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Northwest Ordinance
18th Amendment
banned alcohol
Rutherford B. Hayes
liberal Republican
Age requirement for Senate
30 years
Thomas Gage
He suppressed Dutch tenants, intimidated the Wappinger Indians and evicted the Mass. squatters inorder to gain control when land disputes broke out in the Hudson River Valley.
Alexander Hamilton
pushed for Assumption (federal government to assume state debts); pushed for creation of National Bank; loose interpretation of Constitution; leader of Federalist Party
Forcing foreigners to enlist in fighting for a different country.ex. the British capturing our sailors and forcing them to work for them.
Spaniards who conquered empires of southern and central america.
Roanoke Colony
Lost Colony - disappeared while waiting for a resupply ship from England
four causes of war
militarism alliances imperialism nationalism
John C. Calhoun
political philosopher from south carolina. Advocate for states rights, limited gvt and nullification. 1st vp that was a US citizen, 7th vp under adams and jackson. served as a house of rep secretary of war and state.
Income tax
The first step toward building government revenues and redistributing wealth, a tax that was levied on annual income over a specific amount and with certain legally permitted deductions.
Antifederalists (leaders)
Samuel Adams John Hancock Patrick Henry
Virginia Company
stock company organized by London investors in early 1600s. Tried to charter colony in Virginia but failed. Charter revoked. Tried to be mail-order-bride person. Epic Fail.
Minimum wage
lowest hourly, daily or monthly remuneration that employers may legally pay to workers
Chester Arthur
Vice President with Garfield. Won under the spoils system, but after taking over presidency, fought against fraud, the spoils system, and Stalwarts.
Bacon's Rebellion
(1676) Sir William Berkeley, royal governor of Virginia from 1642-70, created tensions between the origional Tidewater region and the new "backcountry" settlers. The new settlers wanted to push west for wealth and began taking native-owned land. These pioneers believed that the government was not doing enough to protect them from the natives and that the elites of the east were using them as a human shield. Nathaniel Bacon, an immigrant who wanted a piece of the fur trade, led settlers to attack the Doeg and the Susquehannocks. His army eventually burned Jamestown to the ground but the coalition dissolved upon is death (dysentery).
Jim Crow
fictional character about a white guy who dressed up like a black guy and made fun of blacks
those who wanted america to cllose her doors
Valley Forge
the site where George Washington and his troops endured a harsh winter without proper food, shelter, or clothing
Safety Valve Thesis
Proposed by Frederick Jackson Turner to explain America's Unique non-European culture, held that people who couldn't succeed in eastern society could move west for cheap land and a new start.
Republican Motherhood
the idea that women should raise children to practice republicanism, take care of the household and not hold leadership roles
115 Greenback-
paper money issued during the civil war to help finance the war effort and stabilize the economy
After a long reign of high morality, outrageous idealism, and "bothersome do-goodism", people longed for the "normalcy" of the old America, and were ready to accept a lower quality president who would not force them to be so involved. Harding coined the phrase a "return to normalcy".
Lakota Sioux
largest and most adaptive indians on plains, followed heards of buffalo on horseback, dependent on buffalo, tired to save it from whites.
Jones Act
Puerto Ricans win US citizenship and the right to elect their own upper house
Walter Rauschenbusch
New York clergyman who preached the social gospel, worked to alleviate poverty, and worked to make peace between employers and labor unions.
Aaron Burr
Best known for killing Hamilton in an 1804 duel
Bonus Army
Group of WWI vets. that marched to D.C. in 1932 to demand the immediate payment of their goverment war bonuses in cash
Booker T. Washington
advocated gradual gain of equal rights for African-Americans
Allied Power WWI
France Russia and GB and US
Alien, naturalization, and Sedition Acts
These foreign policies were controversial as they prompted domestic protest and government oppression. The Naturalization Act increased the residency requirement for American citizenship from five to fourteen years. The Alien Act authorized the deportation of foreigners. Sedition Acts prohibited the publication of “under grounded” or malicious attacks on the President of Congress, seeking to silence Republican and anti-British ideas.
Nullification Crisis
Crisis due to the nullification of the Tariff of Abominiations because SC saw it as unconstitutional
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)
Government agency that provides deposit insurance, which guarantees the safety of deposits in member bank
Dwight Lyman Moody
Preached a gospel of kindness and forgiveness.
New England vs. Chesapeake Settlers
New England: families, hospitable environment, longer lifespan, bigger families, more religious.Chesapeake: single males, smaller towns, farming community.
alvin york
famous war hero at first he refused to fight clamed that he was conscientious objector
Treaty of Paris
Approved by the Senate on February 6, 1898, it ended the Spanish-American War. The U.S. gained Guam, Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Philippines.
Election of 1860: candidates, parties, issues
Republican - Abraham Lincoln. Democrat - Stephan A. Douglas, John C. Breckenridge. Constitutional Union - John Bell. Issues were slavery in the territories (Lincoln opposed adding any new slave states).
The Book of Mormon
the book that reveals the teachings and ideas of the Mormon faith to the public and followers
The American Federation of Labor
Skilled laborers in unions joined together to fight for better hours, wages, and working conditions.
robert de la salle
named louisiana in honor of king louis XIV
Currency Act 1764
made it illegal to print money in the colonies. (colonies had no strong currency so it was significant)
Truman loyalty program
an oath of loyalty to Truman and the U.S., or state of which an individual is a member
What is true about the Daw's Severality Act?
Native American removal through land grants
9. The Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions took the position that
a. Only the United States Supreme Court had the power to restrict freedom of speech and press
b. The authority of state governments included the power to decide whether or not an act of
b. The authority of state governments included the power to decide whether or not an act of Congress was constitutional
Jacob Riis, How the Other 1/2 Lives
Danish photo journalist who showed the conditions of NY tenements in Hell's kitchens
Wrote the Book How the other 1/2 Lives (1890)
War of 1812: three key events from 1812-1814
In 1813, General Harrison defeated a British and Indian force in the battle of the Thames, killing Tecumseh. This was among some other American victories. The tide of the war changed though and Britain burned D.C. and put the US on the defensive on the coast with the Royal Navy. The US had made little progress in Canada. A third event: Andrew Jackson defeated the Creek Indians (British-helpers) in the Battle of Horseshoe Bend in 1814; they gained 23 million acres. The war was supported by Republicans and Westerners, but it was opposed by New Englanders.
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