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Terms Definitions
manor system
Dar al-Islam
definition: religious conceptualization of the world as belonging either to Muslim or non-Muslim territory, exists within Islam
significance: Allowed for expeditions from other countries to be facilitated
definition: Indo-European speaking nomads who entered India from the Central Asian steppes between 1500 and 1000 BC
significance: influenced Indian beliefs and language greatly
definition: Nomadic peoples of Manchuria; militarily superior to Song dynasty China but influenced by Chinese culture
significance: brought the end of the Song dynasty
defitinion: philosophical system of the Stoics (person who can tolerate pain) following the teachings of the ancient Greek philosopher Zeno
significance: philosophical ideas influence Europe
definition: Muslims who attacked Europe and converted to Christianity and established Hungary
significance: Spread Christianity, caused instability
definition: wrote the philosophical ideas of Taosim, advocated humility and piety
significance: An important idea that influence China
definition: general Greek city-state, including the city and the land around it
significance: brought about Sparta and Athens, two influential and powerful city-states
Age grades
definition: African social distinctions determined by when you were born. People belonging to a certain group had certain expectations. The groups established ties transcending family or clan loyalties.
significance: helped to delegate taxes
Louisiana Purchase
HUGE purchase from france
Another word for country-born slaves is
Delian League
definition: alliance of city-states with Athens as leader, made to keep fighting Persia
significance: led to the fall of Athens
definition: early modern humans (h. sapiens sapiens) found in the Old World
significance: modern human, similar values to modern day humans
definition: the largest city and former capital of Turkey
Kushan Empire
definition: located in Northern India/Central Asia, maintained Silk Road
significance: one of the first emerging territories from Bactria
definition: Early complex society in Southeast Asia between the first and sixth centuries C.E.
significance: demonstrated Indian influence
definition: a modest market town turned military and economic center of the Byzantine empire
significance: led to the name "Byzantium"
definition: southern India; tried to harmonize all the Hindu writings
significance: matured Hinduism
definition: powerful city in Ancient Greece that was a leader in arts, sciences, philosophy, democracy and architecture
significance: encouraged a flexible government that influenced Greece and the world
definition: a landlocked republic in south central Africa formerly called Rhodesia
significance: Demonstrated Eastern Trading and influence
definition: sailing and trading people who had many colonies on the Mediterranean coast
significance: best boating technology, went to far off distances to get materials
definition: ancient capital of more than ten dynasties in Chinese history, today known as Xi'an
definition: a servant or attendant, especially one in the household of a person of high rank
significance: Helped the Lords rule by providing them with labor
definition: the government of the Roman Catholic Church
significance: Brought cultural unity during feudal times in Europe
Haymarket Square
Police had been harassing strikers, so the labor and radical called a protest meeting in Haymarket Square. The police ordered the crowd to disperse when someone threw a bomb that killed seven officers and injured sixty-seven other people. The police fired into the crowd and killed people. This made people afraid of labor unions because they were known as anarchists.
Quaker founder of Pennsylvania, believed in democracy and upheld tolerant Quaker ideals, including religious freedom and peaceful dealing with natives
William Penn
Revolutionary Ferment
development of the american independence movement
Continental Congress
wrote declaration of independence (created New America)
Florence Kelly
watched Triangle Shirtwaist fire, leader in the area of work reform and child labor laws
In Poor Richard's Almanac, Ben Franklin tried to promote this to ordinary folk
Enlightenment thought
Marbury v Madison was important because it established the principle of
judicial review
definition: the wealthy class in Roman society; landowners
significance: influenced most of the early decisions in the Roman Senate
Equal field system
definition: inheritance system where 1/5 of the land when to the peasant's descendants and the rest went to the government
definition: the first major center of Islam in Southeast Asia, a port kingdom on the southwestern coast of the Malay Peninsula
significance: Helped to spread Islam
definition: a believer or follower of Islam
significance: Spread Islamic religion
Monsoon system
definition: rainy season in southern Asia when the southwestern monsoon blows, bringing heavy rains
significance: facilitated trade in the Indian area
Augustus Caesar
definition: Nephew of Julius; original name Octavian; defeated Mark Anthony and Cleopatra; ruled for 45yrs; Senate gave him the name Augustus (divine nature of its holder); developed a monarchy disguised as a republic
significance: Organized Rome and stabilized the Roman Empire; Created time of peace in Europe
Ball game
definition: team sport in Mesoamerica, losers were sacrificed to the gods
significance: demonstrated the need for sacrifices in Mayan society
definition: an alloy of copper and tin
significance: led to stronger tools and weapons, a major advancement in metallurgy
definition: the branch of Islam whose members acknowledge Ali and his descendants as the rightful successors of Muhammad
significance: source of many debates, one of the largest Islamic denominations
St. Methodius
definition: second of two popular missionaries that invented the Cyrillic alphabet and used that to explain the Bible
significance: invented Cyrillic alphabet, spread Christianity
St. Cyril
definition: first of two popular missionaries that invented the Cyrillic alphabet and used that to explain the Bible
significance: invented Cyrillic alphabet, spread Christianity
definition: Indus River valley in NW India; conquered in 711; fringe of Islamic world
significance: helped spread Islam to India
First Ming emperor in 1368; originally of peasant lineage; original name Zhu Yuanzhang; drove out Mongol influence; restored position of scholar-gentry
Indus River
definition: river near pakistan that creates a fertile plain (Indus River Valley)
significance: formed fertile areas for agriculture and encouraged growth
Hanseatic League
D: a commercial and defensive confederation of free cities in northern Germany and surrounding areas
S: Represented European seafarers
Massachusetts Bay Colony
The puritans, under the leadership of John Winthrop, went to the Americans to establish this colony. It was the largest single migration of the 17th century and they were responsible to no company officials in England then they split up into different colonies.
