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West Facade
Kitchen Maid
Orlan, 1990-1994
informal balance
to tone down
Birth of Venus
officer of mortality
name of color
Jenny Holzer
Untitled (LED Lights)
Good Sheperd
2nd-3rd century AD
Great Friday Mosque,13th century,African Art
villa of mysteries, Roman
Pont du Gard, stone
Italian Penninsula
Assimilation of Greek art evident, but had more spring in step.
a plumb, naked little boy
braque. the castle at roche-guyon
Church of Holy Wisdom
Built for Justinian
Canopy like golden dome creates halo of light
4 Pendentives support dome, spherical triangles
hagia sophia
Photography; 1st famous photographer, 1st time went to warfront, synadostic imae-take a pic to represent all. first time general public sees what war was really like.
henry ossawa tanner
The Thankful Poor
The Night Watch
paintings by Rembrandt
bedrooms in a Roman house
Birth of the Virgin
Pietro Lorenzetti
Siena Cathedral, Italy
Maya Lin, vietnam veterans memorial, 1981, moderism
a western philosophical model that promoted science as the mind's highest achievement
Sandro Botticelli; 15th century
Birth of Venus
In Roman architecture, a public building for legal and other civic proceedings, rectangular in plan with an entrance usually on a long side.
chalk-like crayons made of ground color pigments mixed with water and a binding medium. They lend themselves to quick execution and sketching and offer a wide range of colors and subtle variations of tone, suitable for rendering nuances of value.
An architectural element that allows builders to create very, very large open spaces. Developed from post-and-lintel, then corbel arch, and finally rounded arch.
Early Byzantine Art (Period)
(c. 540 AD)
Italian for "set against." Derived from ancient art, this compositional device gives an appearance of gracefulness to the representation of the human figure by placing the limbs of the body in opposition to each other, around a central vertical axis. Normally movement of engaged and relaxed parts alternates left-right through the figure. Thus a figure in contrapposto has one engaged leg (bearing the weight of the body) and one free leg, with the opposite arms free and engaged.
fleurs de lis
three petaled iris flowers
Considered the first Christian Roman emperor; he recognized Christianity and moved the capital of the Roman Empire to Byzantium--renamed Constantinople. With this, Rome was further weakened and the eastern empire was strengthened. It would become the Byzantine Empire.
someone who tries to destroy traditional ideas or institutions
Vanitas symbol
references to death in paintings
In church architecture, a gallery over the inner aisle flanking the nave.
Titian; Madonna of the Pesaro Family; 1526; Italian; High Renaissance
the principles and styles admired in the classics of Greek and Roman literature, such as objectivity, sensibility, restraint, and formality
the study of types of prefigurative symbols
Stone Cliff at the Pond of Heaven
center of 17th century social life. These were dominated by women.
buon fresco
wet-plaster; a painting done rapidly on wet plaster on a wall, so that the colors penetrate the plaster and becomes fixed as it dries. One of the most permanent art techniques.
essentially a Roman bodyguard for the Roman Republic and Empire
In Roman architecture, a freestanding arch commemorating an important event, such as a military victory or the opening of a new road. In Christian architecture, the arch framing the apse at the end of the church nave.
the blind arcaded gallery below the clerestory, occasionally the arcades are filled with stained glass
Good Shepard, Orants, and Story of Jonah, Early Christian Period, early 4th C, fresco.
two bison
clay reliefs, Cave, Le Tuc d’Audoubert, France, Paleolithic 15,000-10,000
BCE additive built up relief sculpture
Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe and Philip Johnson, Seagram Building, New York, 1956-1958
the process of incising a design in hard material, often a metal plate (usually copper); also, the print or impression made from such a plate
Great Stupa in Sanchi
p.80-81, 3rd century BC, enlarged 150-50 BC
stupas= solid dome-shaped structures containing Buddhist relics, umbrellas on top
White Temple and Ziggurat of Uruk
Epic of Gilgamesh
Formed mud brick
Corners are cardinal points of compass
Got name from White Wash Walls
Ziggurat on top
Stairway leads to top, does not end in front
of temple doorways, steps lead to heaven
270 feet tall Babylon
Anu-sky god SUMERIAN ART
Cyclopean Masonry
method of building using huge blocks of rough hewn stone. Any large scale monumental builiding project that impresses by sheer size, a primitive style of masonry characterized by use of massive stones of irregular shape and size
a process developed in the early 19th century in which a photograph is produced on a silver plate, made sensitive by the action of iodine.
..., • Bent Pyramid: 1st attempt at true pyramid
• Began with 60 degree slope and old technology
• Structural problems with subsidence; added gurdle of stone around base giving it angle of 55 degrees
• Pyramid then continued at decreased slope of 44 degrees
the most talented or favored artists in the Academy became
officiers (officers)
Against baroque architecture and roman catholic. Wrote this publication and it contained many of his designs for palladian style country homes. He got a lot of requests from whigs to build these. Impacted lord Burlington to build Kent's chiswick house.
the area within, between, or around an area of substance.
Who was first northern artist to travel to Italy for the sole purpose of create art?
Albrecht Durer
San Marco Altarpiece
Fra Angelico; Dominican monks; tempera on panel; San Marco in Florence, Italy
The use of figures of different visual weights to create an overall impression of balance; also called "informal balance"
Asymmetrical Balance
Giorgio Vasari
"Father of Art History" Author of The Lives of the Most Emminent Italian Architects, Sculptors, and Painters ("Lives of the Artist")
agnes martin
grids. if you've seen one, you've seen them all.
The space enclosed by a lintel and an arch over a doorway
corbeled vault
corbeled vault -A vault formed by the piling of stone blocks in horizontal courses, cantilevered inward until the two walls meet in a pointed arch. No mortar is used.
Name, Artist, "-ism"
The Entry of Christ into Brussels, James Ensor, Expressionism
Greek archaic period sculpture
Kouros - Slight smile, forward leg, stiff appearance
a pose in which the weight of the body is balanced on one leg while the other is freee and relaxed
Etruscansimilar to Archaic with almond eyes, love of pattern but different due to lunging motion, never nude, proportions
Sarcophagus with reclining couple, Cerveteri. c. 520 BCE. Terra-cotta, length 6'7\"
what type of shapes are predominant in Geometric art?
geometric shapes and patterns
The Dome of the Rock is a _____, not a ______.
shrine; mosque
Illustration to the Azumaya ch. of the tale of genji
Early 12th c, Heian Period.
The Carolingian period was a great era for the construction of __.
The Carolingian period was a great era for the construction of monasteries.
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