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421-406 bc
Varves dating
lake deposits
Notre Dame Cathedral
Australopithecus afarensis (2-4 mill)
French Pride
Rationality, Engineering, Industry
a female who rules
2.5m-10,000 BP, Age of Man
Dating Dmanisi
Paleomagnetism, Olduvai Subchron, geologic, isotopic, biostratigraphy
Structural "skeleton" and artistic "skin" are separate systems, but "skin" should express (reveal and explain) and nature of the "bones"
Berlin's new architecture school, modeled on Paris' Ecole Polytechnique
Studied philosophy and mathematics before architecture
– state of, act of
-Ian Hodder
-no streets
-4,500 years older than pyramids
-burials under houses
-obsidian, ceramics
-bull shrines
Archaeologists' Focus
Material remains of human behavior
Manfred Korfman
1980s-- excavated Troy VII. German
Home Base
Group gathers, shares food, information, aids in protection and planning.
Used classical style for Washington's sculpture but opposed classical style for American Architecture
Critical of colonial buildings: new nation should not borrow symbols from england - his architectural ideas came from both england and france
Prairie Style Houses - organic relation to site with a horizontal emphasis; Viollet Le Duc
research design
systematic planning of archaeological research strategy to answer a certain question
Saul Wurman
coined the term "information architecture" in 1976
ground reconnaisance
site discovery conducted at ground level
archaeological survey
locate, identify, and record the distribution of arch. sites on the ground and in relation to their natural environment. NON INTRUSIVE
Isaac beit-Arieh
excavator of Horvat Qitmit Edomite Shrine
Most prominent leader of arts and crafts movement. author, product designer, and socialist
Le Corbusier
Modern architecture should be as aesthetically pure and timeless as the parthenon
First professor of art history at oxford university
the grain flowering plants; used to date
external support built into or against the outside of a masonry wall
Dating method based on the movement of the earth's magnetic poles.
Proved Harry Hess' sea floor spreading theory
the study of arch using the methods and concepts of earth science.
Jodi Magness
single best volume on the excavations at Qumran
The glass Tower
Le Corbusier's Domino structure + Gropius' curtain wall + american height = Miesian Perfection
the study of modern cultures with a view to deriving general principles about human society
wedge-shaped piece at the summit of an arch, regarded as holding the other pieces in place
Enter your front text here.
GUM bazaar, Moscow, 1888-1893
stylistic types
when style types that are changing are used for chronological ordering.
Chatelperronian industry appears to have been?
Co-existance with Neanderthals, Saint Caesaire, adopted paleolithic behavior
Material culture
everything made and used in the daily life of a culture
Lindow Man
50-100 AD; disc 1984 in Eng peat bog; murdered by 2 blows to head and strangulation;
Hubsche's Book on Greek Architecture
Style reflects place, time, culture, and materials
date of Lepenski Vir and associated sites
11,000 to 5,000 BC
rules of flint knapping
1. use flint, obsidian, or other hard rock.
2. protect eyes, fingers, etc from flying debris.
randomly jumping about; jumping from one subject to another.
desultorybeing a desutory student in her early life, by the time she got a job, shannon couldnt ever keep on task, but rather stuck with her old habbits and jumped from assignment to assignment.
downsides to publication on the art market
looting (because too expensive and rare to buy real ones) and fakes (bc looting doesnt provide enough) easier to make a fake than to find a tomb.
How Cline likes to refer to Troy VIIA
Troy VI(I) --> Troy six-I (eye)
Ron Wyatt and Soddom and Gommorah
looked to the western edge of the dead sea near masada and saw what he thought to be the outside of buildings. He also saw what he saw to be encapsulated balls of sulfur. It is thought that this kind of sediment is fairly common however in bodies of water. Geologists say that everything he saw actually were just lake sediments that had accumulated over time.
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