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Gifford Pinchot
James B. Weaver
"Manifest Destiny" Reaches Peak
a regional international organization, headquartered in Washington, D.C., United States
true or false: presbyterianism was never made official in any colonies
Watergate caused...
the RESIGNATION of Richard Nixon
ystem of political control centering about a single powerful figure (the boss) and a complex organization of lesser figures (the machine) bound together by reciprocity in promoting financial and social self-interest
An agreement between railroad owners to divide the business in a given area and share the profits.
George Fitzhugh
American social theorist who justified slavery by saying that black people were just children and needed to be in slavery
Mistaken term that the first European explorers gave to American lands because of the false belief that they were off the east coast of Asia
Compromise of 1850
attempted to ease North-South tensions; included Fugitive Slave Act
Kitchen Cabinet
During his first term, Jackson repeatedly relied on an informal group of partisan supporters for advice while ignoring his appointed cabinet officers. Supposedly, they met in the White House kitchen. Martin Van Buren and John H. Eaton belonged to this group, but were also members of the official cabinet.
Henry Ford
created the assembly line.  this allowed the price of the model t to drop to $295
Subtreasury system
Populists plan that would allow farmers to store nonperishable crops in governmental storehouses until market prices rise.
A kind of indentured servant: captain agreed to provide passage to Philly where redemtioners would get money, usually by selling themselves as a servant, to pay for their transport

 (1890s) Muckrakers was a form of journalism that was created by the progressive mind and thought style. This new type of journalism was filled with exposés, investigative journalism, hard facts, and current events. This journalism movement was fostered by the progressives’ ideas on confidence and how everything is possible if you know the facts. Journalists began to expose mischief and evil in America. The muckrakers exposed the undercurrents of American life, from political machines to child labor. The Muckrakers were preceded by Jacob Russ and his book on the poverty in urban New York, How the Other Half Lives.  
to destroy a great number or proportion of:
Louisiana Purchase
Known as the greatest real-estate deal in history (by Napoleon and Jefferson)
fourteen points
the war aims outlined by President Wilson in 1918, which he believed would promote lasting peace; called for self-determination, freedom of the seas, free trade, end to secret agreements, reduction of arms and a league of nations
Vice-Admiralty Courts
military tribunals composed only of a judge, not local common-law jury, Sugar Act required that offenders be tried in these courts rather than local courts, provoking opposition from smugglers accustomed to acquittal before sympathetic local juries
Ambassador Morrow
Dwight Whitney Morrow served as the U.S. Ambassador to Mexico from 1927 to 1930, during the Mexican-American diplomatic crisis.
Chivington Massacre
November 28, 1861 - Colonel Chivington and his troops killed 450 Indians in a friendly Cheyenne village in Colorado.
Stamp Act
prior to the American Revolution, the British instituted the __ __ which taxed all transactions involving paper without colonial consent. No other act outraged all 13 colonies than this one.
Baake decision
landmark decision of the Supreme Court of the United States on the permissible scopefactors in an admissions program, but only for the purpose of improving the learning environment through diversity
Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC)
American civil rights organization closely associated with M.L.K Jr. that had a large role in the American Civil Rights Movement
Hatch Act
Extension of Morrill Act. It provided federal funds for the establishment of agricultural experiment stations in connection with the land-grant colleges.
Truman Doctrine 1947
This doctrine supported free peoples (with arms and supplies), who were resisting communism. It was issued by Truman and became U.S. policy
Tuskegee Institute
A private school for blacks that later becomes a university
William and Mary
The oldest college in the South, founded in 1793
What is most closely related to the Taft-Hearty Act?
Truman Veto
fireside chats
radio addresses where FDR spoke to the listening audience as if they were part of the family
183. Edmund Burke (1729-1797)
A conservative British politician who was generally sympathetic to the colonists' greivances, and who felt that Britain's colonial policies were misguided. He also opposed the early feminist movements. He once said, "A woman is but an animal, and not an animal of the highest order."
