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audience hall
le fusain
Classical, Greek
Artist: Adélaïde Labille-Guiard
Title: Self-Portrait with Two Pupils
Medium: Oil on canvas
Size: 6'11" X 4'11½" (2.11 X 1.51 m)
Date: 1785
Source/ Museum: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Gift of Julia A. Berwind, 1953 (53.225.5)
muromachi period
1392-1568 ce
a many-paneled altarpiece
Cleobis and Biton
Church of Sant'Ambrogio
Polykleitos, Doryphoros (Spear Bearer), Ca. 500 BCE
St Elizabeth
Marburg; German Gothic
Sound Box from Harp
Braque, Houses at l'Estaque
name, location, culture?
Hadrian's VillaTrivoliRoman
Claes Oldenburg, 1962, pop art
second wall painting date
60-50 bce
anti-establishment art movement which ridiculed contemporary culture and traditional art forms.(movement was formed to prove the bankruptcy of existing style)
Khafre Protected by a Hawk
Shiva with Nandi
nandi-shiva's mount, bull
Early Sunday Morning
by Edward Hopper
Benvenuto Cellini, Saltcellar of Francis I, (1540-1543). Italian Mannerism
Period: English GothicPointed arches, ribbed quadripartite vaulting, polychroming, emphasis on horizontal
The Birth of Venus
Sandro Botticelli, 1485
Good Shepherd
420 CE (early Christian) Tesserae/Jesus as good shepherd/building spiritual realm
Categories of Art
Architecture, Sculpture, Paintings, and Decorative Arts.
a conventional religious painting in oil on a small wooden panel. An image; a symbol; a representation of a holy person, esp. in the Orthodox Christian churches
person who sings call to prayer
A Roman Catholic tribunal for investigating and prosecuting charges of heresy - especially the one active in Spain during the 1400s.
flute or fluting
Vertical channeling, roughly semicircular in cross-section and used principally on columns and pilasters.
Reliquary Chasse depicting Martyrdom of Thomas Becket
1210 Romanesque
The Thinker
Rodin France 19th Century Sculpture
French term to describe Japanese aesthetic--exoticism and beauty, woodblock prints, decorative quality
assyrian ashurnasirpal and his queen in the garden
definition of form by delicate gradations of light and shadow
Figure 3-30 Akhenaton, from the temple of Aton, Karnak, Egypt, 18th Dynasty, ca. 1353-1335 BCE. Sandstone, 13' high. Egyptian Museum, Cairo. (new Kingdom)
A rectangular area which cuts across the main axis
La Tour
Mary Magdalene holding the smoking flame
Giotto di Bondone; fresco; early 14th century
the base of an altarpiece, often decorated with small scenes that are related in subject to that of the main panel or panels
melting ice
What was the environmental condition of Northern Europe around 9000 B.C.?
abstract art
represents ideas, desires or feelings; not meant to copy reality or represent real life; bold colors; no perceptable theme
A triple projecting, grooved member of a Doric frieze that alternates with metopes.
something that wards away evil or leads you to safety from one place to another
This technique was least characteristic of Roman fresco
mathematical linear perspective
small niche like components stacked in tier to fill the transition between differing vertical and horizontal plans
The three lowest bands of Tajan's column, Tajan, Marble
rayonnant style
the "raidant' style of Gothic architecture, shifted focus away from tall heights
a tall, acutely pointed pyramidal roof or rooflike construction upon a tower, roof, etc.
the crossed , or siadonal, arches that form the skeletal framework of a gothic rib vault. In sculpture, the framework for a clay form.
An artwork made up of three panels. The panels may be hinged together so the side segments (wings) fold over the central area.
the gleaners
jean francois millet, 1857, oil on canvas, france
It's a group of people with a centralized ruler. 200-600Ce. They build the Huaca del Sol with millions of adobe bricks, each with a stamp indicating the particular group of people who put up the brick. They had the stirrup spout vessels, which contained faces of people, mostly rulers or other important members.
Hugo van der Goes; Adoration of the Shepherds; 1440
a basic unit of which the dimensions of the major parts of a work are multiples. The principle is used in sculpture and other art forms, but it is most often employed in architecture where the module may be the dimensions of an important part of a building such as the diameter of column
Lange 1935 American
Migrant Mother, Nipomo Valley (No Movement)
what were codexes made up of?
parchment and vellum
House of Vettii
(Roman Republic Art) old Pompeian house remodeled and repainted after the earthquake of AD 62
From the Greek for 'land between two rivers,' the two rivers are the Tigris and the Euphrates.
Define Alfred Stieglitz:
An American photographer and modern art promoter who was instrumental over his fifty-year career in making photography
 an accepted art form. In addition to his photography, Stieglitz is 
known for the New York art galleries that he ran in the early part of 
the 20th century, where he introduced many avant-garde European artists 
to the U.S. He was married to painter Georgia O'Keeffe.
