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Marcel John
ribbed vaults
flying buttress
d'apres nature
from life
sheltered area- ch.5
Toreador fresco
Toreador fresco
1600-1400 B.C.
has a bull and 3 performers shows culture in society
white skinned females
male red
XP Page, Christos
Ingres, Grande Odalisque, 1814
Hard-edged, man-made, rectilinear, symmetrical
The Enlightenment
Advocates individual freedoms
pigment in stick form.
Starry Night
Van Gogh
Thick brushstrokes
2520-2494 BC, Old Kingdom
vault divided into 6 sections
Gemini GEL
fine art press 1970's
Great Pyramids
Old Kingdom Period
2551-2472 BCE
Granite & Limestone
no base,capital sturdy and geometric
a manuscript in scroll form
The Death of General Wolfe
portrait/image, panel with sacred personages, objects of veneration
Old Kingdom
Piet Mondrian, Composition with red, blue, and yellow, 1930,
Salisbury Cathedral
English; horizontal emphasis; lancet windows instead of rose windows; attention turned to the choir screen instead of upward
Oath of the Horatii
Jacques-Louis David. 4Q18TH.
Untitled Film Still #6
Cindy Sherman, 1977
Post Impressionism
1880-1900. A response to impressionism.
What was Minoan civilization named after
Abstract Expressionism
First major American avant-garde movement, in New York City. Artists produced abstract paintings expressing state of mind--strike emotional chords in viewers.
a covered corridor (especially one extending along the wall of a building and supported with arches or columns)
Krishna Killing the Horse Demon Keshi
a solid three-dimensional form. A massive object can be as dense and
heavy as a bar of gold or as light and porous as a sponge.
Creation of Adam
Creation of Adam (from the Sistene Chapel), MICHELANGELO, High Renaissance Period, 1508-12, fresco.
Stanza della Segnatura, especially School of Athens
Vatican City
Start to see permenant stone structure and life size sculpture out of stone
What medium did Martin Schongauer work?
metal engraving
pyramidal composition
pyramid shape that figures are arranged in
system of painting in which artist separates color into its component parts and then applies colors in tiny dots. Image comprehensive at a distance
tall narrow windows crowned by a sharply pointed arch- ch.16
The Apotheosis of St. Ignatius, Pozzo, Baroque Art
no single point gets more attention than another; the eye finds no rest
Movement emerged from WWI when artists saw collective homicide. Believed reason and logic had been responsible for disaster--political anarchy, irrational only route to salvation: basically followed no art principles and did whatever they wanted.
Art Nouveau
international style of art dominate from 1890 through World War I
de Stijl
Dutch post-WWI movement that believed that their style revealed the underlying structure of existence; art was simplistic and used primary colors and horizontal and vertical lines
portions cut in intervals to allow missils & arrows to discharge
"The Two Fridas" Frida Kahlo 1939 (Modern art in Europe and the Americas) Modernism in Latin America: Mexico
How: soot from candlenut; injected ink with boars teeth
Stele of Vultures
Girsu, Iraq, Sumerian 2600-2500 BCE
Achilles and Ajax playing a dice game
Exekias, Archaic
Art Workers Coalition
loose coalition of artists that protested the increasing control over the exhibition and what it represented. They wanted rockefeller removed from the board of the MoMA and it was the first directly political type of art as opposed to minimalisms implicit political nature. Takis is an example when he kidnapped his own work back from the MoMA.
a roofed arcade or gallery with open sides stretching along the front or side of a building
International style
Style in Gothic art developed in Burgundy, Bohemia and northern Italy in the later 1300's and early 1400's. Artists traveled widely around the continent creating a common aesthetic among the royalty and nobility and removing the concept of "foreign" art. Stylistic features are rich, decorative coloring, flowing lines, more rational use of perspective, modeling and a common sense of fashion.
Jan Van Eyck
1395-1441. Brought realism to the north. Inventor of oil painting and glazing techniques. Paintings detailed, surfaces smooth, glossy. "Arnolfini and His Bride"
Sympathetic Magic
Hunting magic; might have been the reason why prehistoric art exist
a conduit that resembles a bridge but carries water over a valley
Great Schism
A division in the Latin (Western) Christian Church between 1378 and 1417, when rival claimants to the papacy existed in Rome and Avignon. (p. 411)
meander pattern
the zigzag pattern that appears over and over again in Greek art
a school of architecture in Germany in the 1920s under the sponsorship of Walter Gropius, who emphasized the unity of art, architecture, and design
Stonehenge, Salisbury Plain
Ca 2100 BCE

-located in England, covered in burial grounds. Set aside by the construction of a ditch which is 100 feet across and 6 to 10 ft. deep. Lintels are the stones that go across the top. Sarsen stone has a circle of smaller stones which are called blue stones.
Tony Smith, 1962. Steel, 6' x 6' x 6'.
Saint Denis
the church where the birth of the Gothic began in choir which was being rebuilt 1140
Untitled Film Stills Series
Note: There are more than one
Oil painting on panel
a painting executed with pigments mixed with oil, first applied to a panel prepared with a coat of gesso
Edouard manet-Nadar 1870s
nadir began career as journalist and caricaturist, he begab cahsing in on public infatuation ith celebrities by mass producing albumen prints of the famous ppl. His skill in caricaturist proved invaluable in setting up his shots, enabliung hi to create incisive portraits that captured the essence of his sitters mystique.
Lux nova
the term Abbot Suger used to describe stained glass
physical evidence
any evidence introduced in a trial in the form of a physical object, intended to prove a fact in issue based on its demonstrable physical characteristics
Site-specific art
art is created to exist in a certain place. typically, the artist takes the location into account while planning and creating the artwork
both in content and style is an art of industrialized urbanized Paris, a reaction to the sometimes brutal and chaotic transformation of French life. Represents an attempt to capture a fleeting moment - not in the absolutely fixed precise sense of a Realist Painting but by conveying the elusiveness and impermanence of images and conditions.
made up of the colors as refracted by a prism
color wheel
Reed Painter, Warrior by a grave
Lecture 3, Book pg. 89 (7.6)
Name, Artist, "-ism"
Dynamism of a Dog on a Leash, Giocomo Balla, Futurism
Explain the "old theory"
idea that art in the west proceeds on a linear path becoming better and better through time
Discuss the 1401 competition to choose an artist to create the bronze doors of the Florence Baptistery. Who won? What influenced the decision of the judges? How did the competition affect the careers of the two finalists, Ghiberti and Brunelleschi?
Well in 1401 their was a competition for a commission on a set of bronze doors for the Florance Cathedral. The artist where to submit a bronze relief on a quatrefoil. Among the competitors where Brunelleschi and Ghiberti which won. The judges the technical superiority of the relief because it was cast of a solid piece making it stronger, lighter and more cost effective. Well Ghiberti went on to do another set of doors after these and Brunelleschi became and architect.
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