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Islamic Spain
Abolished Serfdom
Stop Feudalism
Pennsylvania Gazzette established (Benjamin Franklin)
Soviet satellite, caused American hysteria, fear that Soviets were technologically superior
Descendents of Macedonian officers under Alexander. Gov't largely took over the system created by Egyptian pharaohs to extract the wealth of the land, rewarding Greeks and Hellenized non-Greeks serving in the military and administration. (p. 138)
A chruch that Henrey made
__________ L'Ouverture began the revolt that eventually led to Haitian independence. Haiti becomes the first successful assault on colonial gov't.
The extreme northeastern sector of Asia, including the Kamchatka Peninsula and the present Russian coast of the Arctic Ocean, the Bering Strait, and the Sea of Okhotsk. (p. 551)
1864 election
Lincoln vs. McClellan(democrat) more willing to compromise than Lincoln, if peace could be achieved, he'd restore slavery.North rallied around Lincoln when Sherman captured Atlanta Lincoln won
The practical application of science to commerce or industry.
James Monroe
1817-1825, Republican, John Marshall bigtime
major urban complex of Harappan civilization
principal city of the Aztec Empire
Benjamin Franklin
American intellectual, inventor and politician who helped negotiate French support during the American Revolution
Committees of Correspondence
Committees of Correspondence, organized by patriot leader Samuel Adams, was a system of communication between patriot leaders in New England and throughout the colonies. They provided the organization necessary to unite the colonies in opposition to Parliament. The committees sent delegates to the First Continental Congress.
North Atlantic nation near whose waters U.S. destroyers came under Nazi submarine attack
German mercenaries who, because they were lured by booty and not duty, had large numbers desert and remained in America to become respectful citizens.
wanted states' rights, bill of rights, unanimous consent, reference to religion, more power to less-rich and common people
Byzantine Empire
Historians' name for the eastern portion of the Roman Empire from the fourth century onward, taken from 'Byzantion,' an early name for Constantinople, the Byzantine capital city. The empire fell to the Ottomans in 1453. (250)
the people who invaded Egypt thus beginning the second Intermediate period during which the Hyksos ( a word meaning "foreigner) ruled as pharaohs in Lower Egypt and exacted tribute from the royal families in Thebes.
Germanic dynasty that was named after its most famous leader, Charlemagne
President requirements
35 yrs. old; 4 yr. term
Iran Hostage Crisis
In November 1979, revolutionaries stormed the American embassy in Tehran and held 52 Americans hostage. The Carter administration tried unsuccessfully to negotiate for the hostages release. On January 20, 1981, the day Carter left office, Iran released the Americans, ending their 444 days in captivity.
Elizabeth I
leader of England, defeated armada, encouraged the arts
provided humans with tools and weapons far superior to any made of stone or wood.
Chiang Kai-Shek
General and leader of Nationalist China after 1925. Although he succeeded Sun Yat-sen as head of the Guomindang, he became a military dictator whose major goal was to crush the communist movement led by Mao Zedong.
to make amends, show remorse, or suffer punishment for wrongdoing (c. 180)
14th amendment
1) Citizenship for African Americans, 2) Repeal of 3/5 Compromise, 3) Denial of former confederate officials from holding national or state office, 4) Repudiate (reject) confederate debts
early African culture in which Bantu developed and spread.
Indian religion founded by the guru Nanak (1469-1539) in the Punjab region of northwest India. After the Mughal emperor ordered the beheading of the ninth guru in 1675, Sikh warriors mounted armed resistance to Mughal rule. (p. 538)
Margaret Sanger
An American sex educator, birth control activist and the founder of the American Birth Control League.
Square Deal
Economic policy by Roosevelt that favored fair relationships between companies and workers
a domestic Peace Corps - recognition that America has problems that need to be dealt with
After Lincoln was elected, but before he was inaugurated, seven Southern states seceded. Buchanan, the lame duck president, decided to leave the problem for Lincoln to take care of.
a statement or proposition that seems self-contradictory or absurd but in reality expresses a possible truth.
new monarchies
Historians' term for the monarchies in France, England, and Spain from 1450 to 1600. The centralization of royal power was increasing within more or less fixed territorial limits. (p. 414)
import substitution
a government policy that uses trade restrictions and subsidies to encourage domestic production of manufactured goods
Homestead Law
Federal law that offered generous land opportunities to poorer farmers but also provided the unscrupulous with opportunities for hoaxes and fraud.
radical reconstruction
Occurring shortly after the civil war these changes included radical republicans efforts such as work on a civil rights bill (which was vetoed by Johnson), the 14th amendment, and the Reconstruction Act of 1867.
Banner armies
8 armies of Manchu, represented by their flag, defeat Ming emperor and instate the Qing dynasty
pertaining to or of the nature where one person/group has uncontrolled or unlimited authority
William Penn
A Quaker that founded Pennsylvania to establish a place where his people and others could live in peace and be free from persecution.
Smith Hughes Act
Legislation sponsored by GA Senator Hoke Smith that helped establish vocational programs in public schools across the nation and that helped states plan and carry out vocational training
Balance of Power
a distribution and opposition of forces among nations such that no single nation is strong enough to assert its will or dominate all the others.
