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80 to death
in the wilderness
prophesised that John the Baptist would prepare the way for the messiah
What you_____ determines how you behave
attribute of god sinnless perfect and righteous
Whose descendants did they say they were?
What happend to the Egyptians?
They all died.
The passing over of the destructive power of God; to defend or to protect.
What was Jess' sweat like?
Drops of blood
him and and samuel led the isrealites in a victorious battle over the ammonites
each time peter said he loved him, jesus told him to feed his ?????????
When the man asked the Pharisees if they wanted to become Jesus' disciples too, whose disciples did they say they were?
A basic belief about what is important or how things work
God brought the isrealites out of slavery so that they could_____.
Worship him.
What were these people carrying?
Torches, lanterns, and weapons
When Jesus asked why they were trying to kill him, what was their response?
"You're demon-possessed."
How long had the Israelites lived in Egypt?
430 years
What did Jesus tell these 3 to do?
Keep watch
At what time did Jesus appear again at the temple courts?
at dawn
How will Isreal know God Almightly?
By his name, the Lord.
What did God do?
He heard them and remembered his covenant with Abram, Israel, and Jacob.
For whom could Jesus have called?
His Father, God, or angels
When the Pharisees asked the man who had been blind what he had to say about Jesus, what did the man say?
"He is a prophet."
These two names are a picture of our ______.
Relationship with god
When Jesus gave the bread to Judas, what did Judas say?
Surely not I, rabi
When did Jesus go up to the temple courts and begin to teach?
halfway through the feast
In an effort to reassure moses, what did God say?
I will be with you.
How did Pharoah respond?
Who is the Lord that I should obey him? I will not let the people go.
When Jesus said, "Where I am, you cannot come," what did the Jews seem to think he meant?
he would live with the Gentiles
What did God tell Moses to do?
Raise your staff and divide the water
When Jesus identified Himself, His captors did what?
They arrested Him and fell to the ground
When the man born blind said that i fJesus were not from God, he could do nothing, what did the Pharisees do to him?
threw him out of the Synagogue
Who came into power in Egypt?
A new King that did not know about Joseph.
How did the Egyptian opression affect the Isrealites?
The more they were opressed, the more they multiplied.
What did Peter say at this time?
I don't know or understand what you're talking about
What is the first "I am" statement in this passage?
"I am the gate for the sheep."
When God brings the Isrealites out of Egypt, He gathers them at
Mt. Sinai and gives them the Mosaic covenant
Jesus said that all of them should do what?
Sit here while He goes and prays
How did God discribe Himself to Moses?
He said "I am the God of your father, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob."
Why did the guards say that they did not arrest Jesus?
"No one ever spoke the way this man does."
The main point of Jesus' prayer was what?
If there is any way for God's will to be done
A choice
Caleb means_____
God's faithful servent; loyalty
What was the man's name?
Because the were this man's descendants, what did they say they had never been?
Who strengthened Jesus?
An angel from Heaven
when the ?????? asked questions that challenged god and his authority god used malachi to awnswer for him
Where was he when this happened?
Mt. Horeb
God is a title,
Lord is his name
Altogether, how many times did Jesus pray His prayer?
led some of the isrealites out of babylon to build a temple in jerusalem
hebrews 11
the people remembered in ?????? are known for their faithfullness and dedication to god
Which member of the Sanedrin tried to talk sensibly to the other Pharisees about Jesus?
What does the name Moses mean?
To draw out.
What signal had Judas arranged with the Jewish leaders?
A kiss
Who did Jesus say was really their father?
The devil
How were people led by day?
A piller of could
Many testified falsely Jesus, but their what didn't agree?
Their statements didn't agree.
Where did Jesus go for the night?
The Mount of Olives
How old was Moses when his mother put in him in the basket in the Nile?
3 months
What did Jesus and the apotles do before they left the upper room?
Sang a hymn
touch a dead body
name one thing a nazarite could not do
What did the Jews say that the Law of Moses commanded them to do?
stone her
How did Isreal go through the sea?
He drove the water apart.
What were the people to do at twilight on the 14th?
kill the lamb
What new command did Jesus say He was giving them?
Love one another
From where did Jesus say his teaching came from?
From him who sent Jesus
How does verse 5 describe the lamb?
A year old male without defect.
What did Jesus tell Peter he would do before the rooster crowed?
Deny Him 3 times
What is the next "I am" statement made by Jesus?
"I am the good shepherd."
Why did God want Pharaoh to let His son go?
So he may worship God.
In Peter's 2nd denial, the people were gathered where?
Outside the Temple near a fire
After they asked Jesus this what they should do, what did Jesus begin to do?
write on the ground with his finger
How did he propose the Egyptians handle the Jewish problem?
He put slave masters over them to opress them with force labor and he worked them ruthlessly.
Why were the Jews amazed at Jesus' teaching?
because he had no studied (he was uneducated)
How did they react upon seeing Pharaoh and his army apporach?
They were terrified and cried out to the Lord.
What had the Jews decided would happen to anyone who acknowledged that Jesus was the Christ?
the person would be put out of the Synagogue
Why didnt the Lord lead Isreal through the Pilistine country, the shorter route, when Paroh let the People go?
If they faced war they would turn back sea
What was the next clue Jesus gave about which one would betray Him?
The one who dips his bread into the dish with Jesus
What did God say that indicated it would be safe fore Moses to return to Egypt?
He said all the men that want to kill yoiu are dead.
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