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Kandinsky thought of nonrepresentational art as comparable to
The simplest building-construction system is the _______ structure
Picasso's painting First Communion would best be described as
Which sculptor uses contemporary materials such as cast fiberglass and acrylic urethane?
Luis Jiménez
which culture introduced the blowpipe to glass-making?
In traditional African sculpture, the human figure most often represents
the four basic printmaking processes include all of the following except
Typeface refers to
a style of type
Which ancient Roman's writings on architecture related the human body to geometric shapes?
Gustave Eiffel's famous tower in Paris, France was constructed of
The branch of philosophy that deals with natural and artistic beauty is
The region that linked ancient Egypt to the African lands south of the Sahara is called
Sculpture in which the subjects project very slightly from the background is called
low relief
Menkaure, Khafre, and Khufu are the names of
During the twentieth century, _________ were added to the visual elements used by artists
time and motion
with which printing process is the plate first coated with a ground before the image is worked into it?
Ahmad al-Suhrawardi was one of the most famous __________ of the early 14th century
a planned or random repetition to enhance surfaces in drawings, paintings, or sculptures.
What type of print creates a single unique impression from a plate worked with oil paint?
the substance in which the paint is suspended is called the
Sculpture that is freestanding and completely finished on all sides is called
in the round
All mosques are built with a niche called a _______ that marks the wall Muslim face during prayer.
What is the oldest of the printmaking methods?
The paintings of Pat Steir explore varieties of
visual delight
John Maeda urges graphic designers to
learn programming skills
oil paint applied in very thin layers is called a
In 1970, Robert Smithson arranged rock and earth in the Great Salt Lake in Utah, for an earthwork entitled
Spiral jetty
the element of art that describes the darkness or lightness of an object
During the 1930's, the U.S. Department of Agriculture paid photographs to document conditions of
the great depression
Among the most pervasive symbols of our time are
logos and trademarks
A director who completely controls all elements of a production
is an auteur
To distribute the weight of its roof onto its posts, the Byodo-in Temple in Kyoto, Japan utilizes
bracket sets
The Vietnam Veterans Memorial was designed by
a young college student
Pastel is made up of pigments bound with a
non-greasy binder
Artists use charred wood in order to produce
charcoal drawings
how large is the edition of a print that is numbered 15/25?
The number of copies that are printed from the original plate is called
an edition
The relief print process is used in which of the following common examples?
rubber stamps
The additive process of sculpture includes
modeling and assembling only
implied line
a series of points that the viewer's eye automatically connects through value contrast
the way the principles of art are used to organize the elements of art
reflected light
the light that bounces back from the table/ground and outs a tiny bit of lighter shade in the shadow on a form
the olumeye bowl
has unusual elements of which we do not know the meaning
According to Frank Gehry, the forms of his Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain, unfold like a
great metal flower
A work of art that is made in three panels is called a
the two broad categories into which traditional drawing materials are typically divided are
dry and liquid media
The three physical properties of color are
hue, value and intensity
Jim Hodges' Every Touch is composed of
petals of artificial flowers
Among the most famous of all 19th century posters are those created by
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
Rembrandt often failed to cancel his plates when he made etchings, which is why
many poor-quality impressions were made from them long after his death
stained glass is made by
cutting and piecing together bits of colored glass
the ______ was a royal palace and the last Islamic stronghold in western Europe.
Alhambra in Granada
As a visual element, the term "value" refers to
shades of light and dark
although no definite line separate crafts from other art objects, one helpful distinction is that
in crafts there is a special emphasis on the materials used
The Nok culture of Africa produced art during the time period of
the ancient Greek and Roman cultures
In sculpture, the term contrapposto means that the figure is
posed with the weight of the body shifted onto one foot
The difference between shape and mass as visual elements is that
Mass i both a 2-D and a 3-D form
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