Art Appreciation 19 Flashcards

Terms Definitions
Parthenon 1
Pablo Picasso
isenheim altarpiece
Head of Constantine
Teachings of Jesus
Peter Voulkos
sculpture:Gallas Rock
Michelangelo, David Renaissance
Cupid and Psyche
Antonio Canova
Waterlily Pond, Claude Monet
simple, geometric, and sturdy
Judy Chicago
The Dinner Party
Solid Wall Construction Truss
Step Pyramid King Zoser
Ancient Egypt
King Tut Coffin
c. 1323 B.C.E
Colosseum was made out of...
the feathers on a bird
The Fountain
DUchum the fountain DADAISM
naturalism, trompe l'oeil, abstract, idealism, nonrepersental
an intaglio printmaking process in which a metal plate is first coated with acid-resistant wax, the scratched to expose the metal to the bite of nitric acid where lines are desired
Donald Sultan, 3 lemons overlapping one another, completely flat but implies 3-d shape
what is terra cotta
female priestess statues
What was the first photographic process of the 19th century? This process image was captured on a metal plate.
ancient greek
Zeus is from what culture?
- movement that explored innovative compositions with intense ranges of light and shadow.
IMITATION (Aristotle)
art should be NATURALISTIC, representative
(begins w/language)
Pyramid of the Sun, Teotihuacan, Mexico
2d- painting drawing print making photography computer
3d- sculpture architeture weaving ceramictics
The use of chiaroscuro to represent light falling across a curved or rounded surface
Referring to the art movement where natural forms are transcribed into angular, geometric equivalents
these people lived in the southwest and are known for their pottery
vincent van gogh
dutch painter, who was obsessed
"The Creation"
Between 1922-1923.
Where Frida and Diego Rivera (the creator) met.
Descriptive of art that was conceived for display in a particular place, and which generally can only be fully understood in the context of that place.
New classicism. A revival of classical Greek and Roman forms in art, music, literature, particularly during the 18th and 19th centuries in America. It was part of a reaction against the excesses of baroque and rococo art.
What media is the most widely used?
- Artist with no formal training.
•Folk Artist
A horizonatal segment of a structure or work of art.
Organized in Zurich 1916 by Hugo BallIn the Cabaret VoltaireBanded together—writers, musicians, etc.Despised ‘high-art’Loathed art dealers, collectors, galleriesBelieved art should derive from lifePoked fun at high society and high art institutions
A book, document, or other composition written by hand
something made by or resulting from repeating.
Goya - The Third of May 1808, Romantic
a hall whose roof is supported by columns
looking deeper into the quality of the subject; a higher level of perception that goes beyond the functional aspects of the observed subject
what is trompe l'oeil?
illusionistic painting that "deceives the eye" with its appearance of reality.
capable of being molded or shaped, as clay
A temple of the Greek goddess Athena, built in the 5th century B.C., the most important surviving building in classical Greece
Figure of a Woman is from what culture?
- The source of illumination for a dome.
Memory of Civil war
Ernest Meissonier, Oil on Canvas
Fluxus based: Installations
Use sculptural materials and other media to modify the way the viewer experiences a particular space.Performance piecesInvolve time-based performances that may involve objects, sound, film
_______, a form of soft carbon discovered in England in 1564, became the medium in one of the most common drawing toolsthe pencil.
d. Graphite
(in literature and art) a relation of all the parts or elements of a work constituting a harmonious whole and producing a single general effect.
The suffice or feel of an object, it's smoothness, roughness, softness, etc.
A Sunday on La Grande Jatte, Georges Seurat
Exhibits pointillism.
"Mistress and Maid"
Jan Vermeer, just a two ladies sitting
What is an example of a shell structure?
The pyramids
Abstract Art?
Art which forms of the visual world are purposefully simplified, fragmented, or otherwise distorted.
Walter De Maria
400 stainless steel poles arranged in a regular grid formation over an area of land that is one square mile
image in a w.o.a that looks very much like how we would see it in the natural world
Folk Art
applies to art by artist who are part of established traditions of style, theme, and craftsmanship
what structure form was used in the ishtar gale?
arch is used
What sort of method is used with clay and pinched until their satisfied with the form
Pinch pots
Nam June Paik
First to use video film and TV monitors in his artConceptual musicWorked with Charlotte Moorman
Question 4 When a woke of art such as Kasimir Malevich’s Suprematist, Black Rectangle, Blue Triangle shows no reference to the natural world of images, it is usually called:
Traditional roles of artists
to record the world, to give physical form to ideas, philosophies, or feelings, to reveal hidden or universal truths, to help us see the world in a new or innovative way
Melancholy and Mystery of a Street
Giorgio de Chirico, Oil on Canvas
What does "ka" mean?
life force that moves the body in life that lives after death
Fourth thing that makes art different?
Artists give tangible form to the unknown. They portray events that can only be imagined.
Think: Tangible Unknown
in what type structure was corbeling used?
sliding stones closer to the middle until you get a stone - domes
How was Maya Lin's Vietnam War Memorial similar to works by Manet and Duchamp?
d. all were misunderstood by the public
Who is Titian? What piece is he famous for?
"Assumption" (in a church - context)
what does hypostyle have to do with clerestory?
part of the roof is higher - allows light and air in - center higher than the rest
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