Name/Time Period/Artist (if applicable) {pg.108}
Peplos Kore/Archaic (Ancient Greece)/ [none]
an alloy of iron with small amounts of carbon
art that is the result of the artist's unique inner or personal vision and that often has an emotional dimension. it contrasts with art focused on visually describing the empirical world
Baroque Italy (artistic concepts)
-artists and architects still study and revere ancient Greco-Roman culture, but also respond to Renaissance;
-content and style both heavily influenced by Counter-Reformation agenda;
-Council of Trent affirms the role of art in educating and inspiring the faithful;
-more intense spiritualism, emotion, and psychology than Renaissance;
-composition, space, narrative treatment, and figural movements all more theatrical and dynamic;
-images extend beyond themselves to involve, engage, and persuade the viewer;
-artists and architects create total aesthetic experiences, integrating and uniting painting, sculpture, and architecture;
-architectural design, like painting, explores more dynamic, rhythmic, experiential movement
Avant- Garde
Late 19th and 20th century artists who emphasized innovation and challenged established convention in their work
This is...
Titre de la peinture : Le Balcon
Le peintre : Édouard Manet
La date : 1868
Le mouvement :
La location : Musée d'Orsay
Taille : large
Autres choses :
• C'est la ____ de Manet
o Berthe Morisot
o Elle est une peintre impressionniste
o Influence reciprocre
• Surnommé (nicknamed) → la Belle Peintre
• Trois personnes :
• Une ambiance familial mais...
• Goya : Majas au balcon (1808-1812)
• Mirror ?
• Balcony ?
• Voyeur qui regard les voyeurs
• The eye adapts and sees more as you look through the window
• Espangol : Berthe, avec le « fan »
• Hollandaise : l'homme
• Japonaise : la femme avec la grande fleur
• L'exposition universelle (1855 et 1867) - Napoléon III
o 1878, 1889, 1900
28. Manet Édouard, Le Balcon, 1868, 170 x 124,5, Paris, musée d'Orsay.
What were 2 major resources for the egyptians?
the nile

Woman of Willendorf
A sculpture of a woman found in Austria that dates back to 22,000 BCE, it is believed to have symbolized fertility.
From the Turkish term for a woman in a harem.
Implications of the skyscraper (4)
1. satisfied the need for centralization 2. reflected a new era of technology and construction 3. provoked a re-evaluation of past architectural forms 4. skyscrapers would offer a new symbol for modern corporate america
Da Vinci, The Last Supper, ca. 1495-98
dramatized, observable world with religious scene
Christ is psychological/perspectival focus
four groups of 3 and Christ (balance)
Ishtar Gate, 575 BCE
in Babylon, was one of the greatest cities in the entire world, glazed bricks
Hamilton 1956 Pop Art British
Just What is it that makes today's homes so different, so appealing?
Mycenean: Three ways of spanning a passageway
(a) __ and __, (b) __ arch, (c) _.
Mycenean: Three ways of spanning a passageway
(a) post and lintel, (b) corbeled arch, (c) arch.
Florence Cathedral
cave painting
n.rast gelmek,rastlaşmak,tesadüf
Thomas Aquinas
the canvas
la toile
a monastery courtyard
Mary Cassat
The Bath
Miss Van Buren
Donald Judd
Untitled (Brass Boxes)
royal decree, makes law
Veristic Roman Busts,Roman Art
david, high renaissance, michelangelo
une nature mort
still life
Plowing the Nivernais
Oil on Canvas
Lady in Green Jacket
August Macke
poussin. the ashes of phokion
A type of wine vessel
Luncheon of the Boating Party
Recorded the artist's interpretation of nature and the passage of time
Italian, "colored" or "painted"-- application of paint by Venetian artists
sunken panel, ornamental, in vault/ceiling, water, and small stones, lightens weight in ceiling
Florence Cathedral
Arnolfo di Cambio, Frencesco Talenti, Andrea Orcagna
Andy Warhol, Marilyn Diptych, 1962, pop art
the act of deposing someone (removing)
An inverted, concave, triangular piece of masonry serving as the transition from a square support system to the circular base of a dome.
Bronze Doors at St Michael
Hildesheim; Ottonian
Mende Masks of Sierra Leone,20th century,wood,African Art
Chariot Horse, Lishan, Shaanxi, late 3rd century BCE
barrel vault
an elongated or continuous semicircular vault, shaped like a half cylinder
more naturalism possibly looking to antiquity- sculpture interacts. - rebirth or classical knowledge in the arts, sciences, literature.
The Laughing Cavalier
painting by Frank Hals
Cut with the Kitchen Knife
Hoch, 1920
Bishop Eadfrith, "St. Matthew Initial Page"
From the Lindisfarne Gospels, c. 700 CE.
Hiberno-Saxon Period. Ink on vellum
Linear Perspective
a system for representing three-dimensional space on a two-dimensional surface by delineating a horizon line and multiple orthogonal lines. These recede to meet at one or more points on the horizon (called vanishing points), giving the appearance of spatial depth.
