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Zhang Qian
Lone Star Republic
the great gatsby writer
Thomas Jefferson
Virginian, architect, author, governor, and president. Lived at Monticello. Wrote the Declaration of Independence. Second governor of Virgina. Third president of the United States. Designed the buildings of the University of Virginia.
the efficient use of resources
long term goals--UN, free elections
from the same time period
A Persian-influenced literary form of Hindi written in Arabic characters and used as a literary language since the 1300s. (p. 388)
a native soldier, usually an infantryman, in the service of Europeans, esp. of the British
Form of political organization with rule by a hereditary leader who held power over a collection of villages and towns. Less powerful than kingdoms and empires, chiefdoms were based on gift giving and commercial links. (p. 311)
Abu Bakr
was the Prophet Muhammad's father-in-law, one of his companions and the first Muslim ruler after Muhammad's death; By rejecting the legitimist claims of Ali about his right to successorship,Umar imposed Abu Bakr as Caliphate, which was the beginning of Islam schism. His Caliphate lasted two years and three months.Sunni Muslims believe that he was the first man (adult male) to convert to Islam.
Assyrian resurgence that initiated a series of conquests until a combined attack by Medes and Babylon defeated them
Andean lineage group or kin-based community. (p. 312)
Norse raiders explored North America along present day Canada but never established colonies because of the expense
Henry Ford
A prominent American industrialist, the founder of the Ford Motor Company, and sponsor of the development of the assembly line technique of mass production. His introduction of the Model T automobile revolutionized transportation and American industry. As owner of the Ford Motor Company, he became one of the richest and best-known people in the world. He is credited with "Fordism": mass production of inexpensive goods coupled with high wages for workers. Ford had a global vision, with consumerism as the key to peace. His intense commitment to systematically lowering costs resulted in many technical and business innovations, including a franchise system that put a dealership in every city in North America, and in major cities on six continents.
Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New Hampshire
The Northern colonies
determination by oneself or itself, without outside influence.
Ibn Battuta
Moroccan Muslim scholar, the most widely traveled individual of his time. He wrote a detailed account of his visits to Islamic lands from China to Spain and the western Sudan. (p. 373)
Japanese term that describes a group of companies that sell the goods
The inhabitants of this nation rose against Spanish rule in 1895, partially in response to the economic effects of the American tariff placed on sugar in 1894.
the belief that rulers should be chosen for their superior abilities and not because of their wealth or birth
Revolutions of 1848
Democratic and nationalist revolutions that swept across Europe. The monarchy in France was overthrown. In Germany, Austria, Italy, and Hungary the revolutions failed. (p. 595)
The fate of the defeated Confederate leaders was that
A) most were sentenced to prison for life.
B) several were executed for treason.
C) after brief jail terms all were pardoned in 1868.
D) they were immediately returned to citizenship and full civil
comes from the Latin word "imperium"; translates to power of command, emperor
what the hell is she talking about?
philosopher who taught that people are good, should be tolerant of others and respect the elderly
Honorific name of Octavian, founder of the Roman Principate, the military dictatorship that replaced the failing rule of the Roman Senate. (151)
Powaton Confederacy
Neighboring Indian tribe to Jamestown. They were friendly towards englishmen but the relationship broke down when the kidnapping of pocahontas occured
Henry Hudson
English navigator who discovered the Hudson River
Bleeding Kansas
Missouri border ruffians crossed into the Kansas to vote against slavery (led by John Brown) - severely divided the fledgling state
Saddam Hussein
Iraqi president; prime minister and head of the armed forces 1979-2003; fought a war with Iran 1980-88 and invaded Kuwait 1990, from which Iraqi forces were expelled in the Gulf War of 1991
Gentlemen's Agreement
restricted Japanese immigration to the US
In China, a political philosophy that emphasized the unruliness of human nature and justified coercion and control.
Term used to describe makeshift shacks that housed groups of homeless people
Used in open areas near cities during the depression
This term was usedto mock herbert hoover
Fort Sumter
The most important of only two southern forts that remained in the "stars and stripes" after the secession. However, only lasted until the middle of April 1861 as when Lincoln sent reinforcements they were attacked in one of the first official battles of the war. Fort ________ demonstrates how the country was truly divided and the small amount of support located in the South. When Lincoln sent reinforcements Jefferson Davis saw it as an act of war and attacked the troops for one of the first official battles of the war.
