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Freedmen's Bureao
definition: Confucius's greatest disciple, wrote Analects
significance: recorded Confucius's ideas
definition: Austronesian population that emerged from Taiwan
significance: demonstrated migration patterns
definition: Aztec nature god, feathered serpent, his disappearance and promised return coincided with the arrival of Cortes
significance: coaxed the Aztecs into helping Cortes
definition: Farming plantations for the wealthy
significance: Wealthy land owners had these and pressured smaller farmers
definition: "new stone age" characterized by polished tools and the agricultural transition
significance: led to agriculture and permanent settlement
Creole Society
American born african slaves
The Anti-Federalists
believed in Montesquieu's argument that republics suceed onlyin small countries
definition: prophet who preached about Yahweh
significance: led a cultural transformation, broke off from Mesopotamian ideas
definition: group of languages that extends from southern Asia to the Iberian Peninsula
significance: demonstrates movement patterns throughout history
definition: the Colosseum of the Byzantian empire where the Greens and Blues were held
significance: kept the masses entertained and distracted
Huang Chao
definition: military commander that led an uprising of Eastern China for almost a decade (875-884) that helped to bring the Tang to a close
significance: Weakened the Tang empire, leading to its demise
definition: one of the greatest leaders of the Kushan Empire in India
significance: creation of arts and philosophy made possible by Kanishka
definition: idea that a person's actions determined their incarnation
significance: demonstrates thought and questions in after-life and creation
definition: the doctrine that the state is supreme over the church in ecclesiastical matters
significance: used in Byzantium to decide on several ecclesiastical matters
Bureaucracy of merit
definition: civil service examinations; based on Confucian education - no longer decided by family lineage
significance: Helped to strengthen the imperial government
definition: Confucian idea that one should respect parents and ancestors above all others
significance: idea used in modern religions in Asia
definition: a river in southwestern Asia; begins in eastern Turkey and joins the Euphrates river, border of the Mesopotamian society
significance: provided water to Mesopotamia
D: the medieval principles of knighthood
S: Demonstrated Troubadours influence
definition: Pack animals that made cross-Sahara caravans possible
significance: allowed trading through the Sahara
definition: the civil and religious leader of a Muslim state considered to be a representative of Allah on earth
significance: Center of several debates, the leader of an expansive empire
Indentured Servitude
The system of temporary servitude, where young men and women bound themselves to masters for fixed terms of servitude (four to five years), in exchange for passage to America, food and shelter. This method of labor was one of the largest elements of colonial population in America. They used Indians as well until the Indians rebelled causing Bacon's rebellion.
Religious dissidents of England, felt English Reformation had not gone far enough, looked to New World for religious purposes (not Pilgrims)
"New Lights"
not necissarily formally trained religious leaders. They want a return to religion but believe that the colonists don't necissarily have to join churches. Focus is on the individual saving themself
Taft Foreign Policy
continues Dollar Diplomacy, intervention in Nicaragua, pay off debt of Caribbean nations by invading and reorganizing, keep Europe out of West Hem
In the early 18th century, ______ percent of slaves worked in the field
The War Hawks didn't want to
take Texas
Pater familias
definition: "Father of the Family"; had the authority to arrange marriages, determined duties, and punish; had rights to sell them into slavery and execute them
significance: Demonstrated Roman patriarchal society
Cathedral schools
D: Bishops and Archbishops organized these types of schools and invited well known scholars to serve as master teachers. Established formal curricula based on writings in Latin. Famous ones at Paris, Chatres, and Bologna.
S: Basis for modern Universities
definition: one of many trading cities on the East African coast
significance: demonstrated eastern trading
definition: a city in western Saudi Arabia to where Muhammad had fled
significance: Islamic significance, location where Muhammad was buried, first Mosque
definition: Founder of Rome; twin of Remus; killed his own twin brother Remus over disputes on the building of Rome
significance: Original founder of Rome
Ali'i nui
definition: a chief or noble (hereditary) in Polynesian tribes
significance: demonstrated hierarchy in Polynesian societies
definition: a dynasty (581 to 618) that rebuilt the Great Wall and began canal building, restored centralized rule after war
Silk roads
definition: a system of ancient caravan routes across Central Asia, along which traders carried silk and other trade goods.
significance: facilitated the transfer of ideas and cultures
Ilkhanate of Persia
definition: Abbasid empire toppled, Baghdad sacked, 1258
significance: Brought unity
Greek fire
definition: a mixture used by Byzantine Greeks that was often shot at adversaries that would ignite
significance: facilitated battles and victories for Byzantine
Late 18th Century
A blend of African and English toungues that reinforced a sense of connection with their ancestry.
