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Ability to vote
definition: prominent Greek philosopher, noted for his philosophically based thoughts of "science"
significance: his ideas were used in the Catholic Church for years by Thomas Aquinas
Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca
Basil II
definition: Bulgar-slayer, using themes he moved west and destroyed the Bulgars
significance: Destroyed Bulgars, demonstrated theme system
definition: a hereditary military dictator of Japan
significance: established in place of an emperor, fractioned imperial rule
definition: Ritual suicide or disembowelment in Japan; commonly known in West as hara-kiri; demonstrated courage and a means to restore family honor
significance: demonstrated the Samurai's dedication to his profession
definition: Independent Korean kingdom in southeastern part of peninsula; defeated Koguryo along with their Chinese Tang allies
significance: Stopped Chinese rule in China, helped extend Chinese influence
definition: Scandinavian pirates who plundered the coasts of Europe from the 8th to 10th centuries
significance: caused Instability
Heavy plow
definition: agricultural invention that allowed people to migrate to colder climates and produce more food
significance: Produced more food which allowed for a population growth and urbanization
Spectator Sports
Basketball, baseball, and football were very popular among everyone. Boxing was especially popular among the lower-class, they enjoyed bare-knuckled boxing.
Robert FUlton
inventor of the steamboat
During the American revolution, ___________ were not the most important
Patriot militia
definition: individuals who by virtue of their innate abilities or extensive training had the power to mediate between humanity and
supernatural beings
significance: Basis of African religion
definition: The Migration of Muhammad from Mecca to Medina in A.D. 622, marking the founding of Islam
significance: Founded Islam
Han Wudi
definition: most prominent and important Han dynasty empire, created public school system
significance: public school idea still used today
Han Feizi
definition: advocate of strict legalism
significance: An important idea that influence China
definition: imposed iconoclasm for fear that they were being worshiped as physical idols
significance: imposed iconoclasm
definition: Marble stadium and sports arena that had seating for 50,000 people; had an awning to protect spectators from weather
significance: Was a place for Romans to gather and watch different events
definition: a mystical Muslim group that believed they could draw closer to God through prayer, fasting, and a simple life
significance: helped spread Islam
definition: Took over after Marius died and posted lists of his enemies ("Enemies of the State") that were to be killed on the spot if found; killed about 10,000 people by the time her died
significance: Weakened lower classes and strengthened wealthy
definition: the dynasty caliphs whose capital was Damascus, one of the largest empires ever
significance: Spanned large areas of land that facilitated trade and brought unity
definition: a powerful city-state in central Mexico, with over 150000 inhabitants at its peak
significance: powerful city with much attraction, may have led to Mayan downfall
definition: Roman Emperor (4th century A.D.) who promoted tolerance to all religions in the Roman Empire and legalized Christianity
significance: founder of Constantinople and first leader of Byzantium
definition: a social class separated from others by distinctions of hereditary rank or profession or wealth
significance: pivotal point in the development of Jainism, Hinduism, and Buddhism
Late 15th Century
When the colonist came to America they brought diseases with them such as smallpox that they had immunization to it, but the Indians caught it and many of them died. Smallpox is a highly contagious viral disease characterized by fever and weakness and skin eruption with pustules that form scabs that slough off leaving scars
Leader of Roanoke expedition, attempted to form Virginian and Carolinian colonies, but failed
Walter Raleigh
German mercenaries hired against the americans during the revolution
argued that democracy doesn't work over a large area
18th Amendment, The noble experiment, manufacture, sale, and transportation of alcohol was illegal, thought alcohol brought corruption and violence to society
Long-lot patterns are not found in
San Francisco
By mid-18th century, the __________ region had the highest population
New England
Paul of Tarsus
definition: Supported Christianity and was put to death for it
significance: Helped to spread Christianity and it eventually became the official religion of the Roman Empire
Maurya Empire
definition: Indian empire founded by Chandragupta, beginning with his kingdom in northeastern India and spreading to most of northern and central India
significance: unified the Indian subcontinent
Vladimir of Kiev
definition: convert to Christianity, despite being a drunkard
significance: affirmed Byzantium's rule on Russia
Pinkerton Detective Agency
Private security force that specialized in antiunion activities; businesses' tool to break apart strikes that was used by many big businesses. Frick used them but the workers drove them away.
English political and military leader known for making the country into a Commonwealth after the English Civil War
Oliver Cromwell
Return of the monarchy to England after Cromwell and the English Civil War
capital of Song dynasty that promoted trade and was a cultural center in Asia
Abe Lincon
union pres. belived democracy depends on saving union.