Piero della Francesca
Flagellation of Christ. ca. 1455-1465
& Brera Altarpiece 1472-1474
two paneled painting or alter piece (Jean Fouquet,Melun Dyptic)
Yun Du-so, Self Portrait, c. 1710, light color on silk, 15 x 8"
Trained as intellectual and painted as a hobby
Koreans more open to western thought :O
Asian didn't focus on shadow - more western
Self-Portrait that has shading, etc...
Touch of West
Farnese Palazzo Ceiling Loves of the Gods
Sherrie Levine
held an exhibition of unmanipulated photographs of well known examples of images taken by master photographers, undermining the Modernist ideals of originality and authenticity. Eventually repainted works by Mondrian, Lissitzky, and others in watercolors
The Bride Stripped Bare by her Bachelors, Even
Woman at Window 1822
By:Casper David Friedrich
Realists seem to love paintings in window frames, or having a frame, a place to stand. This painting is shown from the inside out, you are looking into the outside world yet you are framed in. Maybe her husband is the sailor in you see in the window.
an ancient Greek wide-mouthed bowl for mixing wine and water
Great Mosque of Kairouan is in _______
Giuseppe Fiorelli
made proper excavations in Pompeii; made plaster casts of the victims
The sutton Hoo Cloisonne Purse was founded in the first half of this century.
Nude Woman (aka Venus of Willendorf), Paleolithic Period, 28,000 - 25,000 BC, limestone.
a triangular gable found over major architectural elements such as Classical Greek porticoes, windows, or doors
judeo-christian ethic
believe in God, be nice to neighbor
Woman surrealist who took the ordinary and made in extraordinary. Set up dreams and took pictures of them.
Sandy Skoglund
Sculpture of Ahkenaten
1375 - 1358 BCE Egyptian Art
greek classicism
Nothing in excess - essential forms. Reason over emotions, order over chaos. humanism, rationalism, idealism. Ma is the measure of all things. Know thyself
Old Pyramid Complex
Valley temple:This was well preserved when compared to the the other great pyramids. This was were a hall of statues stood
Causeway:This was made on the axis principle of the fact that there's a symbolic power of aligning something with the Nile of with the planetary patterns. This was from east to west as with the sun.
Mortuary Temple: This was a living temple where a high priest/ priestess still did rituals to commemorate the dead.
Pyramid: The barrack for the king's body, it was made like a safe so that the Ba, the spirit, so that a Ka, Zombie, can be formed so the live forever.
The Harvest
1888; Van Gogh; described in letters to his brother
column of Trajan
used as inspiration in erlach's karlskirche. a Roman triumphal column in Rome, Italy, which commemorates Roman emperor Trajan's victory in the Dacian Wars.
the area controlled by a physical
object, including its physical volume or mass and the
surrounding or enclosed space.
Chartes Cathedral
Gothic cathedral with Royal Portal and (re)built in High Gothic Plan
***is the name of two different women in Greek mythology. The name may be taken to mean "unbending",BUT has also been suggested to mean "opposed to motherhood."***she attempts to secure a respectable burial for her brother Polyneices, even though he was a traitor to Thebes.
Uraeus Cobra
The Uraeus is a stylized upright cobra (or snake / serpent), used as a symbol of sovereignty, royalty, deity and divine authority in ancient Egypt.
Andrea del Castagno; fresco; 15th century
The Last Supper
King Khufu's Pyramid, Giza
-True pyramid, 4 sides aligned to the cardinal directions, meet at an apex.
-Stone, local and imported
-White limestone facing, gleamed
Construction Technique (grand gallery):
-corbeled vault: distributes weight away from space
jack kerouac
on the road. book turned the hitch hiker into a romantic figure
Herculaneum and Pompeii:
towns destroyed by Mt. vesuvius in 79AD. They were perfectly preserved and being excavated in 1738 and 1748. Fueled an interest in antiquity and fired imagination of artists. New relationship between roman past. You could walk into real life. Roman past: enlightened
post and lintel system
a type of architectural construction in which two vertical members (posts) support horizontal members (lintels)
Name, Artist, "-ism"
A Bar at the Folies-Bergére, Édouard Manet, Impressionism
Epic of Gilgamesh
: is an ancient poem from Mesopotamia (present day Iraq) and is among the earliest known works of literature
Canon of proportions
set of rules governing how the human figure is rendered in art
Classical EraFirst time sculptor portrayed sculpture as how a human being actually standsslight dip in right hip, indicating shifting of weight onto his left leg, head turning slightly, archaic smile gonecontrapposto
Charioteer, from the Sanctuary of Apollo, Delphi. c. 470 BCE. Bronze, height 5'11\"
Madrasa of Sultan Hasan
School or place of study. Has a mosoleum and a mosque. Inspiration for Taj Mahal
What are the characteristics of the Rimpa school?
1) Own volition--no family lineage among artists
2) Improved the style of predecessor to meet the trends of the time
3) Neo-classicism
4) Decorative--use of gold, silver
5) No analysis required
6) Tarashikomi technique
Enter your front text here.
The Lictors Bringing in the Bodies of Brutus' Sons, David 1789. Neoclassical.
what is the most importrant element of the citadel and what is it used for?
the megaron, the reception hall of the king
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