WW2 People
(FDR) Hitler, Mussolini (Axis with H), Winston Churchill, SW - Stimson, SN - Knox, (FDR), MacArthur
shows up in court of ferdinand and isabella he came from genoa italy -accomplished sailor was probably an italina merchant he was learned
first place he went was Portuguese court who shot him down his idea was that the earth was round and you could get to the east from sailing to the west
he then goes to the court of the spanish monarchs
nina pinta santa maria- three ships of columbous and the santa maria was the largest at 60 feet long
october 1492 he makes the trip hits the trade winds -no one losses there life becuase of how easy this voyage was
columbus sails on to the island of hispaniola - now called haiti and the dominican republic
it is now december when he is in hispaniola and he leaves a group of men to build a small village so they name this settlement la navidad
the men who he leaves rape and pillage the indians which sets up bad relations between indians and europeans
columbous instructs his men that they will collect a hawksbales worth of gold each month from the indians-this is impossible and the europeans think the indians are holding out on them- in colubouses abbsence the indians rise up and kill all the europeans in la navidad- when columbous gets back instead of seeing a peaceful village he sees indians with spears so he goes to the south end of the island and finds a new settlement- santo domingo in 1496
Columbus never admits to finding the new world because the spanish would stop funding him
550. Factory girls
Lowell opened a chaperoned boarding house for the girls who worked in his factory. He hired girls because they could do the job as well as men (in textiles, sometimes better), and he didn't have to pay them as much. He hired only unmarried women because they needed the money and would not be distracted from their work by domestic duties.
Grandson of Chinggis Khan and ruler of the Golden Horde; invaded Russia in 1236.
Mitchell Palmer
Was a Quaker who showed strong anti-Red influences. Aggressively rounded up 6000 supposed Reds. Radicals respond to strong actions with bomb. Palmer given sarcastic name, "Quaking Fighter
Martin Van Buren
1837-1841, Democrat, Crown Prince, WP - Webster, Anti Mason - Harrison
Han Wudi
Name the person whose most important contribution to China was establishing a president for central imperial rule?
New Left
new political movement of the late 1960s that called for radical changes to fight poverty and racism
"Base People"
class of people consisting of actors, butchers, and prostitutes who only had limited rights
Dirty War
War waged by the Argentine military (1976-1982) against leftist groups. Characterized by the use of illegal imprisonment, torture, and executions by the military. (p. 857)
Confederation of 1867
Negotiated union of the formerly separate colonial governments of Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia. This new Dominion of Canada with a central government in Ottawa is seen as the beginning of the Canadian nation.
a system of writing used in ancient Mesootamia, in which wedge-shaped characters were produced b pressing a stylus into a soft clay tablet, which was then baked or otherwise hardened
George Grenville
Became prime minister of Britain in 1763 he persuaded the Parliament to pass a law allowing smugglers to be sent to vice-admiralty courts which were run by British officers and had no jury. He did this to end smuggling.
Alexander Hamilton
pushed for federal assumption of state debts, pushed for National Bank, loose constructionist, Federalist leader
john spargo
..., The Bitter Cry of the Children,Journalist and novelist, he wrote of the unfair treatment of children used as child labor. Stressed better education, better schools and teachers. A muckraker novel.
Saybrook Platform
It organized town churches into county associations which sent delegates to the annual assembly which governed the colony of Connecticut.
Spoils System
Franchise extended - more people were given the right to vote, even men who owned no land. Spoils system - "To the victor go the spoils" - the winner of the election may do whatever they want with the staff. Jackson made more staff changes than any previous president, firing many people and replacing them with his own.
of a person tall, slender, and moving gracefully.
Warren G. Harding's Party
VP - Coolidge SS - Hughes
Tea Act (1773)
Law passed by parliament allowing the British East India Company to sell its low-cost tea directly to the colonies - undermining colonial tea merchants; led to the Boston Tea Party
Delhi Sultanate
A Muslim leader of Ghur who defeated Hindu armies made Delhi, the third largest city of India, his capital. Also, a series of sultans that controlled Northern India.
Bill of Rights
Wanted to address the issues of freedom of religion, press, speech, and assembly; the right to keep and bear firearms; right to refuse to house soldiers on private property; right to a trial by jury and due process of law; protection against unreasonable search and seizures; and protection against cruel and unusual punishment Written by Madison, used the Virginia Declaration of Rights
Eminent Domain
the power of the government to take private property for public use
Beer Hall Putsch
was a failed coup d'état that occurred between the evening of Thursday, November 8 and the early afternoon of Friday, November 9, 1923 when the Nazi party's Adolf Hitler tried to overthrow the German government.
