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Terms Definitions
Ordinary (1969)
un escultor
le tableau
bien que
el subconsciente
Bronco Buster
unexpected artist materials
John Foster
Richard Mather
la figura
form, shape
Alumina, silica, water, impurities
The Jewish Bride
Rembrandt 1666
imitation of observable reality
Warm colors
yellows, oranges, reds
Title: Sleeping Muse
Date: 1909-11
Creator: BRANCUSI, Constantin
Medium: bronze
a planographic printmaking technique based on the antipathy of oil and water. The image is drawn with a grease crayon or painted with tusche on a stone or grained aluminum plate. The surface is then chemically treated and dampened so that it will accept ink only where the crayon or tusche has been used.
hue, intensity, value
make up color
What color stimulates the appetite?
Tribute Money, MASACCIO, Early Renaissance Period, 1427, fresco
Constinopole in Milan legalized Christanity
abstract lines
lines used to convey feeling
a mixture of black and whites
monochromatic colors
one color with various values
American artist painted women and children
visually perceived are created either by a line or color
Classical Period
The art Emphasizes rational simplicity.
Glad Day (Albion Rose)
William Blake, 1780
a longitudinal division of an interior area, as in a church, separated from the main area by an arcade
Complementary Colors
Opposite colors on the color wheel.
secondary colors
combination of two primary colors. Green, orange, and purple
Gesture drawing
A loosely drawn image capturing movement
is the term used for strange, fantastic, ugly, unpleasant or disgusting thus is often used to describe weird and distorted forms/representation, intriguing and interesting but freaky all at the same time
what is stele
greek meaning of standing block
the structure or support inside that allows the scultpure stand
Stephen Shore
challenge idea of what landscape should be
standing figures
generalized features, block like, kilt & bare chest
lost wax technique
Lost-Wax Technique
1. The artist creates a form and them from this form a mold is
created by covering the shape usually in plaster or resin.
2. The inside of the mold is is then filled or covered with wax.
3. The wax is removed and covered in a sandy mixture of silica,
clay and plaster to create a investiture.
• Investiture - is a fire resistant mold into which the liquid
metal will be poured.
4. The wax is heated and pour out of the now sold investiture
and replaced with the liquid metal.
5. The finished metal sculpture is removed from the investiture,
and burnished.
• Burnished - treated chemically to take on a texture and color.
texture gradient
represents depth, decreasing detail in objects far away.
is an etchig process used to obtain shaded areas in black-and-white or color prints
Women and Wood's
associated with a potted plant, symbolizing traditionally feminine domestic & horticultural skills
the things that are represented in an artwork such as people, buildings, trees
Who participated in the Renaissance period?
Michaelangelo: Sistine Chapel
Leonardo: Mona Lisa
Minimalist works are in the mediums...
sculpture and installations
Descriptive of areas in a work that appear to be unoccupied or empty.
when young he went to Florence to study the work of Michelangelo and Leonardo. He learned his composition and dynamic power of draughtmanship from them. But his color came from the Venetians
formal balance
symmetry, involves a balance of like objects
oil paint
slow drying paint made when pigments are mixed with oil, linseed oil being the most traditional. The oil dries with a hard film, and the brightness of the colors is protected. Oil paints are usually opaque and traditionally used on canvas. They can have a matter, semi-gloss, or glossy finish.
Pulled Print
The numbering to indicate the total number of prints in the edition. For example to print marked 5/60 would indicated taht the edition totaled 50 prints and this was the 6th print pulled.
Eugene Delacroix
Liberty of Sardanapalus, done in 1826. First French full Romanticism. Five years after publication of the poem its based of off. Set in the orient (male fantasies), Orient ruler with all the women of his Herem being killed off, because instead of surrendering to his enemies he killed his court and burned his palace and wealth. Extreme violence, sexuality, wealth all these romantic view of the east. People were a little shocked but because it was set in the east it was ok. Color is very important and the line is very downplayed but the color is meant to show the emotion of the painting, special construction is a little odd almost like a stage, all very Romantic.
