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Roettgen Pieta
2900-1500 BCE
chi ro
square pillars
un tube
a tube
underground burial place
ara Pacis, Roman
chronology of mesoamerica
Lange, Migrant Mother, 1935
simplified design, bright colors
Delacroix, Gericault, passion, intuition, cannot be explained
Raft of the
Medusa: artist
Northern Gothic
Notre Dame Church
Culture: Ancient Egyptian
Style Period: Old Kingdom
3,100 -2,200 BCE
Sherman, UNtitled Film Still #35
Fra Angelico; fresco; 15th century
Palette of Narmer
Predynastic Period
3000 BCE
underground passageway used for burial
Cabaret Voltaire
place for dada artists
1. Olympia-edouard Mant. 1863-was accepted into the salon with this painting. based on titians venus of urbino. It portrays a reality of contemporary paris. Many wealthy me-the same ones who bought academic nudes for their eroticism, not for their smokescreen classicism - kept mistresses and visited prostitudes.
monastery courtyard, covered with ambulatories along the sides
New Kingdom
Not a tomb-used strictly for worship
Pylon: slanted wall
Freesanding, enclosed structure:
Axial plan: vertical, straight plan
Clerestory: a split elevation (looked like a grill) for air, light etc.
Pylons in front
First room: Great court: commoners allowed here
Second room: hypostyle hall: important people only allowed here
Third room: inner sanctuary: only priests and such allowed here
Ligth let in from a whole in the end of the chamber
Salvador Dali, The Persistence of Memory, 1931, Surrealism
a technique whereby the usual intellectual control of the artist over his or her brush or pencil in foregone. The artist's aim is to allow the subconscious to create the artwork without rational interference.
Book of Kells. Irish/Scottish. 8th century CE
Judgement of Paris
Lucas Cranach the Elder
a nihilistic art movement (especially in painting) that flourished in Europe early in the 20th century
a journey to a holy place.
Kosuth, One and Three Chairs 1960's
New Expressionists
another name for Neo Expressionism
third class carriage
Third class carriage-honore Daumier.1863-he was famous as a caricaturist but unknown as a painter. His lithographs documented the different professions, classes, and types emerging in a rapidly growing and changing paris.daumier presents the family in the forground with fortitude and dignity, for the two women have the mmmonumental forms we saw in Millets Sower, what appears to be a simple peasant family is transformed into the Mother and Child with St Elizabeth
a comparative relationship between the parts to a whole. For example, in figure drawing, the model's head is often compared to the overall
height of the body.
Last Judgment (from the Sistene Chapel), MICHELANGELO, High Renaissance Period, 1536-41, fresco.
depiction of Christ enthroned and flanked by his closest relations
the land between the Tigris and Euphrates
painters of 6th century BCE Archaic period; created black figure pottery paintings
(Greek mythology) daughter of Zeus and Demeter
Xanti Schawinsky
"1934 Year XII of the Fascist Era"
a large ditch round a wall- ch.15
Great Pyramids, c. 2500 B.C.E., Giza Egypt,Egyptian Old Kingdom Art
regional style
general style of a particular geographic region
poetic feeling in painting that leaves the literal behind and focuses on lyrical
giotto di bondone
interior of the arena chapel
Shapes found in nature, curved and irregular
How all the elements come
together to form the art
"Ma Jolie" Pablo Picasso 1911-12 ( (Modern art in Europe and the Americas) Analytical Cubism
Perpendicular Style
late English Gothic style; associated with Chapel of Henry VIII; characterized by vertical lines and a four-centered arch and fan vaulting
usually the front of the building, also other sides when they are emphasized architecturally, temple of ramses II, egypt
Figure 2-9 Peace side of the Standard of Ur, from Tomb 779, Royal Cemetery, Ur (modern Tell Muqayyar), Iraq, ca. 2600 BCE. Wood inlaid with shell, lapis lazuli, and red limestone, 8" x 1' 7". British Museum, London. (Sumerian)
Central plan mosque
typical of Ottoman Turkish, dominated by a large dome space uninterrupted by supports, worship directed towards a qibla wall
refers to the windows that form the uppermost level of the knave and are located just below the vaults
Was Wyeth's favorite model. She aws on convers of Time and Newsweek. It was a "scandal" by Andrew Wyeth. First revealed in 1986. The created enduring public speculation and intrigue.
Lost-wax process
a bronze-casting method in which a figure is modeled in wax and covered with clay; the whole is fired, melting away the wax, and hardening the clay which then becomes a mold for molten metal
Fresco Secco
a fresco painting technique in which watercolors are applied to dry plaster that has been moistened to simulate fresh paste
A deceased body that has been filled with the spirit after death.
Linear Perspective
using angles to give the image depth
Lion symbol of St. John, Book of Durrow, after 750 (Lion symbol of St. John)
High Renaissance
renaissance art of the 15th/early 16th century
post impressionist artists
paul cezanne, paul gaugin, van gogh, geroges serunt
Abbey Church of Saint Michael
-Powerful Monastery- Abbot was Bernbard and was Bishop
-diplomat made several visits to Rome
-patron of the arts, reconstructed this Abbey
-inclusion of trancept. geometric
-Crypt- multi-function: often used for additional space used to show relics (part of a saint. existence of holy being)
-red and white stone for areas of architectural
-timber ceiling
-diaphragm arch: divide and articulate space and for support
a bell tower near, or attached to, a church.
emperor justinian and his attendants
middle ages; clothed; no depth;
Rust and Blue-Mark Rothko.1953
color field painting(large planes of color to express innermost promotive qualities that linked them to universla forces). no storytellinginamage. painting is still mythic, for the artist has painted wat he himself has confronted, the inevitable void of out common future and our sense of mystical oneness with unseen cosmic forces. his subject was tragedy, ecstastu, and doom.
glazed brick
Bricks painted and then kiln fired to fuse the color with the baked clay.
Theodra & Her Court
(date): 547 CE (patron): Justinian (Medium): mosaic with glass & gold leaf (location): San Vitale in Ravenna, Italy
Imhotep, Step of Pyramind of king djoser
2667-2648 BCE Egyptian Art
Minoan columns are identified by having
tapering shape and bulbous capitals
Characteristics of French Gothic
Emphasis on height of churches; facade towers; pilgrimages; light inside chapel
rotunda, portico, dome, coffers, oculus
what are the architectural features of the panthenon?
Enter your front text here.
Boucher, The Triumph of Venus, 1740. Supported by Madame de Popadour (Louis XV's mistress). Venus is coming out of the shell, accompanied by burly tritons. Very sensual and pleasurable, still rococo.
Great Pyramids at Giza and Khafre as Sphinx
Culture: Ancient Egypt
Style Period: Old Kingdom
3,100- 2,200 BCE
Granite and Limestone
21-3 Arrival of Marie de Medici at Marseilles

* From wealthy Medici family Married King Henry IV
*Allegory - Man in blue cape as France greeting her
* Motion all around queen - glorifies her presence, very vibrant and busy
*Rich color - exalt authority of queen
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