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Hepburn Act
Coin's Financial School
French and Indian War
douglas's kansas-nebraska act was intended to organize western territories so that a transcontinental railroad could be built along a northern route t or f
bread colonies
middle colonies, had bread produced
Which religoin was the most influential amongst the early colonies?
southerners demanded a more effective fugitive-slave law to stop the Underground Railroad from running escaped slaves to Canada t or f
Frances Willard
Founded the Woman's Christian Temperance Union. Also championed the concept of planned parenting.
Underground Railroad
How Harriet Tubman helps slaves escape
Group that settled the frontier, made whiskey, and hated the British and other governmental authorities
Interstate Commerce Act
created Interstate Commerce Commission to regulate railroad industry
Public Works Admin.
Builds schools, highways, and hospitals; goal is to create construction jobs First 100 Days
Interstate Commerce Commission
generally regulated trade between states
the doctrine of a nation's expanding its territorial base or economic influence within other countries around the world
Benjamin Franklin
Philly tradesman who published PRAlm, which preached the likelihood of earthly rewards for tireless labor. BF went on to become one of the most prominent colonial leaders in the 18th cent
Open-Door Policy

 (1899) American policy with East Asia, especially China, was dominated by commercial interest. Other countries such as Japan, Russia, Germany, France, and Britain had begun to claim areas of China, leading the US to fear their chance for involvement in the China market. John Hay, US Secretary of State, sent these countries an Open Door Note that stated the right of all nations that wanted to have dealings with China to equal trade access there. Essentially, everyone had an open door to China. Hay believed the other countries accepted this, though he never got full confirmation. After the Chinese Nationalists the Boxers rebelled and the US responded with troops, a second principle was added to the open door policy: China would be protected as a “territorial and administrative entity.” While Roosevelt valued this open door policy in Asia, he also recognized that there were more important issues and he tried to address and appease them as well, such as the Russo-Japanese War. 

of little value or account; small; trifling:
Brigham Young
replaced Joseph Smith after he was jailed; he moved the Mormons west to Utah
iran contra
a political scandal in the United States which came to light in November 1986, during the Reagan administration, in which senior US figures agreed to facilitate the sale of arms to Iran, the subject of an arms embargo, to secure the release of hostages and to fund Nicaraguan contras.
Non-importation associations
Colonial boycott on the importation of British goods
Hundred Days
March 9, 1933 - At Roosevelt's request, Congress began a special session to review recovery and reform laws submitted by the President for Congressional approval. It actually lasted only 99 days.
Mark Twain
Master of satire. A regionalist writer who gave his stories "local color" through dialects and detailed descriptions. His works include The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, "The Amazing Jumping Frog of Calaverus County," and stories about the American West.
121 Social Darwinism-
19th century of belief that evolutionary ideas theorized by Charles Darwin could be applied to society.
Warren Burger
U.S Chief Justice that decided on abortion, capital punishment, religious establishment, and school desegregation
Fredrick Remingtion
Most famous western artist. Attended Yale art school, caputured vivid scenes of battle in his sketches, painted the most popular historical event: Custard's Last Stand.
Francis Norris
Wrote about the railroad and corrupt politicians.
Marshall Plan 1948
This plan gave approximatly $12.5 billion in aid to European contries. This aid helped them jump start" their economies and resist Soviet communism.
Cornelius Vanderbilt
man who makes money off of shipping and railroads; his family is the richest in America
St. Augustine
Founded in 1565 by the Spanish, the oldest continually inhabited European settlement in United States territory
Who ddid not actively express communist sympathy? (question 31)
Alger Hiss (question 31)
Taxation without representation
quoted by Samuel Adam stating that that was tyranny.
162. Suffolk Resolves
Agreed to by delegates from Suffolk county, Massachusetts, and approved by the First Continental Congress on October 8, 1774. Nullified the Coercive Acts, closed royal courts, ordered taxes to be paid to colonial governments instead of the royal government, and prepared local militias.
Christopher Columbus
Spanish sailor that tried to sail west and reach East Indies but landed in America
37. Andrew Jackson's military exploits were instrumental in the United States' gaining
a. A favorable border with Canada from the Great Lakes to the Rocky Mountains
b. Possession of Florida
c. Joint fishing rights in Labrador, Nova Scotia, and Newf
b. Possession of Florida
Underwood Tariff Act