Load-bearing construction is usually characterized by ______ .
few openings in the walls
the greek and roman art were in what period of art
Paul Cezanne
The mountain, en plain air, similar to impressionists "father of modern art" , fruit, mountain and famous tree
Donatello's sense of naturalism in figurative sculpture (p. 453) was in part inspired by:
Greek and Roman sculpture
What does the “.psd” stand for at the end of a file name?
bone dry stage
contains no moisture is ready to be bisque fired
Representational Art
Any work of art that seeks to resemble the world of natural appearance
OP art (Optical Art)
, is based on creating optical sensations of movement through the repetition and manipulation of color, shape, and line.
Umberto Boccioni ,Unique Forms of Continuity in Space, 1913
bronze sculpture stridding forward w/ power w/ not 1 but TWO pedistals, go against norm, dyanmic b/c it comes into viewers space, fragmeneted but making relevant to fit into their ideals
Concerning the Spritual in Art,1911
essay where he set forth meanings of colors
How is line used to suggest direction and movement?
Additional lines that help to show movement. Implied lines
le bois
Color name
to inspire
to last
to sculpt
el soñador/la soñadora
colored glass finish
el estilo
the style
The Red Studio
Joy of Life
Camille Pissaro
subject matter: landscapes
objects shape and structure
Video Art Artists
Nam June PAIK
To make another of something
Benday Dots
Invented by Benjamin Day
round arches & concrete construction
Virtual Space
Artificial, computer-based, 3D environments and objects allowing viewer experiences that seem real
Gatherings in townhomes where people saw and talked about the arts were known as ____________.
still-life (nature-morte)
a composition featuring inanimate objects such as food or flowers and vases
art element describes dark/light of color
In sculpture, manipulating a plastic material such as clay or wax to create a form. In figurative drawing, painting, and printmaking, simulating the effects of light and shadow to portray optically convincing masses.
El aficionado / Picasso / pS20
Print: relief; Matrix: linoleum no grain
When objects repeat in a pattern
this color scheme incluedds three colors that are evenly and equally spaced from each other forming a triangle on teh color wheel
Graffiti Removal Hotline, Pentonville Road
Bansky, 2006
the arm of a cruciform church, perpendicular to the nave
refers to a colors brightness or darkness
literally "bottom of the page." An illustration or decoration that is placed below a block of text in an illuminated manuscript.
Manipulate clay with you fingers in your palm to a hollow shape.
Abbey in the Oak Forest, Germany, Romanticism, Friedrich
an official art exhibition in France, juried by members of the official french ACADEMY.
A smoky haziness that softens outlines in paintings used by leonardo
David Statue
Sculpted more recently, (notice the humanism) Isreal
Perpendicular Gothic
the last English Gothic style characterized by a strong vertical emphasis
Design Principles
how the artist uses the elements
The study of a society's music in terms of its cultural setting.
nonobjective art
art that has to recognizable subject matter
saturday evening post
what magazine did norman rockwell paint for?
Linked Ring Brotherhood
an artistic group that held exhibitions in which photography was featured as an art form
Creating Illusion of Form
add value, perspective, contour lines
the relation of one object to another in size, amount, number or degree- scale
repeating an element with little or no variation
step whcih you explain or tell a meaning or mood
Linear Perspective
mathematical way to show the illusion of depth and distance, horizontal lines converge to a vanishing point, objects appear three dimensional on a two dimensional surface.
central plan
parts of a building are equal dimensions
Define "Mesopotamia"
Area between the rivers, Tigris and Euphrates
progressive rhythm
repetition of an element from small to large
glaze firing
A firing cycle to the temperature at which the glaze materials will melt to form a glass-like surface coating
Is created by the path the eye follows as one looks at a work of art. it is established when the design elements are repeated regularly or irregularly
Who was a straight photographer?
Alfred Steiegity and Ansell Adams
the material used to make a piece of art
Which would NOT have been a favored subject on Assyrian wall panels?
