ingestion of an inert substance that is presume to have medicinal benefits illustrates
A. random assignment
B. hindsight bias
C. the double-blind effect
D. the placebo effect
E. illusory correlation
D. the placebo effect
Hair cells line the surface of the
A. feature detectors
B. eardrum
C. basilar membrane
D. auditory nerve
E. fovea
C. basilar membrane
As you enter the kitchen after school you can smell chocolate chip cookies baking. This scent causes you to salivate.  Your salivation is best explained by
A. classical conditioning
B. observational learning
C. habituation
D. operant conditioning
A. classical conditioning

Dr. Roberts hypothesized that students in a classroom seating 30 would get higher course grades than students seated in an auditorium seating 300. In this example,
A) Dr. Roberts has found a cause-effect relationship.
B) Dr. Roberts has foun
D) classroom size has been operationally defined.
Which of the following is a measure of the degree of variation among a set of events?
A. mean
B. scatterplot
C. standard deviation
D. median
E. correlation coefficient
C. standard deviation
Dr. Roberts hypothesized that students in a classroom seating 30 would get higher course grades than students seated in an auditorium seating 300.  In this example,
A. Dr. Roberts has found a cause-effect relationship
B. Dr. Roberts has found a positiv
D. classroom size has been operationally defined

Researchers found that women rated men higher as potential long-term mates when they spent more time looking at baby pictures. This finding suggests that
A) women are drawn to youthful, healthy appearing men
B) women prefer men who express i
B) women prefer men who express interest in caring for joint offspring

Our adaptive flexibility in responding to different environments contributes to our fitness, which refers to
A) random errors in the replication of genes
B) the extent to which variation among individuals can be attributed to their differing
C) our ability to survive and reproduce
Which of the following is true for those assigned to the experimental group in an experiment?
A. the rexperimenter exerts the greatest influence on participants' behavior
B. the research participants are exposed to all the different hypotheses
C. the e
C. the experimental group receives the experimental treatment
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