Bloodless English revolution in which the monarchy was restored by replacing Oliver Cromwell with William and Mary
Glorious Revolution
Ideology that all ownership of lands should go to the first born son, encouraged younger siblings to colonize
an iron-clad vessel built by the confederate forces in the hope of breaking the blockade imposed by the north
bubonic plague
caused labor shortages and major population decreases
Patrick Henry
Virginian who thought that virginia should get to tax itself, fought the stamp act--5 resolutions against the stamp act. The fifth (stricken from the records) was treasonous, would have not allowed parliament to tax virginia--henry accused of treason
Declaratory Act
asserted parliament's reign over the colonies, and their ability to tax the colonies
the federalist papers
collection of essays supporting ratificaion of US constitution
Election 1912
Repub party split btw conservatives and progressives, Bull Moose Party- TR, Dems- Woodrow Wilson, Socialists- Eugene Debs, Repubs- Taft
In the mid-1700s, the most populous European colony in NA was
New Spain
Roman Senate
definition: A council of wealthy and powerful Romans that advised the city's leaders
significance: Indirectly helped govern the Roman Empire
D: valued holy objects from the past, esp. Saints
S: showed the development of the average-person religion
Ming dynasty
the imperial dynasty of China from 1368 to 1644
Li Bo
definition: Most famous poet of the Tang era; blended images of the mundane world with philosophical musings.
significance: Wrote about Chinese social life during the Song dynasty
definition: one of the first groups of people to believe in one God
significance: led a change in culture, broke away from Mesopotamian beliefs
African Slave Trade
African people were taken as slaves to be sold in America, in America they would work in mines & plantations. The profit went to europe where they built goods to then be sold to Africans. It was a triangle.
Led the Jamestown colony, forced the colonials to work for food
John Smith
northern whites who moved to the south and served as republican leaders during reconstruction
starting to become a country
rise of regional states
Midnight Judges
Adams appointed judges at the last minute, thaks to the judiciary act of 1801
Tea Act
gave east india trading company the right to trade directly with retailers, screwing things up for american merchants. Lowers prices of tea, trying to get americans to buy more and support the East India Trading co.
Prohibitory Act
British Act declaring war on American commerce, blocking their port so they can't trade any more. This wasn't that effective.
Virginia Plan
possible plan for new gov't with bicameral legislature and proportional voting, proposedby madison
Ludlow Amendment
called for national referendum on any declaration of war by congress, NEVER PASSED
The 2nd major component of Hamilton's fiscal program established
a federal bank
Eric the Red
D: Norwegian adventurer who founded a colony on Greenland
S: Demonstrated European ambition
Capetian dynasty
D: a Frankish dynasty founded by Hugh Capet that ruled from 987 to 1328
S: forty-two
Period of time in which a country or area has a cultural revival, an example would be Italy from 1450-1519, encouraged exploration of New World
Xi Xia
led Tangut people, north of the Song; collected tribute that drained Song resources and burdened Chinese peasants
Anne Boleyn
Lover and 2nd wife of Henry VIII, mother of Elizabeth I (the good ruler)
Vasco de Gama
Portuguese exporer who came back from India to Portugal with all kinds of cool goods
Stamp Act
all legal docs must have stamps on them to be legalized. The stamps are tribute to the brits. Americans saw this as taxation without representation
US Declaration of Neutrality
claimed by Wilson, Tangible BR blockade and intangible GR blockade
German Russian Pact
split Poland and keep a peaceful border, Stalin believed Hitler, GR troops invade Poland, WWII BEGINS
The issue of the 1820s and 1830s tht came to represent conflicting sectional interests most was the
protective tariff
Expansionism did not include
stable communities and a strong sense of the public good
Second Great Wave of Immigration
Early 1900s
Many immigrants came from Eastern-Europe and filled the cities and lived in immigrant slums and created their own societies. Most of them who came were jews escaping anti-semitism.
Jacob Aster
NY merchant who set up a fur trading post in the far west. used "mountain men" as fur trappers
Causes of the Great Depression
Less competitive industry, farms and industry produced more than they sold, installment buying, banking credit and speculation, unequal distribution of wealth
The internal slave trade after 1820
involved little humane feeling but generated high profits
The Seven year's war began
on the Ohio river, in present-day Pittsburgh
The battle of Tippecanoe
made William Henry Harrison a hero to white Americans
McColloch v. Woodward
Maryland was trying to tax a branch of the bank of the United States. Marshall says no.
the US argued that it's neutral rights were not being violated by
boycotts of products and ships
Anne Hutchinson was banished by the Massachusetts Bay officials because
she challenged gender roles and Puritan orthodoxy
Bank of the US
bank with private $ to keep all of federal $ in one place (this was Hamilton's bank)
The Triangular trade network of the 18th century sought to
cut out the middleman in trade transactions
This was not included in the British republicanism political view
property should be controlled by the government
Slaves were not as numerous as indentured servants in the 17th century Chesapeake because
they cost more and had a shorter life expectency
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