Black Death
An outbreak of bubonic plague that spread across Asia, North Africa, and Europe in the mid-fourteenth century, carrying off vast numbers of persons. (p. 397)
triple alliance
germany, italy, & austria-hungary ( & ottomans )
Sugar Act, 1764
Part of Prime Minister Grenville's revenue program, the act replaced the Molasses Act of 1733, and actually lowered the tax on sugar and molasses (which the New England colonies imported to make rum as part of the triangular trade) from 6 cents to 3 cents a barrel, but for the first time adopted provisions that would insure that the tax was strictly enforced; created the vice-admiralty courts; and made it illegal for the colonies to buy goods from non-British Caribbean colonies.
The general and unanimous action of a large public body, without a vote.
Negative term for a worker called in by an employer to replace striking laborers.
World Court
a court established to settle disputes between members of the United Nations
1017. "Trustbuster"
Nicknamed for Teddy Roosevelt, this is a federal official who seeks to dissolve monopolistic trusts through vigorous enforcement of antitrust laws.
Henry Clay
Clay was a Political Scientist during the 1820's. He was also a Congressman from Kentucky. He developed the American System which US adopted after the War of 1812. The American System created a protective tariff to American Markets. It also used the tariff to build road and canel for better transportation. (The American System started a cycle to trading for US market)
Lexington Massacre
fight between British and Americans at Lexington, Brits won
Indian Removal Act
Jackson was allowed to relocate Indian tribes in the Louisiana Territory
a member of the keita clan; created an unified state that became the mali empire
1471. Tet Offensive
1968, during Tet, the Vietnam lunar new year - Viet Cong and North Vietnamese Army raiding forces attacked provincial capitals throughout Vietnam, even seizing the U.S. embassy for a time. U.S. opinion began turning against the war.
Angelina and Sarah Grimke
Daughters of a South Carolina slaveholder that were antislavery. Controversial because they spoke to audiences of both men and women at a time when it was thought indelicate to address male audiences. Womens' rights advocates as well.
Phyllis Schlaffy
The womens movement failed to win the passage of the equal rights amaendment (ERA) which was a proposed amaendment to the US constitution. It would have outlawed govt discrimination on the basis of sex. Phyllis Schlaffy was the ERA's opponent. He called the ERA the work of radical feminists.
The Louisiana Purchase
Largest land deal in American history. Doubled the size of the country. Made under the Jefferson administration.
John Brown
Radical abolitionist who led a raid on a proslavery camp after proslavery forces attacked the abolitionist city of Lawrence, leading the Bloody Kansas conflict.
Freedom Dues
few barrels of corn, suit of clothes, and maybe a small parcel of land
the Glorious Revolution
The English Parliament drove out an absolute monarch and replaced him with two constitutional monarch's William and Mary
the chavin cult
produced deities with the features of humans and wild animals
A company made up of a group of shareholders. Each shareholder contributes some money to the company and receives some share of the company's profits and debts.
706. Panic of 1873, depression
Unrestrained speculation on the railroads let to disaster - inflation and strikes by railroad workers. 18,000 businesses failed and 3 million people were out of work. Federal troops were called in to end the strike.
Force Bill
Bill passed by the Congress in 1833. (aka "Bloody Bill" to the southerners) This bill allows the US president to use the Army and the Navy to collect federal tariff duties. (If necessary) It is an attachment to the Nullification Crisis during this time.
the female head of a family or tribal line.
How did Brazil gain its independence from Portugal?
Pedro declared Brazil independent
Election of 1816
year of last federalist to run for presidency; James Monroe won by a lot
Progressive Party (1948)
Party for which Henry Wallace ran for President,
Pullman strike of 1894
Strike in Chicago where 10,000 members of the American Railway Union overturned cars and paralyzed railway traffic
Chinese Exclusion Act
1882 - Chinese immigrants had to be examined, and all convicts, polygamists, prostitutes, anarchists, persons suffering from loathsome or contagious diseases, and persons liable to become public disturbances and problems were all excluded form the U.S
Plessy V. Ferguson
S.C. rules that separate and equal is in fact legal.
199. Disestablishment, Virginia Statute of Religious Freedom
1779 - Written by Thomas Jefferson, this statute outlawed an established church and called for separation of Church and State.
Bland Allison Act*****
(RBH) 1878 , 1878 law passed over the veto of President Rutherford B. Hayes requiring the U.S. treasury to buy a certain amount of silver and put it into circulation as silver dollars. The goal was to subsidize the silver industry in the Mountain states and inflate prices, no less than $2 million and no more than $4 million
78. Iron Act, 1750
Declared that no new iron forges or mills could be created in the colonies.
Caribbean Sea
A sea bounded on the north and east by the West Indies, and by Central and South America on the west and south
905. "Crime of 1873"
Referred to the coinage law of 1873 which eliminated silver money from circulation. Name given by people who opposed paper money.
How did the Mexican Governmenet promote California's developement?
They took over the Franciscan-run missions and promoted large-scale cattle ranching
history of lowell epitomizes this transition
self sufficient farm families to urban wageworkers
differnces in political philosphy and practice of jefferson
jefferson wanted the power of the goverment to be in the hands of the people limited goverment
One way in which the Twelve Tables, the Justinian Code, and the Napoleonic Code were similar is that they
provided a written set of laws
"A great society is one in which..."
"... its members are known for the quality of their goals rather than the quantity of their goods" - slogan of the Great Society Program
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