Art Appreciation Test 2 Flashcards

Terms Definitions
geometric shape
precise and regular
Pablo Picasso
difference; discrepancy.
Camera Obscura
"dark room."
Gardanne, Paul Cezanne
Venus of Urbino
self portrait
painted sculpture
two people at the table
describes Christian european Architecture of the Mid-Eleventh to the Mid-Twelfth Centuries.
Alfred Stieglitz was from...
The City, Fernand Leger
Many Mansions
Kerry James Marshall
Distort realityGeorgia O' Keffe
Adinkra cloths are used during
Andy Warhol: Campbell's Soup Cans
Define barrel vault
an arched-tunnel sturcture
The Duchess of Polignac
Marie-Louise-Elisabeth Vigee-Lebrun
When was Barbara Kruger Born?
opposition or juxtaposition of different forms, lines, or colors in a work of art to intensify each element's properties and produce a more dynamic expressiveness.
early rectangular egyptian tomb with sloping sides and a flat roof
The Three Brothers, Carleton E. Watkins
"The Vietnam Memorial"
Mia Lin, Asian American
From the French (Rocaille) meaning "rock work." This late Baroque style used in interior decoration and painting, was characteristically playful, pretty, romantic, and visually lose or soft; it used small scale and ornate decoration, pastel colors,and asymmetrical arrangement of curves. Rococo was popular in France and Southern Germany in the 18th century.
What is the skeleton structure underneath the exterior to support form and added material?
an artistic process in which three-dementional artistic composition is made from putting together found objects.
Great Mosque, Cordoba, Spain Islamic Art
equal distribution of weight or amount
Parts can never form a unified whole
Process of pouring a liquid material into a mold
color schemes are composed of hues that neighbor each other on the color wheel
two point perspective
vantage point at two points
A substance in paints that causes particles of pigment to adhere to one another and to a support
when arts don't resemble a real thing
The Laocoön Group is made out of...
Academic Art
Art governed by rules, especially works sanctioned by an official institution, academy, or school. Originally applied to art that conformed to standards established by the French Academy regarding composition, drawing, and color usage. The term has come to mean conservative and traditional art.
Depicting forms in a manner that's true to reality.
uses unnatural proportions to show relative IMPORTANCE
Where was Barbara Kruger Born?
Newark , NJ
Post impressionalist artist
Paul GauguinPaul CezzanneVincent Van Gogh Henri Toulouse La Treecht- used masks
What did Baroque art focus on?
Invention, drama, innovation
The oldest sculptures are made of this material
visual weight
The heaviness or lightness of the shapes and forms arranged in the compositioin
Refers to an attitude that inspired a number of styles that emphasized emotional expression. Imagination and emotions were considered more valuable than reason. People under this type of art celebrated the struggle for liberty, nature, rural life, common people, and exotic subjects. They wanted to assert the validity of the subjective experience. A preoccupation with currents events is one characteristic of this movement, with emphasis on feeling over fact. Painters stressed strong viewer involvement, use of color in painterly strokes, and dramatic movement
the size relationship of parts to a whole and to one another
Alfred Stieglitz
Who developed photography as an art form?
The Palette of King Narmer is ____ high. (exact)
Lines created by burning with a needle is called....
juicy and tender or covered with plant life
Living Rock
natural rock formations as on a mountainside.
(cubes) tiny stones or pieces of glass cut to the desired shape and size to form a mosaic
Thee Venus of Willendorf
Paleothic or old stong age
a body of matter of indefinite shape and considerable size; a collection of incoherent particles, parts, or objects regarded as forming one body
Nonrepresentational Art (nonobjective/nonfigurative Art)
presents visual forms with no specific references to anything outside themselves
name and recognize the three greek orders
doric, ionic, corinthian
Henri Matisse
This painter lead a group of painters that included Andre Derain, called The Fauves. They drew inspiration from the colors of Gauguin and Van Gogh, and they studied Cezanne's pictorial construction in colored planes. He painted "La Desserte," "Joy of Life," "Icarus," and "Harmony in Red."
De Stijl
A Dutch purist art movement. Aimed at creating a universal language of form that would be independent of individual emotion.
Sketch 1 for composition VII
Wassily Kandinsky, Oil on canvas
Jackson Pollock's paintings, such as Autumn Rhythm, make reference to the:
c. process of painting
Question 6 On on the color wheel, blues adn greens (p. 109) are usually thought of as:
Cool colors
Europe after the rain
Max Ernst, this painting appears to have actual texture even though it is a 2-D painting, invented a technique called frottage.
"Silueta Works in Mexico"
Ana Mendieta red, white and blue sand
Who is Edvard Munch? What piece is he famous for?
"The Scream."
Leonardo da Vinci's Proportions of the Human Figure embodies both:
d. all of the above
The man with big shoes
Artist unknown, an up close photograph with a man lying on his back with his shoes pointing at the camera, there are two photos side by side.
What is planographic in printmaking?
a method where the matrix remains flat
Andre Kertesz and Ed Weston
Cropped scenes, close up views, and this created abstracted viewpoints
what contributions did akhenaten make to egypt?
pharaoh who tried to change the religion of egypt - single god
What did the depression bring about in photography?
1930’s U.S depression brought realism and documentary quality back into the field of photography. Walker Evans and Dorthea Lange
be able to recognize post and lintel construction
vertical upright = post (2)
horizontal = lintel (1)
What is a pointed arch? How is it different from the typical arch?
Pointed arches divided weight easier and can be taken to an extreme height, whereas a rounded arch requires a height width ratio
Question 5 The stained-glass window from Chartres cathedral is an excellent example of the use of iconography in art, which means _____.
It uses a system of symbols which is easily understandable to most Christians.
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