Mythological creation scenes
Jackson Pollocks Number 1
Enamel and metallic paint on Canvas (Abstract Expressionism)
What is the name of the roller we used in printmaking with which we applied ink?
principles of design
what an artist uses as a guide to combine the elements of art into a unified composition.
While recovering from Frida's accident she began painting even though...
She could only paint lying down
a line that touches itself becomes a
outline (line that joins itself and surrounds a shape)
greek mainland
Mona Lisa
Marcel Duchamp
The ScreamExpressionism
Classical Age
480-323 BCE
narrow horizontal painting
San Vitale
Early Byzantine
Jackson Pollock
Abstract Expressionism
Alfred Leslie
7 a.m. News
Old st peters
c 320
Violin Type Cycladic Figure
David merging
together christan humanism
Starry Night
Van Gogh, 1890
Palazzo del Te
Giulio Romano
Jacopo de Barbari
Woodcut of Venice
Bernini- Constanza Buonarelli (Baroque Art and Architecture)
Pope Innocent X
Velazquez, 1650, Baroque
Xiping Stone Classic, 175-184 CE
what is secondary symbolism?
human emotion
Minoan - Prehistoric Aegean
Throne Room - Palace of Knossos
1700 - 1400 BCE
Throne - alabaster
Benches around room - gypsum
Unique: possibly oldest throne in Europe
"Snake Goddess", Minoan, Knossos, 1700-1550 BC
3. Neo Impressionism
La Chahut, 1889-90
Gentile Bellini, Procession of the Reliquary of the Cross in Piazza San Marco
Euthymides, Three Revelers, Ca. 600 BCE
renoir. la moulin de la galette
"House of Parliament" Claude Monet, Impressionism
Maison Carree, 1 C.E., Roman Art
Bronze dou vessel inlaid with turquoise, Suixian, Hubei Province, c. 433 BCE
Cyladic Islands, Seated Harp Player, c. 2700-2500 BCE
Stele Of Hammurabi
Susa, Basalt, 1792-1750 BC
1863 "OLYMPIA" scandalous painting by MANET.
Outraged people. About prostitution in second empire. They were beginning to regulate prostitution. Painting of naked woman TITIAN's Venus of URBENO 1538- painting in the Louvre that everyone would know. TITIAN's woman is underplayed. MANET's woman's look is calculated and engaged the viewer as if she is sizing up her prospects. The cat is arching up back to responding to you and the servant is also. Back in the day, they thought criminals and prosituttes were primitive and not as developed. People saw her as a gorilla (someone underdeveloped) they put a chain around the painting to keep people from whacking the painting with a cane. Play off of renassance art. Another way to read it: in great tradition of renissance art but puts it in modern time. LACK OF MODELING: manet's painting looks like paper cutout with simple flat planes. They thought his paintings looked flat.
"Cupid And Psyche" Antonio Canova 1787-93 (Neoclassicism Neoclassical style in Europe- Italy and the Classical Revival)
Skara Brae, Scotland
3100 - 2600 BCE
homes sunk into earth
Cindy Sherman
Untitled #123portrayed herself as other ppl
Peter Paul Rubens, Arrival of Marie de' Medici at Marseilles, 1622-25
The Last Supper, Leonardo da Vinci; Italian Renaissance
kunstkammer or wunderkammer
A Kunstkammer collection of 'curiosities and wonders', where Renaissance and Baroque art meet science
Braque, 1910
Still Life with Violin and Candlestick
Monjas coronadas
Means "crown nuns." Families were proud to have a nun and got paintings of the nun. In the image she would be wearing a crown with waxed flowers on the crown. They were married to Christ. Some of them were done post-mortem.