Common in the Caribbean islands prior to American independence, evolved from indentured servitude, huge issue during the Civil War
Yang Guifei
royal concubine during reign of Xuanzong who caused a rebellion by including relatives into royal administration
served as the capital of the confederate states of america during the vast majority of the american civil war. it was the target of numerous attempts by the united states army to seize possession of the capital, finally falling to the federals in april 1865. not only was it the seat of political power for the confederacy, it served as an important source of munitions, armament, weapons, supplies, and manpower for the confederate states army.
a stupid british general who chased the americans around and set up a stupid base at yorktown, which the americans took
Robert Morris
1st superintendent of finance, mixed public and private funds (making people nervous), watned to make profit for gov't
Samuel Adams
son of liberty, watned american independence
Volstead Act
created Prohibition Bureau to enforce the law
The British strategy at the begining of the revolution was to cut off this area from the rest of the colonies
New England
New Testament
definition: The collection of books of the Gospels, Acts of the Apostles, the Pauline and other Epistles, and Revelation
significance: basis of Christian teachings, proof of Jesus
Chan Buddhism
definition: Known as Zen in Japan; stressed meditation and appreciation of natural and artistic beauty; popular with members of elite Chinese society
significance: brought Buddhism into China
D: The effort by Christian leaders to drive the Muslims out of Spain, lasting from the 1100s until 1492.
S: Expanded European rule
definition: a person who is bound to the land and owned by the feudal lord
significance: bottom of the Feudal hierarchy, very important as they provided sustenance for the lords
Leif Erickson
D: viking explorer who reached North America around 1000, before Columbus
S: Demonstrated Europe ambition
King Phillip's War
For three years, the natives well organized and armed with guns terrorized Massachusett's towns. King Phillip was an Indian who wanted to stop English from going into Indian territory. The Mohawks helped the white settlers eventually prevail.
One of the original Puritan ministers in New England, Cotton Mather is his grandson
John Cotton
John Brown
an abolitionist who attempted to lead a slave revolt by capturing armories in southern territory and giving weapons to slaves, was hung in harpers ferry after capturing an armory
sultanate of delhi
muslims set up; centralized and organized; southern india=hindu
Sir Francis Drake
found the deserted roanoke colony, brought the colonists home
Ferdinand and Isabella
Funded Columbus' journey to America because they wanted to compete with portugal. Their marriage united spain.
Parliamentary Sovereignty
let the british parliament rule the colonies and tax them
Thomas Hutchinson
Loyalist governor of Mass. during the Revolution. Boston Stamp distributor. Sons of Liberty attacked him and forced him to resign
Unifying themes of Progressivism
urban, middle class, optomistic, believed in a difference between wealth and gross fortune, wanted something between capitalism and socialism, supported Govt intervention and Social gospel movement
A society in whichthe dominent form of labour is slavery is called a
slave society
Peloponnesian War
definition: a war in which Athens and its allies were defeated by the league centered on Sparta
significance: led to the fall of Athens, and in the end, Sparta
Kingdom of Kongo
definition: Basin of the Congo (Zaire) river, conglomeration of several village alliances, participated actively in trade networks, most centralized rule of the early Bantu kingdoms, royal currency: cowries, ruled 14th-17th century until undermined by Portuguese slave traders
significance: set the status quo for kingdoms
Hammurabi's Code
definition: set of laws set forth my Hammurabi
significance: first laws formally set forth
Alliance of the New English colonies in 1643, united the colonies against the Native Americans, set a precedent for colonial unity
New England Confederation
Compromise of 1850
includes california admitted as a free state, the fugitive slave act, made popular sovereignty in most other states from mexican- american war
George Washington (in the context of the New Republic)
favored by people
Henry Clay (context of war of 1812)
a war hawk
Johnson Reed Act/ Immigration Act 1921/1924
1919- 141,000/yr
1921- 805,000/yr
JR Act/ Imm Act 1921/24
quota system, max of 2% ethnic population, 150,000 total immigrants/ yr, maintained Gentleman's Agreement (No Japanese)
Bacon's Rebellion led to
a decrease in the reliance on indentured servants for labour
Pope Urban II
D: pope who called for the first crusade to reclaim Jerusalem from the Muslims
S: Launched crusades
Led the Dominion of New England, one of the original governors, enforced the Navigation Acts, widely hated
Sir Edmund Andros
Proclamation of Neutrality
issued by the US, not honored by britain, who impressed US ships (in their fight against france) and wouldn't get thier goddam troops out of our land
William Howard Taft
"The Old Guard", defeats WJB and Debs, lower tariffs, break up monopolies, and strengthen ICC, broke up Standard Oil, American Tobacco, and US Steel
Jay's treaty and Pinckney's treat
together allowed the US to fully control the land to the Mississippi
Lewis and Clark Expedition
to explore the wet, they found the missouri river to be a good trade river and collected good data
The rising colonial demand for Indian lands stemmed from
a general expectation of property ownership
Embargo Act 1807
stops all US trade to tty to force the brits and the french to obey US neutrality (this was jefferson's plan) it didn't really work out too well
The British experience at Lexington and Concord foreshadowed a central difficulty with which the British had to contend throughout the American Revolution. It was:
Fighting in the midst of an armed population
he continental army encamped at Valley Forge
contained many who were drawn from the ranks of the poor and disadvantaged
Calhoun supported the doctrine of nullification because
he saw it as a way to protect the rights of minorities
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