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reception area
Holt, Smithson
Miro, 1930
The Kaaba, Mecca
Goya, Caprichos (all)
New Stone Age
High Italian Renaissance
Trajan's Forum
Dedicated 112 CE
Andrea Mantegna
Camera Picta, Ducal Palace, Mantua
Dipylon Krater
Geometric Period
740 BCE
Colosseum (Flavian Amphitheater). Roman Imperial. 80 CE. Stone
And Concrete. 159' h x 616' l x 511' w
Lady Chapel Westminster Abbey
lysippos, herakleslate classicallooks like on steroids, spear and lions skin
Ed Ruscha
Standard Station, Amarillo, Texas
fresco secco
painting on dry plaster
(architecture) a vertical supporting structure (as a portion of wall between two doors or windows)
Hosias Lukas
Phocis, Greece; 980-1025 CE;
Opus Dei
The work of God
rose window
circular window filled with tracery
Dante Alighieri
-wrote the divine comedy
-rhyming style was 3 line stanzas going ABA BCB called terza rima
Les Demoiselles D'Avignon
1907 Picasso, painting
picasso= cubism
3 figures on left have simplified features and wide almond eyes= Iberian influence
2 figures on right inspired by African masks
act of cultural rebellion (against contemporary condescending attitude against "Primative" cultures)
are prostitutes, red-light district in Barcelona
Culture: Roman, Title: Baths of Neptune From cavea
doctrines of predestination and total depravity, stressing the absolute sovereignty of God and the futility of human action. In art, Christ was not presented, they used historical paintings instead.
1893, Deville, French Culture. based off greek mythology, song so beautiful charmed animals, violent yet expresses calm, symbolist movement, colorblue: dreams, sleep, clouds escape
Brahma's consort
Sarasvati- goddess of music, literture, writing
holds a vina (veena)- musical instrument
Florentine sculptor, painter, poet and architect, Worked for three patrons; Lorenzo Medici, Pope Julius II and Pope Leo X . His greatness was recognized so he inspired awe in his contemporaries with his creativity so they spoke of his 'terrabilita" He lived long and at the end of his life his work was influenced by Mannerism
main artistic genre of woodblock printing in Japan; features motifs of landscapes, tales from history, the theatre, and pleasure quarters
donatello: david
1420's-1460s contraposto. after def. goliath
"Kouros of Kroisos", Ancient Greek, Anavyos/Athens, 525 BC
Votive Stature of Gudea
Culture: Mesopotamian
3,500-1,000 BCE
bilingual amphora
vessels featuring both red-figure and black-figure techniques (Achilles and Ajax playing dice)
who created the techniques of linear perspective?
the definition of form by delicate gradiations of light and shadow.
a movement that emerged in mid-19th century france. realist artists represented the subject matter of everyday life (especially subjects that previously had been considered inappropriate for depiction) in a relatively naturalistic mode
Hudson River School
Mid-19th century art movement. Landscape painters influenced by romanticism. Painted the area around the Hudson River Valley
Vermeer is an artist known for painting landscapes and domestic scenes from 17th century __________.
Taj Mahal
1630-1958 Modeled after Madrasa of Sultan Hasan. A beautiful tomb in Agra, India, built by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan for his wife.
the brightness or saturation of a color
an ancient Greek wide-mouthed bowl for mixing wine and water
carpet page
In early medieval manuscripts, a decorative page resembling a textile.
a container often made of precious materials used as a respository to protect and display sacred relics
color created by combining projected beams of
The additive color primaries are red, green and blue and the
secondary colors are cyan, magenta, and yellow.
Colossal statue of Khafre, known as Great Sphinx
Tomb of the Shields and Chairs, Cerveteri, c. 550 BCE
Name, Artist, "-ism"
The Gleaners, Jean-François Millet, Realism
Amiens Cathedral and details, France
High Gothic (1100-1250 AD)
the two halve of the painting are identical
Villard d'Honnecourt
was a 13th-century artist from Picardy in northern France. The traditional view, since the discovery of his portfolio in the mid-19th century, is that Villard was an itinerant architect/mason/builder, but there is no evidence of him ever working as an architect or in any other identifiable profession. Villard's vast diversity in his sketchbook has caused him to be compared to such great minds as Leonardo Da Vinci, who also specialized in many different categories of art and science.
A building having no pediment or roof open to the sky.
the visitation
mary visits her cousin Elizabeth to tell her the news that she is pregnant with Jesus. Because she is elderly, Elizabeth's announcement of her own pregnancy is greeted as a miracle. Elizabeth gives birth to Saint John the Baptist
Spoils of Jerusalem from the Arch of Titus, 81 CE. Roman, Imperial Period. Marble. Commissioned by Domition.
black figure
in Greek pottery, the silhouetting of black figures against a light background of natural, reddish clay, with linear details incised through the silhouettes
a trinket or piece of jewelry thought to be a protection against evil
__ era was a powerful and prosperous group
The ottomans developed a new style
geometric and formalistic

A Bar at the Folies-Bergere
Modern Impressionism, French, 1882
Corbel Arch
Courses of stone in which each course projects beyond the one beneath it, meeting at the topmost course
Ghirlandaio, Giovanna, Tornabuoni, 1482
high-born women status, tribute to status and beauty
the space enclosed by a lintel and an arch over a doorway
economy of means
artists uses most important points of story
Portable Art
Art that can be taken around (weapons, jewelry...)
Pyramid of Chephren"
1. Pyramid made out of limestone without mortar (471 feet tall, sides are 708 feet long, covers 11 acres)
2. Bronze Age, Ancient Egypt
3. 2,500 B.C.
4. Giza
5. Unknown
6. This is the center pyramid and is easy to identify because it has an "icing" on top so that it looked like it was cut from a single block. The bottom of the icing has disintegrated but the top still remains. Chephren was buried in the ground beneath the center of the pyramid.
define: ribbed groin vault
diagonal and tranverse ribs compose structural skeleton in groin vault
weak abstraction
can it be traced back to an object, picasso's les demoselles d'avignon
Apse Mosaic of Justinian style
Christian abstraction, feet just hang out of his robes
King Minos
a king of the Minoans who legend has it owned a half-human, half-bull monster called the "Minotaur"
What is the significance of the tomb effigy of Rudolf of Swabia
oldest known bronze effigy
Xuankong Si (Hanging Temple),
Early China and Korea the temple and monastery are light and airy contrasting with the heavy, bulky rock; constructed from the top down, pieces built separately and then lowered onto the structure; column-bracket-beam system with elevated, projecting eaves and a pitched roof
Whistler, Nocturn in Black and Gold (The Faling Rocket) 1875
fireworks above pond/park in london, harmonaes pictorial relationship create emotion within us, impressionism(lesiure activity) debate about artistic lisence, Ruskin art crit bad reviews causes huge public relations, Whistler thinks art is of arrangments, harmonics, sensations, art doesnt have to have function,can just look good
"__ __" Sutton Hoo ship burial in Suffolk, England.
Decorated with __-__ plaques, gold and jewelry.
Shows a __ standing in between two __, parallels the stories of __ battle and conquering monsters. The two __ groups of design represent __attacking __. U
"Purse Cover" Sutton Hoo ship burial in Suffolk, England.
Decorated with cloisonne-enamel plaques, gold and jewelry.
Shows a man standing in between two beasts, parallels the stories of Beofulf battle and conquering monsters. The two center groups of design represent eagles attacking ducks. Uses interlace patterns and animals, which are characteristic of early medieval European art
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