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James Fremont
Harmless, insignificant[ANT: Toxic]
Hamilton's Plan
treasury secretary=Alexander Hamilton.
Hamilton's vision for reshaping the American economy included a federal charter for a national financial institution. He proposed a Bank of the United States. Modeled along the lines of the Bank of England, a central bank would help make the new nation's economy dynamic through a more stable paper currency. Hamilton wanted the United States to adopt a mercantilist economic policy.
wanted restriction on American membership in the League and was led by Henry Cabot Lodge
Settlement Movement
Movement which included settlement houses, set up to help poor people, middle-class people, and educated women
Social Reciprocity
society naturally punishes criminals indiscriminantly
Important battle of the Revolutionary War. The American victory encouraged France to aid colonial independence from Britain.
Rachel Robards Jackson

attacks are personal
his wife is attacked
effects jackson's presidency
she had been devorced (rare)
acuse her of being adulteress and bigamist
Staple crops of the South
Tobacco, rice, indigo
Mayflower Compact
covenant between Pilgrims that acted instead of a charter
French settlers who would not pledge their loyalties to the British and were driven from their homes; cajuns of Louisiana are descendants of these people
The Calvinist doctrine that God has foredained some people to be saved and some to be damed
They took a strict interpretation of the Constitution. They supported strong states' rights and their ability to nullify federal laws. Their major European ally was France. They had a wider variety of supporters that were more ordinary people. Their major leaders were Jefferson, Madison, and Monroe.
Eugene McCarthy
first candidate to challenge incumbent Lyndon B. Johnson for the Democratic nomination for president of the United States, running on an anti-Vietnam War platform
The unique language of slaves spirred many African influences in America.
Political machines

 (1870) Politics began to have these unofficial internal organizations that had many political insiders that did the work of the party in order to receive public jobs or advantages of this service. The “boss” ruled over these machines, although the secondary leaders almost ruled more than this single power. Bribes and kickbacks were used to get who they want in power. They wanted to get the vote out for their candidate. These political machines were present in both the Democratic and Republican parties. Some machine politicians actually served as effective legislatures and congressmen because of their experience with politics. Political machines filled a void in the public life. Wards also could be a part of Political machines, letting no immigrant slip through the cracks by giving them help in return for their vote. Tammany Hall was a main Democratic Political Machine located in New York. 
1607 - The first successful English settlement. Funded by a joint-stock company called the Virginia Company. Captain John Smith's strict laws saved the colony from devastation.
Horatio Alger
Author who wrote that virtue, honesty, and industry are rewarded by success, wealth, and honor
Sir Walter Raleigh
settled Roanoke, a settlement that disappeared when Gov. John White returned with supplies
Treaty Of Paris
Treaty that concluded the Spanish American War\tFrom the treaty America got Guam, Puerto Rico and they paid 20 million dollars for the Philippines. Cuba was freed from Spain.
Those who seek to excite or persuade the public on some issue
Manifest Destiny
God's plan that America expand beyond the Mississippi River. both supported by political and religious leaders
1950's military budget helped
jumpstart aerospace, plastic. and electronics industires
The name of the Indian tribe in Virginia that Smith became associated with.
Roger Williams
Puritan that began Rhode Island and Providence plantations for religious escape to America
American System
-led by Henry Clay
- tariff to stimulate economic growth
Comstock Lode
Rich deposits of silver found in Nevada in 1859.
to void or revoke a law (like South wanted to with the Tariff of Abominations)
committee on public info
GEORGE CREEL's committee to encourage the war effort movies songs speeches PRO WAR
Cuban Missile Crisis
JFK got Kruschev to remove Soviet missile bases in Cuba
Eli Whitney
built the first cotton gin in 1793, came up with the idea of machines making each part of the musket so that every part of the musket would be the same. The principle of interchangeable parts caught on by 1850 and it became the basis for mass-production.
Roosevelt Corollary
It was an extension to the Monroe Doctrine. Roosevelt believed in "preventive intervention." He stated under this corollary that the US was responsible for the financial safety of the Latin American nations. This made the US the "policeman of the western hemisphere."
National Socialist Party
Called Nazism, led by Adolf Hitler. Supported by some contemporary political groups. Often considered by scholars to be a form of fascism. Key elements include anti-parliamentarism, racism, collectivism, social Darwinism, eugenics, antisemitism, anti-communism, totalitarianism, and oposition to economic and political liberalism.
Checks and balances
power is divided between the 3 branches of government to even out federal power
Central Pacific Railroad
The West end of the transcontinental railroad. Funded by the Big Four. It started from Sacramento and went East
Potsdam Conference 1945
At Postdam, after the war ended, Clanent Atlee, Stalin and Truman met to decide the fate of Germany. The "Big Three" split Germany into four occupation zones (the Big Three and France each having separate zones). Then they disarmed and disassembled the war industries of Germany. The Allies put Nazi leaders on trial for war crimes
Refusal of Adams/rousing fight
Most damaging blow to Federalists as President Adams refused to go to war with France.
War preparations had swelled the public debt and had required new taxes.
Military preparations, like the new navy, seemed unnecessary.
McCulloch vs. Maryland

ruled that 2nd bank of US was constitution
affirmed doctrine of implied powers
state gov could not tax federal agencies such as the bank
John Locke, Fundamental Constitution
Locke was a British political theorist who wrote the Fundamental Constitution for the Carolinas colony, but it was never put into effect. The constitution would have set up a feudalistic government headed by an aristocracy which owned most of the land.
War Hawks
From the south or west and wanted war with their old enemy, Britain.
William Jennings Bryan, "Cross of Gold"
repeat candidate for president, proponent of silver backing, cross of gold speech and gold standard. secretary of state under wilson.
Judiciary Act of 1789
In 1789 Congress passed this Act which created the federal-court system made up of 3 tiers. The act managed to quiet popular apprehensions by establishing in each state a federal district court that operated according to local procedures.
National American Woman's Suffrage Association
supported feminism and they were also crucial to push for women's suffrage
Massacre at Wounded Knee
in attempt for U.S army to disarm sioux indians, they massacred 200 indians
Which of the following principles was established by the Dred Scott decision?
National legislation could not limit the spread of slavery in the territories.
69. The Hartford Convention pertains to which of the following
a. Importation of slaves until 1808, Three-Fifths Compromise, Elastic Clause, and "due process."
b. Petition by grievances, "All men are created equal," inalienable rights, and consent o
d. Two-thirds vote to declare war, omission of slaves from the census, one term for presidents, and opposition to the War of 1812
Why did the immigrants come to the US?
Economic hardships in their own countries.  Many intended upon making enough money to send back home or so that they could eventually return home.
5. The greatest achievements of the government under the Article of Confederation was its establishment of
a. A bicameral legislature
b. A system for orderly settlement of the West
c. General postwar prosperity
d. Long term section harmony
e. A t
b. A system of orderly settlement of the West
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