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Richard Olney
term for extreme nationalism
Dominant religious group in Massachusetts Bay
Any large scale business combination.
The visible arrangement of society into a hierarchical pattern
The concept of republican motherhood included ALL of the following EXCEPT voting, political education, participation, protector of virtue, and _______________.
Stono Rebellion
Largest pre-American Revolution slave rebellion in the U.S
reconstruction governments

cooperated with military gov: southern blacks (Hiram Revels- first black senator), Carpetbaggers (northerners who moved), Scalawags (southerners who betrayed)
white southerners take matters into their own hands
white south: Ku Klux Klan- Nathan Bedford Forest is founder, secret organization to try to control blacks thru intimidation and murder
congress: enforcement acts: enabled military to do anything encessary to stop KKK
southern redeemers: build a new south
Emancipation Proclamation
Under Lincoln's presidency; it stated that slaves in territories fighting against the Union were free
Common activity in which the colonists engaged to avoid the restrictive, unpopular Navigation Laws
colonists that were loyal to the British crown; rejected American Revolution
Palmer Raids
thousands of Americans were arrested for no crime other than being a not born here carried out by general Mitchell Palmer
Republican Motherhood
after the election of 1800 Jeffersonians promoted this as the ideal for women to raise their children with the idealism of the American nation.
Alice Paul
American suffrage activist that led Women's suffrage
Specie Circular
It required payment for government land to be in gold and silver. 1836 President Martin Van Buren
war in west:

jan-july 4, 1863
last important fort on mississippi
grant vs. pemberton. campaign: 7 months and siege: 7 weeks
has to surrender cuz they run out of food
In Schenck vs. US, the supreme Court and Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes ruled that free speech could be limited when it represented a "clear and present danger." This ruling was made during
Lusitania, Sussex, and Arabic
submarine warfare, German officials believed that "neutrality" was a cover to transport weapons, destroyed these three ships, killing Americans. Wilson threatens "strict accountability"
sumptuary laws
these regulated the dress of different classes forbidding people from wearing clothes of their social superiors
The Half-Way Covenant
provided a partial church membership for the children and grandchildren of church members
Tennessee Valley Authority
authorized the construction of a series of dams that would ultimately provide electricity and flood control to that area.
It was the idea of voters directly proposing legislation themselves.
American Colonization Society
Social group that highly advocated freedom (freeing slaves, expansion to free land)
Susan B. Anthony
prominent american civil rights leader that led the womens rights movement and started women's suffrage
Hartford Convention
an event spanning from December 15, 1814–January 4, 1815 in the United States during the War of 1812 in which New England's opposition to the war reached the point where secession from the United States was discussed. The end of the war with a return to the status quo ante bellum disgraced the Federalist Party, which disbanded in most places.
Roosevelt Corollary

(1904) Roosevelt added to the Monroe Doctrine with this; it addressed the European Powers in Latin America. Roosevelt said that the US is in charge of the western hemisphere and that it would be the policeman of the region. It ultimately gave America unrestricted rights to regulate all Caribbean. This was a declaration by the United States and backed by its own power and national interest. Roosevelt would back up the Roosevelt Corollary with his "big stick" diplomacy and make no reason for European powers to intervene in Latin America. 