Irish Colonization
The English's violent colonization of Ireland, which tested the theories of colonial rule
Great Compromise
Our current system of bicameral legislature with the current representation system
"Mill Girls"
Worked in textile factories. THey lived in the factories in not great conditions working for not great wages.
Kellogg- Briand Pact
nations dedicated to outlawing aggression and war, 62 nations signed it, no actual means of enforcement
The existence of "strolling poor" indicated an 18th century trend in
less avaliable land
Ali ibn Muhammad
definition: rebel slave that organized 15,000 Zanj slaves in 869 to revolt from Abbasid; Zanj Revolt was crushed in 883
significance: showed that slaves are important
Koumbi Saleh
definition: Capital of Ghana which had 15,000 people with buildings of stone and more than a dozen mosques. Supported by a large number of qadi and Muslim scholars
significance: promoted trade
Alexander of Macedon
definition: also known as Alexander the Great, by 331 BCE, controlled Syria, Egypt, Mesopotamia; invaded Persian homeland and burned Persepolis; crossed the Indus by 327
significance: Created Bactria which influenced India, helped diffuse Greek ideas
Mansa Musa
definition: Mali king brought Mali to its peak of power and wealth from 1312 the 1337; he was the most powerful king in west Africa
significance: Helped promote Islam
St. Thomas Aquinas
D: scholastic theologian
S: Gave rise to scholastic theology
A critical name of the white men from the north who served as republican leaders in the South.
A reference to the dramatization of European conquest, depicting conquistadors as horrifically evil
black legend
Black Codes
southern laws designed to restrict the rights of the newly freed black slaves
yuan dynasty
chinggis khan and kublai khan were part of this dynasty
Society of the Cincinnati
military club, hereditary, pissed people off, wasn't hereditary any more
John Winthrop
Governor of Mass. Bay Colonies, led Great Migration
marbury v. madison
JUDICIAL REVIEW, marbury wants his commission which adams gave him, Jefferson tells madison not to give it to him. Marshall rules that madison doesn't have to give the thing to marbury.
The Square Deal
TR, balance between free enterprise and corporate responsibility, nicknamed the Fair Deal
Nat Turner's rebellion of 1831 caused a major reaction in the South, but did not happen as a result of
Turner having visions
The treatment of native populations by Spanish explorers in current-day Mexico and the American Southwest is commonly described as being
harsh and unprincipled
King Louis IX
D: King of France (1226-1270), helped consolidate Capetian hold on French monarchy
S: helped to consolidate Capetian hold
Otto I
D: king of Germany and Holy Roman Emperor (912-973)
S: Brought back centralized rule
Owner of a small piece of land, not overly rich, but a landowner nonetheless
David Farragut
became the first u. s. navy admiral and was responsible for the successful blockade of the south during the civil war
Alien and Sedition Acts
Lets the president deport foreigners, voting limit for foreigners, makes criticism of the government a crime, these laws are to silence the Republicans
The Great Migration
Puritans wanting to escape the tyranny of king Charles I left England and established the Massachusetts Bay Colony
Bank War
Jackson attacked the 2nd bank of the US b/c he thought it was elitist
New Nationalism
TR, Big Business needs Big Govt to regulate it
Ida Tarbell
wrote an expose of the Standard Oil Company and Rockefeller, led to the breakup/ downfall of Standard Oil
The Monroe Doctrine did not
stipulate that the Europeans must remove all colonies in the Americas
Duke William of Normandy
D: invaded England in 1066, and introduced Norman principles of govt and land tenure to England
S: Established a government
Harriet Beecher Stowe
wrote uncle tom's cabin, a book about a slave who is treated badly, in 1852. the book persuaded more people, particularly northerners, to become anti-slavery.
Gen Edward Braddock
led by Braddock, the Eglish tried to take Ohio valley from the french. they lost
Whle it had little practical effect this reform of Jefferson's in VA was copied by most states by 1798:
Abolishing of entail and primogeniture
Pope Innocent III
D: Pope called that for the crusade in 1198
S: Called for a crusade against Cathars
land ordinance of 1785
marked out and sold midwest land, got no real respect (lots o squatters)
pre-industrial rural societies were not places where
products were priced based on what the market would bear
Cash and Carry Policy
plan to keep USA out of the war, foreigners could come over flying their flag and buy raw materials with cash, no loans, BR becomes exhausted USA loans $2million and now USA must act to stop GR advancement
The Bill of Rights primarly protects
the individual from the gov't and the majority
The settlement of Jamestown Colony in Virginia survived as a result of
the planting of tobacco as a cash crop
In taking the posistion he did in the wake os the issuance of the Newburgh address, George Washington
set a precedent for the subordination of the military to civil authority
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