Arrangement of Electrons in Atoms Vocab Flashcards

Terms Definitions
A particle of electromagnetic radiation having zero mass and carrying a quantum of energy.
the distance between corresponding points on adjacent waves
How is frequency expressed ?
In waves/second
disturbance of wave from median (middle of wave to highest/lowest point)
energy of photong= frequency of radiation x planck's constant
line-emission spectrum
electromagnetic spectrum produced when radiations from emitting source are dispersed
ground state
lowest energy state of an atom
highest occupied level
the electron-containing main energy level with the highest principal quantum number
Found that when light of sufficiently high frequency was shone on the surface of a metal, electrons were ejected from the metal. This phenomenon is called the photoelectric effect. It indicated a direct relationship between the energy and frequency of light.
Which travels at a higher speed, ultraviolet or infared light?
Quantum number
specify the properties of atomic orbitals and the properties of electrons in orbitals
number of cycles or vibrations per unit time; number of waves produced in a given amount of time
Photoelectric effect
Refers to the emission of electrons from a metal when light shines on the metal.
quantum numbers
these specify the properties of atomic orbitals and the properties of electrons in orbitals
is the minimum quantity of energy that can be lost or gained by an atom
electromagnetic radiation
a form of energy that exhibits wavelike behavior as it travels through space
Speed of light (c)
frequency (v) x wavelength (λ)
How are the energy and wavelength of electromagnetic realted?
speed of light
(c) same for all electromagnetic radiation
noble-gas configuration/notation
an outer main energy level occupied, in most cases, by eight electrons. It's a way of simplifying an element's electron configuration by comparing it to the closest noble gas that has a lower atomic value.
de broglie's relation
equation that relates the wavelength, λ, and frequency, f, to the momentum, p, and kinetic energy, E
Continuous spectrum
the emission of a continuous range of frequencies of electromagnetic radiation
Quantum Theory
a theory that explains the behavior of electrons in atoms
radiation is
is emitted or absorbed only in whole numbers of photons
excited state
state in whch an atom has a higher potential energy that it has in its ground state
What information is given by the angular momentum quantum number?
Shape of an orbital
3 Types of Electromagnetic Radiation
Visible- Balmer series, UV- Lyman series, IR- Paschen series
bright line emission spectrum
is unique to that element and, hence, can be used to identify an element (much the same way as a fingerprint can be used to identify a person).
dual-wave particle theory of light
light can be thought of as a wave (diffractions and interferences) and as a stream of particles in other experiments (photoelectric effect)
energy levels of the electron in a H atom are
definite, there is a mathematical relationship between the various energy states of the H atom
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