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fasting (Ramadan)
Realism (Dates)
Pisa Cathedral
Pablo Picasso
Three Musicians
Asuka, Japan
552-645 CE
Old Kingdom
2450-2350 BC
Day and Night

Bauhaus Building

Walter Gropius
louvre pyramid im pei
Kazimir Malevich, Suprematist Composition: White on White
to be like
être ressemblant
Smithson, Spiral Jetty
1970, earthworks
GiftMan RayDadaEarly 20th Century 
Bosch, Garden of Earthly Delights
Antoine Watteau
L'Indifferent, Return from Cythera
Chartres Cathedral · Chartres, France
the Venus of Willenforf
Prehistoric, paleolithic
Description: large nude pregnant figure with no face carved from stone
Style: Abstract and simple forms without much detail--able to represent any woman.
Purpose/ significance: Her swollen breasts and large
caravaggio calling of st matthew
(architecture) a tall cylindrical vertical upright and used to support a structure
The study of ancient Egypt.
Villa Rotunda – PalladioHigh Renaissance
Jack The Dripper
1956 Time named Pollack
an egyptian name designed with hieroglyphics
great Venetian artist used light colors influeced by Venetian style worked with Mantegna
Temple of Vesta(?), Trivoli, Italy, Ca. 100 BCE
Picasso/De Kooning. Viewing an object from many perspectives at the same time, painting this object from those views and putting them together
Mendieta, Tree of Life Series, 1977.
Characterized by or suggesting the practice of severe self-discipline and abstention from all forms of indulgence, typically for religious reasons.
Chi-Rho Page, Book of Kells
Iona, Scotland
Describes something that cannot be seen through
Ansel Adams is a famous __________________.
Knossos Interior
Interrior staircases built around light and air wells provided necessary illumination and ventilation.
Figure 2-7 Fragment of the victory stele of Eannatum (Stele of the Vultures), from Girsu (modern Telloh), Iraq, ca. 2600-2500 BCE. Limestone, fragment 2' 6" high, full stele 5' 11" high. Louvre, Paris. (Sumerian)
a portrait or image especially in Byzantine art, a panel with a painting of sacred personages that are objects of veneration. In the visual arts, a painting, a piece of sculpture, or even a building regarded as an object of veneration.
ruscha "standard station with 10 cent western" american
Sanskrit for "womb chamber" a small room or shrine in a Hindu temple.
Fourth Style
a combination of illusionism of spatial depth and illusionism of marble, expensive material
Roberto Matta, Being With, 1946, oil on canvas
Georges Seurat, A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grand Jatte, 1884-6. Oil on canvas. Approx. 7' x 10'
in church architecture, the pillar or center post supporting the lintel in the middle of the doorway.
Roman Civic building for legal and other proceedings, usually rectangular with entrance on a long side. Mosaic
battle of gods and giants (popular theme of Greek Art from Archaic-Hellenistic)
In a Gothic cathedral, the blind arcade gallery below the clerestory; occasionally, the arcades are filled with stained glass
The principle that ethical conduct is determined by reason; in philosophy, the view that knowledge is derived from the intellect, without the aid of the senses.
Venus of Willendorf
Limestone fertility figurine. Very round, exaggerated female anatomy. No facial features. Some red ocher.
marcus aurelius
Stoic philosopher and writer: emperor of Rome 161–180.
a chisel of tempered steel with a sharp point
axis mundi
believed to connect the heavens and the earth and regarded as the center of the world
Gustave Courbet
Painted only things that he saw. Famous realism artist. All of his works represented everyday life.
Conversion of Paul
Cerasi Chapel, S. Maria del Popolo, Rome
c. 1601
Photo Realism
Painted with a remarkable silarity to the photograph image.
graphic artist
an artist who designs and makes prints
pardon for sins, reducing the time a person would remain in purgatory
Egg Tempera
A standard binder. Uses egg whites mixed with pigments.
menkaure and khamerernetby
period: old kingdom
year: 2490 - 2472
origination: giza, egypt
material: graywacke
manuscript illumination
the small scale counter part of murals, mosiacs and panels
Hellenisticovertly sexualintentionally designed work to tease spectator
Sleeping Satyr (Barberini Faun) c. 230-200 BCE, Marble, appro. 7'1\" high
Name/Time Period/Artist (if applicable) {pg.62}
Menkaure and Khamerernebty (?)/Old Kingdom (Egypt)/ [none]
relief print
a print made from the raised portions carved in the matrix
Court Style
a phase of Gothic art which was initially a style of courtly sophistication
The Joy of Life
Artist: Matisse, Period: Early 20th Century Modernism, Movement: French Fauves
Mount Fuji and Japanese prints
influenced many impressionists and postimpressionists
This is...