Booker T. Washington
an American educator, author, orator, and political leader. He was the dominant figure in the African American community in the United States from 1890 to 1915.
Moral Diplomacy
Policy put into place by Wilson- US would only support democratic Latin American countries
Elijah Lovejoy
He was the editor of an abolitionist newspaper in Alton, Illinois and was victimized repeatedly and finally killed when he tried to defend his press from attack.
Goethals and Gorgas
1906 - Army colonels who supervised the construction of the Panama Canal.
Valley Forge
177-1778 was the low point for the continental army where cold weather, , and desertion hurt the army
Platt Amendment, Cuba
Reserved the U.s. right to intervene in Cuba, affairs and forced independent Cuba to host Am naval bases on the island
Ernest Hemmingway
fought in Italy in 1917. He later became a famous author who wrote "The Sun Also Rises" (about American expatriates in Europe) and "A Farewell to Arms." In the 1920's he became upset with the idealism of America versus the realism he saw in World War I. He was very distraught, and in 1961 he shot himself in the head
McCulloch v. Maryland
1819; the Marshall court sided with the Second National Bank, putting the national government over states’ rights. The problem at hand was that the state of Maryland decided to put a tax on money from the Second Bank to keep the state-chartered banks competitive. The bank questioned the constitutionality of the Maryland law and the Maryland lawyers questioned the constitutionality of the bank’s existence, also claiming that since the bank did exist, Maryland had the right to tax its activities in the state. Maintaining his loose interpretation, Marshall repudiated both claims by the state.jist: interprets the Constitution to give broad powers to the national government
Berlin Blockade and Airlift
The US, France, and Britain successfully fused their zones of occupation in West Germany in 1948. They initiated a program of currency reform in West Berlin, which was deep within Soviet occupation zone. The Soviets saw this as a threat, with Germany being aligned with the West, and imposed a blockade on all types of traffic to West Berlin. Truman countered with an airlift: for a year American and British pilots flew in 2.5 million tons of food and fuel. In 1949 Stalin lifted the blockade, with West Berlin emerging as a symbol of resistance to communism. These events led to the formation of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the Federal Republic of Germany; the Soviet Union facilitated the German Democratic Republic, the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance (COMECON), and the Warsaw Pact.
John D. Rockefeller
King of oil; founded the Standard Oil Company, the University of Chicago, and the Rockefeller Foundation
Robert Owen
This man both helped to lead the first national union in England and advocated the use of children in factories
Wilmot Proviso
one of the major events leading to the Civil War, would have banned slavery in any territory to be acquired from Mexico in the Mexican War or in the future
186. Benedict Arnold
He had been a Colonel in the Connecticut militia at the outbreak of the Revolution and soon became a General in the Continental Army. He won key victories for the colonies in the battles in upstate New York in 1777, and was instrumental in General Gates victory over the British at Saratoga. After becoming Commander of Philadelphia in 1778, he went heavily into debt, and in 1780, he was caught plotting to surrender the key Hudson River fortress of West Point to the British in exchange for a commission in the royal army. He is the most famous traitor in American history.
Large State Plan
It was the plan purposed by Virginia to set up a bi-cameral congress based on population, giving the larger states an advantage. It was first written as a framework for the constitution
After the War of 1812
British armada sailed up Chesapeake and burned the White House; response to US burning of Toronto; armada then attacked Fort HcHenry in Baltimore; inspired Francis Scott Key's "Star Spangled Banner"
Question 75: 1798 John Adams to France ambassador
Question 75: XYZ Affair
159. Boston Port Act
This was one of the Coercive Acts, which shut down Boston Harbor until Boston repaid the East India Company for the lost tea.
Northwest Ordinance
No more than 5 and no less than 3 states could be formed from lands north of the Ohio River and east of the Mississippi and only when the population reached 60,000
36. Which of the following contributed most to the American victory in the Revolution?
a. French military and financial assistance
b. The failure of Loyalists to participate in the military action
c. A major American military victory at Valley Forg
a. French military and financial assistance
"Remember the Maine, to Hell with Spain!"
rally cry by supporters of the Spanish-American War in relation to the sinking of the USS Maine
40. The Seneca Falls Convention was significant because it
a. Initiated the religious revivals in the "burned-over district"
b. Demanded the immediate abolition of slavery
c. Issued a historic declaration of women's rights
d. Addressed concerns fo
c. Issued a historic declaration of women's rights
Not only did John C. Calhoun make no apologies for owning slaves, he insisted:
that slave owners had an unassailable right to take their slaves into any territory acquired by the United States.
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