Charles II
King of england. In 1682 granted land grant to Lord Baltimore to start Maryland
70. The Non-Intercourse Act involves which of the following?
a. State nullification
b. Strong protection of new industries
c. Free navigation on the Mississippi
d. Protecting maritime rights
e. An embargo bill lasting no more than sixty days
d. Protecting maritime rights
Treaty of Paris 1899

 The Treaty of Paris officially ceded the Philippines to the United States for 20 million, while giving Cuba their independence and also gaining Guam and Puerto Rico. McKinley felt their was no other option than to annex the Philippines after 5 years because he couldn't give it back to Spain and couldn't give it to any other European country and couldn't make the Philippines independent yet. McKinley wanted to take them, Christianize them, and civilize them. There was much debate over Philippines annexation and over its secession. After this treaty, many anti-imperialists rose up in the United States. 
Seneca Falls Declaration (Declaration of Sentiments and Resolutions)
Lucretia Mott and Elizabeth Cady Stanton organized a convention that declared the rights of women to be those of men and listed grievances against their gender. One demand was that women be allowed to vote.
Native American Party
Was the first of secrect societies to combat the "alien menace." This was the Native American Association, and was founded in 1837, and only became known as this in 1845.
Washington Disarmament Conference, 1921-1922
The U.S. and nine other countries discussed limits on naval armaments. They felt that a naval arms race had contributed to the start of WW I. They created quotas for different classes of ships that could be built by each country based on its economic power and size of existing navies.
John Peter Zenger
German printer who edited the New York Weekly journal; charged with libeling Gov. William Cosby – was acquitted in “one of the most celebrated tests of freedom of the press in the history of journalism”
F Scott Fitzgerald
He belonged to the Lost Generation of Writers. He wrote the famous novel "The Great Gatsby" which explored the glamour and cruelty of an achievement-oriented society.
Brown v. Board of Education
1954; Reverses Plessy v. Ferguson (separate but equal). He makes the point that segregated school are not equal, which was unjust. It paved the way for integration and the civil rights movement. This was one of Warren's court decisions
Chesapeake vs. New England community
Chesapeake was less of a community, primarily worked to feed themselves
Frame of government
1701 - The Charter of Liberties set up the government for the Pennsylvania colony. It established representative government and allowed counties to form their own colonies.
Leaves of Grass
1855; Whitman wrote it; he was gay and an outcast that lived in New York. Leaves of Grass was a collection of his poetry. He wrote with a free verse style and he was egotistical (a little self-absorbed). He described the common experiences of human life in his writing. He was a follower of Emerson. his poems were an attempt to pass invisible boundaries, between solitude and community, prose and poetry, and the living and the dead.
Ku Klux Klan in the 1920's
Based on the post-Civil War terrorist organization, the Invisible Empire of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan was founded in Georgia in 1915 by William Simmons to fight the growing "influence" of blacks, Jews and Catholics in US society. It experienced phenomenal growth in the 1920's, especially in the Midwest and Ohio Valley states. It's peak membership came in 1924 at 3 million members, but its reputation for violence led to rapid decline by 1929.
Josiah Strong, "Our Country: Its Possible Future and Current Crisis"
He argued that the American country and people were superior because they were Anglo-Saxon
33. The legal precedent for judicial review was established when
a. The House of Representative impeached Justice Samuel Chase
b. The Supreme Court declared the Judiciary Act of 1789 unconstitutional
c. Congress repealed the Judiciary Act of 1801
b. The Supreme Court declared the Judiciary Act of 1789 unconstitutional
December 7, 1941 - Black Sunday- The Day that Will Live in Infamy
Surprise Assault on Pearl Harbor by Japan
About three thousand casualties were inflicted on American personnel many aircraft were destroyed, the battleship fleet was virtually wiped out when all eight of the craft were sunk or otherwise immobilized. An angered Congress the next day officially recognized the war that had been “thrust” upon the United States.
US delcared war on December 11, 1941
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