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Constantinople lies at the intersection of Europe and _____
Like Carolingian churches, the basic form of the Romanesque church derives from earlier churches inspired by Early Christian
In architecture, the vertical element found on both sides of an opening in a wall, and supporting an arch or lintel.
The Diptych panel showing the Archangel Michael is made of:
The colossal statue of Constantine shows the following stylistic features:
What is the Paris Psalter?
A book
The Sculptors of the west facade central portal right side Reims Cathedral drew upon which sources for artistic inspiration?
The builders of the great pilgrimage churches of Europe added continuous _______to allow worshippers to move freely about the church. The two stories of the nave are called:
A lengthy inscription in the bnd beneath Christ's feet identifies the Autun tympanum as the work of __________
What was the medieval guild?
a professional organization
The Palace Chapel of Charlemagne at Aachen has a gatehouse located at the very front of the structure called a ________
Beginning in the twelfth century, the Capetians began to consolidate their authority in what region that surrounds the city of Paris?
Most early Christian churches have been rebuilt, some many times, but the Church of ______in Rome, onstructed by Bishop Peter of Illyria between 422 and 432, appears as much as it did in the 5th century.
Santa Sabina
The elaborately carved object done for Junius Bassus was __________
In Roman architecture, this is a public building used for assemblies. It is rectangular in plan and it has an entrance usually on a long side.
What part of a medieval manuscript gave specific information about the production of a book?
the Colophon
When it was completed in 1130, the third church built on the site at ________was the largest in all Europe.
In the middle of the 12th century, while builders throughout Europe were working in the Romanesque style, a distinctive new architecture known today as Gothic emerged in:
The Palace Chapel rises to half domes called:
An open space, part of a monastery, surrounded by a colonnades walkway, often having a fountain and garden and dedicated to nonliturgical activities and the secular life of the religious.
The famous icon called "The Old Testament Trinity" was painted in the 15th century by whom?
Andrey Rublyov
An architectural feature, which is in effect a continuous arch -- a half cylinder made of masonry:
barrel vault
Theodore Metochites was responsible for funding the expansion of what important late Byzantine church?
Church of the Monastery
The intersection of two barrel vaults at right angles:
cross vault
The Book of Kells was probably made at the monastery on _____ in the late eighth century and brought to the monastery at Kells, in Ireland, in the late ninth century.
The Sculpture of the tympanum of Saint-Pierre, Moissac represents:
Christ in Majesty
The technique that uses holes cut in the stone of the wall and filled with stained glass is called:
plate tracery
On the typical Irish "high cross" what shape encloses the arms of the cross?
a circle
What is the important architectural innovation of the Romanesque and Gothic builders?
The ribbed groin vault
The flying buttress is first used at:
Notre Dame, Paris
The Augustus of Primaporta is based on a specific Greek prototype called:
Polykleitos Dorophoros
The church of Santa Costanza was built using what type of Church plan?
Centralized plan
What is a pendentive?
A type of triangular architectural support to carry the weight of the dome down 4 piers. Most often found in the western church..
The ambulatory of the Church of Santa Costanza is done in a construction technique called______________
barrel vaulting
The flying buttress is:
A large masonary support attached to the wall on the exterior that carries the weight of the ceiling vaults over the side aisles to the ground
What did the theologians of Chartres tried to present in the sculpture and stained glass of their cathedral?
All of Christian history
This building, located in Rome, was designed for the daughter of the Emperor Constantine
Church of Santa Costanza
The construction of the Colosseum by Vespasian, was an astute political move. What did it accomplish?
all of the above
What does the sculpture, "Beau Dieu" portray?
Christ as a teacher priest
What is the Rayonnant Style?
The style of architecture under the Parisian Court
The St. Gall Plan includes which of the following?
all of the above
The cross from the Church of Saint Guilia, Brescia was made for a Western Christian church but has the form associated with the Byzantine East and uses the engraved jewels and cameos from______.
The Ancient Classical world
The Cover of the Lindau Gospels is made of ______.
gold, pearls and gems
The artist of the Bayeux Tapestry was assisted by
Odo, Bishop of Bayeux
The shelter at the center of the Burial ship from Oseberg was used as a burial chamber for:
two women and a servent
The Page with Man from the Gospel of Saint Matthew was probably used where?
on altars in parades
The third style of wall painting strives to :
employ faux architecture and small faux paintings
The second style of wall painting strives to:
deny the existence of the wall
The huge mosaic images of the Church of San Vitale shows two personages who never even visited the place. Who were they?
Emperor Justinian and Empress Theodora
Which is the first church to use the pointed arch?
Church of Notre Dame Fontenay
One of the devices that the artists of the Ara Pacis used to draw the spectator into the events depicted was to make the feet of the nearest figures:
project from the architectural framework into the viewers space
Among other things found in the Sutton Hoo burial is:
a large purse filled with coins
Why was the plan of St. Gall created?
as a prototype for monastic plans thoughout Europe
The Equestrian Statue of marcus Aurelius shows a contrast between Horse and Rider because:
The horse is much to small for the rider compensating for the extreme upward angle of the viewer
What is the advantage of the pointed arch over the round arch?
it has less outward thrust than the round arch
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