 (1913) As one of the first democrats in power for a long time, Wilson instituted major tariff reform. The Underwood Tariff Act brought tariff rates down from 40% to 25%. Wilson and the Democratic party hoped this act would create healthy competition while reducing prices for American consumers. They also hoped this act would help out trust-dominated industries. 
weaken the British Empire
The Primary goal of France in supporting the American Revolution was to
Lewis and Clarke
Two people sent out to speculate and map the area purchased in the Louisiana Purchase. They mainly utilized rivers to navigate through the area.
Charles Lindbergh (1902-1974), Spirit of St. Louis
Lindbergh flew his airplane, the Spirit of St. Louis, across the Atlantic in the first transatlantic solo flight.
Dominion of New England
after Charles I executed, Charles II and James II sought to bring the colonies under effective royal control; MA seemed in particular need of “supervision” and accordingly in 1684, its charter was annulled, along with colonies north of PA, and became part of the Dominion of New England – governed by Edmund Andros; Andros arrived 1686 Boston, abolished popular assemblies, enforced religious toleration, changed land-grant to give king quitrents; Dominion fell victim 2 yrs later to the Glorious Revolution
James M Cox
He was the democrat nominee chosen to run for the presidency against Harding in the 1920 election. His vice-presidential running mate was Franklin Roosevlet.
Carter’s economic woes
 1970s; Inflation was so bad and the nation was recovering from a recession. He tried to counter inflation by having the federal reserve board raise interest rates, which didn’t prevent another recession from happening after his term. He worked on reducing government regulations in some industries, which caused such competition that it drove some businesses out of business. He was not able to help the energy crisis or rising oil prices.
Gender in the Chesapeake Area
Tobacco lured male immigrants to serve as field hands, few women lived there
Virginia: purpose, problems, failures, successes
Virginia was formed by the Virginia Company as a profit-earning venture. Starvation was the major problem; about 90% of the colonists died the first year, many of the survivors left, and the company had trouble attracting new colonists. They offered private land ownership in the colony to attract settlers, but the Virginia Company eventually went bankrupt and the colony went to the crown. Virginia did not become a successful colony until the colonists started raising and exporting tobacco.
10. Which of the following was a major factor in the decline of the Whig party in the 1850's?
a. Death of John Calhoun
b. Election of Zachary Taylor
c. Lincoln-Douglas debates
d. Know-Nothing movement
e. "Bleeding Kansas"
d. Know-Nothing movement
Immigration Acts, 1921, 1924, Quota System
1921 - First legislation passed which restricted the number of immigrants. Quota was 357,800, which let in only 2% of the number of people of that nationality that were allowed in in 1890. 1924 - Limited the number of immigrants to 150,000 per year.
Clashes between US Ships and German Subs
even though Hitler’s orders were to strike at American warships only in self-defense. InSeptember 1941 the U.S. destroyer Greer, provocatively trailing a German U-boat, was attacked by the
undersea craft, without damage to either side. Roosevelt then proclaimed a shoot-on-sight policy.
13. The Northwest Ordinance of 1787 was a single achievement because it
a. Laid claim to all of the North America east of the Mississippi River
b. Represented one of the rare successes of diplomacy
c. Defined the process by which territories could
c. Defined the process by which territories could become states
60. The abolitionist movement had the effect of
a. Weakening white southerners' attachment to slavery
b. Converting most Americans to the abolitionist position
c. Increasing the chances for compromise between North and South
d. Proving moral persu
e. Bringing the issue of slavery to the forefront of the reform movement
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