Art Appreciation 18 Flashcards

Terms Definitions
Winged Nike
being heard
tribute money
Geometric amphora
Ancient Greece
Pink, Blue Period
Grant Wood
American Gothic
Pantheon Roman Art
Self Portrait of Durer
Impression: Sunrise, Claude Monet
Notre Dame de Chartres
Lyubov Popova, Constructivist Construction Modernism: Constructivism
Offset Lithography
a mechanical printing method.
Anti-Artistic movement that involved visual arts, theater, and graphic design. Concentrated on anti-war politics.
Bull is how high? (exact)
- rejected rationality and narrow-minded values, and intended to create a new and universal consciousness of art.
Islam is the___ largest religion
Jackson Pollock- line becomes image
replaced the romanesque style, the architecture was an expression of a new age of Christian mysticism.
Nancy Graves, is very asymmetrically balanced and her sculpture is defying gravity and it looks like an s with a bunch of different objects balancing each other out.
hierarchical scale means that the largest person is the most important. is this concept used in egyptian art?
printmaking technique in which the image areas are level with the surface of the printing plate.
reindeer horn
The Bison is made from...
Jan Van Eyck
Marriage of Arnolfini, Renaissance
discussion of subject, artist, etc.
Frank Gehry, Walt Disney Concert Hall
Abstract Expressionist
calder, pollock
New york city
post WW2
some abstract but mostly nonrepresentational
What characteristic does early Christian art focus on? What doesn't it focus on?
Spiritualism, not naturalism
is a surface or planographic printing process based on the mutual antipathy of oil and water.
Tower attached to a Muslim mosque, having one or more projecting balconies from which a crier calls Muslims to prayer.
to perceive
to be aware through the senses
Luncheon of the Boating Party
RENOIR. 1880. Realism.
in printmaking, the total number of prints made from a given plate or block.
The Third of May
Francisco de Goya, 1814
Parts of photographs are combined in thought-provoking ways.
- was the first photographic process of the 19th Century, images were captured on metal plates.
Violin and Palette
Georges Braque, Oil on canvas
a principle of design, created through the regular recurrence of elements with variations
– (Roman Like) the history, culture, and art of medieval western Europe from 1050 to 1200
Question 5 In Giacometti’s Man Pointing, our eyes are directed down his right arm and past his pointed finger to some imagined point of interest beyond. This is an example of which formal element?
Implied line
Militia Company of Captain Frans Banning Cocq
Rembrandt van Rijn
The process whereby a Doric column is thickest at the point one-third from the base and then tapers to the top
Photo Essay
a collection of photographs on a single subject, arranged to tell a story or convey a mood in a way not possible with a single photograph.
contrast greek and etruscan women
women had more freedom
Lost-wax casting
also known as the French name cireperdue, a technique for casting sculptures or other objects in metal. A model of the object to be cast is created in wax, fitted with the wax sprues' shelled, and cast.
without lines or borders in the manner of smoke. (Borders are blurry)
Hammurabi, sun god
Law Code of Hammurabi showed familiarity between ____ and the ___ ___.
Fine Artist
Artist who has formal training in techniques of art
Unique forms of continuity in space
Boccioni, umberto, bronze
medium/media pl.
a particular material along with its accompanying technique
Working with linoleum instead of wood, this artist simplified the engraving process. The artist is:
c. Pablo Picasso
(in literature and art) a relation of all the parts or elements of a work constituting a harmonious whole and producing a single general effect.
Post and Lintel Construction
consists of a horizontal beam supported by two verticle posts.
refers to the message of meaning of a work of art; what the artists wants to communicate
What is the method in which the image to be printed is RAISED from the background?
This was an attitude, not a style of art, that began in protest against the horrors of World War One. It set out to overturn the traditional, narrow-minded values they felt caused the war. People with this attitude rejected all but moral, social, political, and aesthetic values. They celebrated play and spontaneity. They expanded on the Cubist idea of collage with PHOTOMONTAGE, in which parts of photographs are combined in thought-provoking ways.
Who is Leonardo Da Vinci? What piece is he famous for?
"Mona Lisa."
According to Sayre what are three steps in the process of seeing?
reception, extraction, inference
A picture drawn in perspective that employs a single point of vision is called:
b. one-point perspective
a round opening in a wall or at the apex of a dome
what is a codex?
forerunner of a modern book- younger the animal easier it is to work with.
The use of metal stylus dragging on surfaced bone white is called...
Silver point/Metal point
ORDERS (where from and name them 3?)
DORIC, IONIC, Corinthean (Greek)
Who created FROM THE SHELTON, NEW YORK & what idea does it exemplify?
Alfred Seigents, aesthetize
what subject matter is most often represented in cave paintings?
buffalo/ bison, cattle, horses, deer
Examples of pieces with lines
Thomas Eakins "The Big Ling Brothers Racing," and Gericho "Raft of the Medusa"
What is the difference between humanism and idealism?
humanism is more realistic and natural versus idealism which is more exaggerated and dramatic
What is the context?
The context of art in its web of connections to the larger world of human culture. It's everything about the artist and everything the artist is around that makes up that piece of art. Context is not something that could be found when looking at a piece of art. It exists in the make-up of a work.
The meeting of Saint Anthony and Saint Paul
Sassetta, the painting shows saint anthony at three different points on his journey to meet saint paul, it is like a story, the painting looks like in the front two men hugging and a bunch of trees on the left
In America, Yukinori Yanagi directly addresses...
The traditional view that Japan is a distinct and an isolated culture
Who is Francisco de Goya? What piece is he famous for?
"Saturn Devouring One of His Children" Is it beautiful even though it is horrific?
Scott Tyler's Proper Way to View the American Flag, features an American Flag on the floor. The U.S. flag, thought to represent freedom, plays an ironic role. What is it?
c. it prevents you from signing the book
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