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protective stems
leaf structure
stem, midrib, veins
center of the sun
does any spider have wings?
The smallest particle of matter
Identify the type of galaxy.
what animal causes rocky mountain spotted fever?
The measure of the gravitational force on an object.
the visible part of the sun
storage stems, often round or oblong, ex. potato
one main root that is particularly deep, example is carrot
what mouthless creature takes water in through pores?
What is the study of earthquakes called?
A new substance formed from the chemical union of two or more elements.
The process of liquid water changing into water vapor is called
What is "friction"?
The force that resists motion.
a symmetrically shaped oval with two focal points
what is the name for a threadlike structure that determing the characteristics of an organism?
How many legs does a spider have?
eight legs
What is formed when calcium carbonate particles become attached to a grain of sand in a shallow pool of water inside a cave?
cave pearls
What is sometimes formed by a collision between two plates?
A mountain.
What is "anthracite"?
hard, shiny, black coal; burns slowly, cleanly and with a hot flame; preferred heating fuel; most expensive to mine
ice crystal that falls from a cloud, stays frozen, and hits the ground as an ice crystal is
The boundary between two air masses is called a
When the full moon passes through the earth's shadow a _______ eclipse occurs.
Who am I?
I formulated the three laws of planetary motion
root cap
layer of thick protective cells at the tip of the root
what is the biggest spider in the world?
bird spider
What is the only stone formed by living animals?
Reef limestone
What do we call thin, floating disks of calcium carbonate that range in size from less than an inch to nearly a foot across?
cave rafts
What do we call places in the earth's surface which may be perforated by holes or cracks serving as escape vents for underground gases?
What are "organic" sediments?
dead plants, shells, or animal skeletons
Which type of air can hold more water vapor, warm or cold?
What is an astronomer?
A scientist who studies outer space.
what spider buildes a net to catch its prey?
ogre-faced spider
What are the three body regions of an insect?
head,thorax,and abdomen
What are "mechanical sediments"?
Sand, clay, or rock fragments that are carried elsewhere by heavy rains, flooding or strong winds and deposited in a thick layer elsewhere.
What three sediments combine to form sedimentary rocks?
mechanical sediments, chemical sediments, and organic sediments.
What are some common semiprecious stones?
amethyst, zircon, tourmaline, lapis lazuli, turquoise, chalcedony and jade.
What is "magnetism"?
The force that pulls magnets apart or pushes them together.
Atomic mass
The sum of the number of protons and neutrons found in the nucleus of an atom.
How does a composite volcano form?
Composite volcanos form when alternating layers of fluid lava and tephra create a steep symmetrical mountain.
solar system
the sun and all the objects that orbit it.
What is the boundary between the earth's crust and mantle called?
the Moho (or Mohorovicic discontinuity)
How are composite volcanoes formed?
Alternating layers of fluid lava and tephra build up a steep, symmetrical mountain, perhaps with a small crater at the top.
What is a shield volcano?
Large amounts of fluid, runny lava gradually build up a dome-shaped mountain. They typically have a large crater or depression at the top.
What is a "magnetic field"?
The area surrounding a magnet in which the force of magnetism affects other objects.
A pair of stars which appear to form a double star - but do not - are called a __________.
optical double
What is an "active" volcano?
One that has erupted recently or is considered likely to erupt in the near future.
What is "physical weathering"?
Rock is broken down by water, ice or windblown sand.
What is the "Andromeda Galaxy"?
The Andromeda Galaxy is a galaxy large enough to be seen with the naked eye on a dark night.
What is a semiprecious stone?
Gems that are not as rare or as durable as precious stones.
What is the law of universal gravitation?
The strength of the gravitation forces between two objects depends on their masses and the distance between them.
F = f(m1, m2,d)
What are the three major sections of the interior of the earth?
The crust, the mantle and the core.
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