Qin Shihaungdi
the first emperor of the Qin Dynasty; centralized and standardized laws, currencies and units of measurement; began construction of the Great Wall of China
Panic of 1819
First major financial crisis in the United States, ends post-War of 1812 expansion
Mahabharata & Ramayana
M= India's greatest epic poem; both deal w/ real & mythical battles;
John Slidell
A diplomat sent by Polk to buy California, New Mexico, and Texas from the Mexicans. Mexico rejected his offer and Polk sent Taylor's army into Mexico
pueblo speech
...The Pueblo speech was an address in favour of the League of Nations, given by US President Woodrow Wilson on 25 September 1919.
Ponce de León-
In 1513 and 1521, this Spanish Explorer explored Florida, searching for gold (contrary to the myth of his seeking the “Fountain of Youth”).
Ho Chi Minh
North Vietnamese leader who had lead the resistance against the Japanese during WW II and at the end of the war had led the uprising against the French Colonial government. He had traveled in Europe, was an ardent Communist, and became President of the North Vietnamese government established after the French withdrawal. Often called the George Washington of North Vietnam.
Li Shimin
One of the founders of the Tang Empire and its second emperor (r. 626-649). He led the expansion of the empire into Central Asia. (p. 277)
1135. Federal Farm Board
Agency of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, it offered farmers insurance against loss of crops due to drought, flood, or freeze. It did not guarantee profit or cover losses due to bad farming.
Alfred E. Smith
Ran in election of 1928 for democratic president against Hoover, obviously loses. He was four-time governor of New York. Wisecracking, liberal, suffered from several fatal political handicaps. He was a drunkard during America's prohibition experiment and to abrasively urban for the presidency
Places of important homonid finds
Northern Kenya, East Africa, Southeast Africa, West Asia, China, and Europe
Battle of Omdurman
British victory over the Mahdi in the Sudan in 1898. General Kitchener led a mixed force of British and Egyptian troops armed with rapid-firing rifles and machine guns. (p. 730)
Causes of Revolutionary War
The American people didn't want people an ocean away telling them how to live their lives.
The British government decided to make the American colonies pay a large share of the war debt from the French and Indian War.
Through the Sugar Act, Stamp Act, and other taxes, the British tried to collect taxes that the American people considered harsh.
The American people also thought that they should be able to send their own people to Britain's Parliament or at least vote for Britain's lawmakers.
The combination of the harsh taxes and the lack of an American voice in Parliament gave rise to the famous phrase "taxation without representation."
1461. Civil Rights Act, 1968
Attempted to provide Blacks with equal-opportunity housing.
In their early years, neither ___ ___ nor ___ relied very heavily on slave labor
North Carolina; Georgia
1400. Interstate Highways Act
1944 - Began federal funding for an interstate highway system.
Stamp Act Congress
9 of 13 colonies to discuss Stamp Act. Came to conclusion to boycott the Brits
Lord Baltimore (George & Cecilius Calvert)
First proprietor of the Maryland colony. Believed in the separation of church and state
Attorney General A. Mitchell Palmer
"Fighting Quaker" Used a series of raids in the Red Scare to round up and arrest suspected communists
38. Georgia: reasons, successes
1733 - Georgia was formed as a buffer between the Carolinas and Spanish-held Florida. It was a military-style colony, but also served as a haven for the poor, criminals, and persecuted Protestants.
William L. Marcy/Patronage/The Spoils System
Invented the idea of of Patronage in which jobs were given out as a result of political rewards, this idea became known as the Spoils System.
994. Frank Norris (1870-1902), The Octopus
A leader of the naturalism movement in literature, he believed that a novel should serve a moral purpose. Wrote The Octopus in 1901 about how railroads controlled the lives of a group of California farmers. A muckraker novel.
Importance of the Battle of Yorktown?
What happened?
In essence, the American's won the war with Saratoga
General Cornwallis disobeyed orders, by bring the British further North. The general above him, told him to stop and take a defensive position. He did on the peninsula of Yorktown, Virginia. The French Navy blockaded the port, and Washington finished the fight on land.
When was the battle of the somme? who was involved?
februrary 1916; british and french vs. germany
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