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(element) 2D
Pantocrator,1180-1190,mosaic,Byzantine Art
"hunting cat"
Chartres Cathedral
ideal human figure
Ivory Belt Mask,1550,ivory,iron,African Art
fascists supported this
Andrea del Verrocchio
Meditative state; Japanese pronunciation of the Chinese word "Chan"
Supper at Emmaus
Dutch Baroque
Setting Sun: Sacramento Valley
Giotto Lamentation
1305 early Renaisance
Manet, Café Concert 1870's
Martin Munkácsi
-born Márton Marmorstein
-His specialty was action photography, sports reporter for several Budapest newspapers
arrangement of main compositional elements parallel to the front plane
David, Oath of the Horatii
Annunciation (earlier)
Simone Martini
Florence, Uffizi
Tempera on Wood
thick application of oil paint
botticelli, 1482, late ital renaissance, firtility and marraige
Subterranean networks of rock-cut galleries and chambers designed as cemeteries for the burial of the dead.
Gustave Courbet
The Stone Breakers
18th/19th century

Arrangement in Grey and Black

James M. Whistler
Greek, "double theater." A Roman building type resembling two Greek theaters put together. The Roman amphitheater featured a continuous elliptical cavea around a central arena.
IMHOTEP, Stepped Pyramid of Djoser, ca. 2700 BCE. (Predynastic)
only Greek statue that shows emotion
Bruce Nauman
From Hand to Mouth, 1967
Death of Marat, Jacques-Louis David, Royal Museum, Brussels,Neoclassicism
720-705 BC
Citadel of Sargon II
..., Undeciphered symbols painted on cave walls in relation to the naturalistic depiction of animals. Thought to have magical purposes.
What did the Vincennes Factory manufacture?
The Street Berlin
Kirchner, 1913, Germany, Expressionism
-urban street scenes
-depicts two prostitutes, advertised by their large hats strut past well dressed bourgeois men their potential clients.
-dehumanized figures(masklike)
-psychologically distant from one another victims of modern urban alienation
-harsh angles and tilted perspective
the writing studio of a monastery
a rectangular tiered temple or terraced mound erected by the ancient Assyrians and Babylonians
***in its basic sense, means "goodness", "excellence" or "virtue" of any kind.
figure standing at easy- straight leg, bent knee and tilted hips and shoulders
Purse Cover
English; gold, garnets, glass and enamel
A church that commemorates a deceased saint or holds the remains of a martyr.
Funerary relief of a vegetable vendor, Ca. 100 CE
in art is characterized by strong contrasts between light and dark, usually bold contrasts affecting a whole composition.
Ionic Order
originated in colonies of Ionic coast
level of fanciness is between Doric and Corinthian
1838. light sensitive materials. French government would not give this to Britain. Thought to be republican because it was cheap and all classes could afford it.
Hattusa (Bogazköy)
The Hittites conquered and sacked Babylon around 1595 BCE. Their fortified capital at Boghazköy in Anatolia had seven-foot-tall stone lions guarding the main gateway.
a chamber in an Early Christian catacomb that served as a mortuary chapel
Christus Triumphans
Latin for "triumphant Christ." An image of the living Christ depicted on the cross.
in church architecture, the pillar or center post supporting the lintel in the middle of the doorway.
The borrowing of subjects from other cultures to create a simple/unsophisticated effect
Pectoral of Senwosret II
from tomb of Princess Sithathoryunet
el-Lahun, Egypt
12th Dynasty
1895-1878 BCE
Middle Kingdom
gold, semiprecious stones (felspar, lapis lazuli, garnet, turquoise)
3.25" wide, 1.75" high
Abbot Suger
abbot of Saint-Denis Church in France--birth of early French Gothic architecture
a section of a building that rises above the aisles and allows light to enter
asymmetrical balance
one side of composition does not reflect the other. still allows the sides to differ without destroying harmony
Hellenistic Period
Sculptures that show emotion and drama (seated boxer, dying gaul, nike of samothrace, laocoon & his sons)
Praxiteles Hermes and Infant
Location: Greece
Date: 380 BCE
Artist: Praxiteles
Sensuous and fleshy.
Hermes is taking care of the infant who is one of Zeus' illegitimate children b/c Hera (Zeus' wife) wants it dead.
Shows graceful "S" curve which is used a lot in Greek sculpture.
S curve: denoted by elongated chest and swinging of the hips.
The Bauhaus
German School of Art, Design & Architecture. Founded by Walter Gropius. 1919 - 1933. Literally means "House of Building"
photograph in which prints in a whole or in part are combined to form a new image. DADA 1920s in berlin like hannah hoch
fin de siècle
period in western cultural history from the end of the nineteenth century until just before World War I, when decadence and indulgence masked anxiety about an uncertain future.
La Goulue at the Moulin Rouge
Lautrec, Post Impressionism,1880-1900
The shaping or fashioning of 3D forms in a soft material, such as clay; also, the gradations of light and shade reflected from the surfaces of matter in space, or the illusion of such gradations produced by alliterations of value in a drawing, painting or print
A flat piece of stone whose incised images depict a story or historical event; from the Art of the Ancient Near East
Chauvet Cave paintings
almost the oldest paintings ever found. painted very naturalistically; very narrative, sophisticated, compared to those later cave paintings, e.g Lascaux
German Expressionism
sought to express the meaning of "being alive" and emotional experience rather than physical reality
Indus River Valley
Torso of a Priest King 2,000 BCE
..., A school for the study of Muslim law and religious science
Hierarchical scale
The manipulation of size and space in a picture to emphasize importance of a specific object.
stained glass
b/c gray skies and short days allows more space for windows w/ colors
Michelangelo, Sistine Chapel, 1511-1512
repainted, back wall and ceiling, floor to ceiling frescoes, ceiling completed first, trompe l'oeil, looks like a series of marble latices, greek and biblical figures, feels very alive, did all the painting himself, pendentives, depth, create the sensation that human beings are naturally restless, the bustle of life, all figures are muscular, strength, the power of humans
Archaic style
use of composite view for painted and relief figures and of Egyptian stances for statues
Name, Artist, "-ism"
The Rehearsal on Stage, Edgar Degas, Impressionism
installation art
Placing a work of art in a specific location, usually for a limited time. The space itself becomes a part of the art.
What is colophon?
its derived from the Greek word whcih means summit and its an inscription placed at the end of a book or manuscript usually with facts relative to its production
Society of Jesus (Jesuits)
a Catholic religious order;, part of the Counter-Reformation
"Victory stele of naram-sin" Shows Naram-sin, leading an army up a __, __his enemies and scaling towards the __.
"Victory stele of naram-sin" Shows Naram-sin, leading an army up a mountain, defeating his enemies and scaling towards the heavens.
Georgia O'Keeffe, Red, White, and Blue, 1931
-Painted in Lake George in NY
-Interested in bones, resembles pelvic bone, broken nasal cavity, can see spaces within spaces, cloth goes back endless
-Great American painting, but still a joke
-Saying American painting is like death
-Make something uniquely American, but most go to Europe where as she goes across the planes
-Old history in the West rather than the East
-Obsession with defining what makes American art
Who were the three great masters of the High Renaissance in Italy?
Leonardo Da Vinci, Raphael, and Michelangelo.
Why was the flooding of the nile so important?
-cultivated only a narrow peice of land along nile
-couldn't rotate crops so flooding would replenish soil; it brought w/it nutrients from the south
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