Titre de la peinture : Nana
Le peintre : Manet
La date : 1877
Le mouvement :
La location : Hamburg
Taille : large
Autres choses :
46. Manet Édouard, Nana, 1877, 154 x 115, Hambourg, Kunsthalle.
• Demi-monde → un souteneur
• Elle est en dessous → lengerie
o Choquent
• Elle a beaucoup d'argent pq le protecteur
o Fini dans le caniveau
• Deux poussant →
• Le miroir est un symbole de la vanité
• Les lumières sont un symbole de la mort
• Une grue → crane
Hinduism Vs Buddhism
the former is characterized by monks and worship at stupas, whereas the latter is characterized by worship in many places and a lack of universal clergy. More specifically, Hindu worship can happen in personal spaces and more public places, as well as at sites across the landscape and at larger temples. Also, some people (like Gandhi) distinguish themselves and, like deities, can become sources of darshan. As a result, we can think of there being many Hinduisms, each defined by very local practices, personalities, and circumstances.
Edward Weston, Pepper No. 30, 1930
-Innovative and influential
-Natural formations
-Choosing to show fragments, they mimic nature
-Embrace modernism or will turn to nature for inspiration
-Intrigued by the deformities of the pepper
-Highlights, twists and bends
The Veii Apollo
Culture: Etruscan - 500 BC - Site: Veii - Greek Style Related: Archaic - Shares with Greek Art: Naturalism - Differs: Clothing
Holy Roman Empire
realm that existed in Europe for about an millenum
Marcel Duchamp, Fountain (Urinal), 1917.
-What is art?
-What is power of artist?
-Rejected from Society of Independent Artists
-Duchamp partially organized
-No rules, but pay $6 and no more than two pieces
-Submitted under Richard Mutt
-Thought is was a joke because name was after Mott plumbing, mutt was a cartoon
-Turned it and signed it
-Four lines of defense
Pg. 48 of article
-Art because he chose it to be art
-Changed perspective
-Power of artist
-Make us think about it in new way
-Beauty in surfaces and forms
-Madonna or Buddha forms
-Emphasizes lines
-Stieglitz puts it on a pedestal
-In front of a painting
-Well lit
-Time to set up photo likes a real sculpture
-Incorporates entry tag
-Reproduced in Blind Man like Stieglitz's publications
The Bride of the Wind
by Oskar Kokoschka
created in the 20th century, german expressionism
done in oil
What was the official task of the arts in France at the time?
To glorify the king.
Prayer hall of the Great Mosque
Islamic Art Once one of the biggest mosques in the World, it's now a Catholic Cathedral since the Spanish Inquisition.
Nigredo (1984)
Mont Sainte-Victoire
Cezanne 1890
(Paris, France) 1163-1200
Van Gogh
Starry Night (1889)
vertical line
reads active psychologically
J.L.David "Oath of Horatti" 1784
Horta House
Brussels, Belgium.
Art Nouveau Style
looks at nature for inspiration in design, and then takes this to the extreme while still employing the new materials of the modern age
18th century movement during which european philosopher believed that societies problems could be solved by science
Violin and Palette
Georges Braques, 1909-10, Cubism
"Kore"=female; found in the Athenian Akropolis but probably from Chios; 520 BCE; women were always clothed
protestant reformation
reformers directly challenged the papal authority
wedge-shaped stone building block used in constructing an arch or vault
A mound that rose from primordial waters supposedly in the shape of a statue which was the prototype for later capstones found in pryramids
Still Life with Apples
Paul Cezanne, 1893, Post-Impressionism
A mythical egyptian beast with the body of a lion and the head of a human.
a curved structural member that spans an opening.
God as Archetect of the World
(Paris, France) 1220
Greek word for "male youth." An Archaic Greek statue of a standing, nude youth.
republican party
second group of party, next to democrats, didnt believe in slavery
The Slave Ship
Joseph Mallord William Turner, 1840, Landscape
columned porch or open collanade in a building surrounding a court which may contain an internal garden
the chamber at the center of an ancient temple.
1-4 human with feline head
Hohlenstein-Stadel, Germany, ca. 30,000-28,000 bce - mammoth ivory
Prehistoric Art (Paleolithic)
most ornate of the three orders of classical Greek architecture
treaty of paris
1783 peace treaty that ended the revolutionary war
Ara Pacis Augustae
Altar of Augustan Peace; 13-9 BCE; stood inside an open-air marble enclosure; frieze around it depicted the imperial family with children (family as a core unit? or children may be hostages);
1-11 Hall of Bulls, Lascaux
Lascaux France, ca. 15,000-13,000 bce
Prehistoric Art (Paleolithic)
Portrait of the Rt. Rev. I. Oluwole
Aida Onabolu, 1925, Nigeria
Virgin Tehotokos and Child
11th to 12th c, tempera on wood
3-33 Akhenaton, Nefertiti, and three daughters
Amarna, Egypt, 18th dynasty, high kingdom. Limestone ca 1353-1335
Ancient Egyptian Art
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