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Charles Curtis
Built the first library
Invented the Telephone
Alexander Graham Bell
men who abandoned their responsibilities and roamed the country on freight trains
The land between 2 rivers
Destroyed Jerusalem and carried away the remaining inhabitants of Judah to captivity in Babylon
dependance upon man's feelings and reasonings alone, with no respect for God's authority; it is the worship of man
Herbert Hoover
Republican candidate won the Presidential election of 1928
Robert Weaver
first black American cabinet officer
Beliefs based on fear and ignorance
Founding fathers of the nation of Israel
One terrace was built upon another, each a little smaller than the one below
Veterans' Bureau
created to build hospitals, begin vocational rehibilitation programs, and to help disabled veterans (former soldiers) in numerous other ways
"fireside chats"
how Roosevelt convinced people that America could recover from adversity
Winston Churchill
recognized the threat of renewed aggression and global war
Joseph Stalin
Communist dictator of Russia who assumed full control of the Communist party and the Soviet Union; launched the "Five-Years Plan"
24th Amendment
outlawed poll taxes for national elections
A country or people who have developed to a great extent the natural abilities that God has given to man
Made the "Kodak" Camera available to all
George Eastman
Government Law
Both authority & power to control, direct, and to rule the actions of others
Model T
with the assembly line, the production time was reduced from 14 hours to 93 minutes
Agricultural Adjustment Act
established to increase prices for agricultural productsby reducing the supply of food, the government paid farmers not to plant crops or graze livestock on pasture land
Operation Sea-Lion
plan that said Lutwaffe would destroy the Royal Air Force and demoralize the British people by approximately one month of constant air raids, then a German task force would cross the English Channel and invade Britain, forcing the British to surrender
Joseph P. McCarthy
charged that the U.S. State Department had been infiltrated by large numbers of Communist spies
great ruler of the Maurya Empire who extended his cominion southward until he controlled over 2/3 of the Indian subcontinent
Used at the top of Zaggurat;used for worship
National Broadcasting Company (NBC)
first national radio network in 1927
Second Continental Congress
This convened because the king of England refused to listen to the colonists' list of complaints
Cordell Hull
sent a forceful note to every foreign office in the world
Linda Brown
Denied a public education due to her race.
Brown vs. Board of Education
Name all 7 continents
Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Australia, Antartica
Carl SandburgVachel LindsayEdgar Lee Masters
Chicago poets who produced original verse and expiremented with new forms
river mouth
the place where a river flows into a larger body of water
Julius and Ethel Rosenberg
couple that was executed for leaking vital atomic bomb secrets to Russian agents
Commander Richard Bryd
flew over of the North Pole in 1926; while making valuable explorations of the Antarctic region, flew over the South Pole
Education was especially important to girls
False, it was important to boys
which animal was among the most important prey of the woodland Indians? Why?
deer-because of their usefulness for food, clothing, and shelter materials.
Why did God tell the Jews they could not eat shell fish?
God knew they were not clean.
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