Saint Matthew from the Book of Lindisfarne,700,tempera on vellum,Hiberno-Saxon Art
a periodical that appears at scheduled times
is an art movement focused on fundamental geometric forms (in particular the square and circle) which formed in Russia in 1915-1916.
composite figure with lion body and human head
stylobate curvature
subtle curving of the Parthenon stylobate
Duchamp (French) 1900-1950, -influenced by the beginning of "motion pictures"
Nude descending a staircase
primary colors
the additive primaries (red green blue); colors created directly using light. The subtractive color primaries are yellow, magenta red, and cyan blue
the first period of the Roman Empire
Karl Struss
-son of immigrants
-Won Oscars for cinematography
-works with White at 291, then teaches as White’s replacement, published in Camera Work
-co-founder of Platinum Print magazine, co-founder of the group Pictorial Photographers of America
-quits the family factory, opens NYC studio, markets the Struss Pictorial Lens
-registers for the draft, enlists in the army, White & others say Struss is pro-German, Struss imprisoned for 37 days
a molding at the corner between the ceiling and the top of a wall
Christ in the house of Levi- suppose to be Last Supper painting
quadro riportato
a ceiling design in which painted scenes are arranged in panels resembling framed pictures transferred to the surface of a shallow, curved vault.
Menkaure and Wife
c. 2490-2472 BCE. Egyptian, Old Kingdom. Graywacke
law code
The Stele of Hammurabi is a(n) __________.
To look closely; in art, to notice details and record them.
Plein air painting
painting directly from nature, no drawing, observation only.
the part of a building above the columns and below the roof. three parts: architrave (or epistyle), frieze, and pediment
The Burghers of Calais
Rodin, 1884-89 France, No movement
-ordinary people are capable of doing heroic acts, from high to low pedestal
-an event in hundred years war in which 6 leading citizens were dressed in sackcloth carrying keys to the city, showing how they must have felt
-willingness to stylize body for expressive purpose
-surrendering for execution
A system of rules that is consistent; in an artistic context, it most often applies to a canon of human proportions or the like.
Angkor Wat
ancient South and Southeast Asia Tied heavily to religion and cosmos. built by Khamer King, surrounded by a moat. Temple mountain representing Mount Meru, home of the gods and center of the Hindu universe
Frederick Law Olmsted
and father of American landscape architecture, famous for designing many well-known urban parks, including Central Park and Prospect Park in New York City.
The lines in a painting in a certain point of view
mansart and le brun. hall of mirrors, palace of versailles
c 1680
Beuys, How to Explain Pictures to a Dead Hare, 1965.
French for "exhibition of rejects", is generally an exhibition of works rejected by the jury of the official Paris Salon, but the term is most famously used to refer to the Salon des Refusés of 1863. In that year, artists protested the Salon jury's rejec
Salon des Refusés
In architecture, a head- on view of an external or internal wall, showing it's features and often other elements that would be visible beyond or before the wall
The medium used for the icon of the Virgin and Child between St Theodore and St George is which of the following
Enter your front text here.
Nebel, Friedrich, 1807. Romantic painter from Germany. Mysteriously quiet seacoast, the overall mood is hushed and solemn.
Symbolic Fountain of LIfe
Well of Moses. Christ's blood washes away the sins of the 1st testament prophites
Da Vinci, The Last Supper
commissioned for a monks cafeteria, used the entire back wall, one point perspective on christ's head, oil and tempera on plaster, 1495-1498
Louis Sullivan is most well known for his dictum:
form follows function
young girl gathering saffron crocus flowers. 1700. minoan.
girl with ponytail gathering flowers. kinda cracked. colors red and blue.
memento mori (Latin, "remember you must die")
a reminder of human mortality, usually represented by a skull; also, a genre of artistic creations that vary widely from one another, but which all share the same purpose: to remind people of their own mortality and the punishment they will receive if they transgress the rules of their religion.
difference between true fresco and fresco secco?
true gets absorbed into wall, secco is dry and just adheres to it
Wheatstack, sun in the mist- claude monet. 1891
-his goal was to show the same subject at different ties od day and year and under different weather conditions, believing life is not fixed but in continual flux. Painting seems more imaginary than realistic,
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