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Mayan Head,250-900,Copan,Honduras,Mayan Art
The Parthenon
Mona Lisa
Da Vinci
Gare St. Lazare
Lorsch Gatehouse,760,Lorsch Germany,Carolingian Art
Duchamp France Dada
Fra Angelico
Italian Proto-Renaissance
Sandro Botticelli
Italian Proto-Renaissance
Gericault, Raft of Medusa
a half circle figure.
who commisioned the parthenon?
Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio
Early Islamic art
638-10th c.
Egyptian goddess, wife of Osiris
Head of Constantine
324-330 CE
originally: Basilica of Constantine, ROME, now: Palazzo dei Conservatori (ROME)
Colossal head, facial expression of concern because empire in state of turmoil (and has been for a while), colossal size indicates this new belief that the emperor is God's regent on earth
what century is robert campin
Van Gogh
The Starry Night (1889)
exhibiting indolent inertia or passivity
To the Supreme Being
Kiefer, 1983
a flat or 2-dimensional surface
son of Akhenaton & Akhenaton's sister
originally Tutankhaten "the living image of the Aten"
changed to Tutankhamen "living image of Amun"
inner coffin - 1/4 ton gold, inlaid with semiprecious stones: lapis lazuli, turquoise, carnelian
in guise
*Shiva Sculpture* --Hindu --Basalt Stone --550-575 AD
Antonio Gaudi
Church of the Sacred Family
terracotta clay figures, made for ritual use, funeral objects
Portrait of His Mother
Painting by Bellows
Herbert Distel, museum of drawers, institutional critique
Ecstasy of Saint Theresa, Gianlorenzo Bernini, 1645-1652, Santa Maria della Vittoria, Rome,Italian Baroque Art
the process of producing sculptured form with some plastic material, as clay; the treatment of volume, as the turning of a form, in sculpture.
synagogue at dura europos, roman, Jewish
Marble sculpture.
Forever Free
by Edmonia Lewis. 1867
In Roman architecture, a civic building for legal and other civic proceeding, rectangular in plan with an entrance usually on a long side. In Christian architecture, a church somewhat resembling the Roman basilica, usually entered from one end and with an apse at the other.
Pertaining to the Empire of Charlemagne and his successors
Interior of Sainte Chappelle, Paris, France
a repository or receptacle for relics.
notched throwing stick used by hunters to propel spears farther and faster.
engraver and print maker who became the first great English painter
an ornamental sunken panel in a ceiling or dome
a literary work idealizing the rural life (especially the life of shepherds)
The style of painted or sculptured representation based on close observation of the natural world that was at the core of the classical tradition.
Armory Show
refers to the International Exhibition of Modern Art that was organized by the Association of American Painters and Sculptors and opened in New York City's 69th Regiment Armory on February 17, 1913, ran to March 15, and became a legendary watershed date in the history of American art, introducing astonished New Yorkers, accustomed to realistic art, to modern art. The show served as a catalyst for American artists, who became more independent and created their own "artistic language".
Cathedral of Rouen
By Monet. Impressionism. 19th c.
rosevelt came up with this- work progress administration- program to get the economy going, hired a bunch of artists to bring culture back
the relaxed natural pose, or "weight shift" first introduced in Greek sculpture in 480 B.C.E. - ex. first used in Kritios Boy --> separates classical from archaic greek statuary
marks resembling the wounds on the crucified body of Christ
Artist who did The Birth of Venus
in sculpture figures project from the background of which they are part
Painting on lime plaster, either dry (dry fresco, or fresco secco) or wet (true, or buon, fresco). In the latter method, the pigments are mixed with water and become chemically bound to the freshly laid lime plaster. Also, a painting executed in either method.
School of painters named after the village.
Rousseau and Millet are the leaders of the school.
Sun God. MOST IMPORTANT GOD OF ANCIENT EGYPTIANS. Man with a hawk head and headdress with a sun disk. He traveled through the underworld at night. In the underworld he appeared as a man with the head of a ram.
the announcement to the Virgin Mary by the angel Gabriel of the incarnation of Christ
art consisting of a design made of small pieces of colored stone or glass
Hieratic scale
the use of different sizes for significant or holy figures and those of the everday world to indicate importance. The larger the figure the greater the importance
Great Pyramid of Khufu
Sides aligned to cardinal points
About 13 acres
There are some interior chambers
King's chamber - stone coffin wider than doorway - lined with red granite
Corbeling in passageways
North shaft points to north star, south shaft to Orion - god of resurrection
Assemblage is art that is made of found materials or miscellaneous objects which are compiled and arranged. The term was coined by Jean Dubuffet. There is ongoing debate surrounding the difference between collage and assemblage, though it is generally accepted that more three-dimensional pieces fall into the category of assemblage
Georges-Pierre Seurat
A Sunday Afternoon on La Grande Jatte
from coller, "to glue" a technique i which paper or other material is pasted onto another surface
Outer gateway of the stronghold at Mycenae; Protected on the left by a wall built on a natural rock outcropping and on the right by a projecting bastion of large blocks; Must enter a 20 ft wide channel and face Mycenaean defenders (lions) above them on both sides; gate is formed with monoliths capped with a lintel and above the lintel is an arch.
covering with a design in which one element covers a part of another (as with tiles or shingles)
The central area of an ancient Roman basilica or of a church, demarcated from aisles by piers or columns.
Name, Artist, "-ism"
Violin and Palette/Violin and Man, Georges Braque, Cubism
negative space
empty space in an art work, a void
Der Blau Reiter
the blue rider, Munich avant-guarde. A changing network of artists who exhibited together and shared ideas. One of the most radical notions they proposed was the integration of all the arts across media boundaries, and they actively recruited not onl painters and sculptors but also musicians, composers, writers, architects, and designers to their ranks.
Lindisfarne Gospel Book
Carpet Page. Saint Matthew writing a book. Bright colors with no horizon line. 4 symbols of the avangelist
pylon temple
often had pylon gateway; defined as a temple for a god rather than a pharaoh
First style wall painting
(Roman Republic Art) Also called masonry style b/c the decorator's aim was to imitate costly marble panels using stucco relief. Located in the fauces of the Samnite House
19-25 Jose de Ribera: Martyrom of St.Batholomew

*counter reformation.
*middle baroque.
*Used naturalism and compelling drama, and embraced brutal themes.
compound piers
A pier with a group, or cluster, of attached shafts, or responds, especially characteristic of Gothic architecture.
Madonna with the Long Neck
Dürer; 1535; Oil on wood; Mannerism
Menhir, Cromlech
A tall upright stone of a kind erected in prehistoric times in western Europe.
Name/Time Period/Artist (if applicable) {pg.69}
Temple of Ramses II (Abu Simbel)/New Kingdom (Egypt)/ [none]
* Uses parts of the eye to convey unwholeness
* Dark, unpredictable, disturbing
by Philip Evergood
Exekias amphora, Achilles and Ajax Playing a board game
Lecture 3 PowerPoint, Book Pg. 88 (7.4)
__ era: "Statue of Queen __-__", ca. __-__BCE. Bronze and copper
Neo Sumerian: "Statue of Queen Napir-Asu", ca. 1350-1300 BCE. Bronze and copper
Northern Baroque
Winged Nike
The Proposition
opus modernum
modern work
Trajan's Column
Ancient Rome
Haniwa Figure,6th century,earthenware,Japan Art
Baroque in Flanders
Geometric CraterGeometricGeometric funary sat on grave, mourning scene.
materials used in assembling
Robert Rauschenberg, "Retroactive", USA, Mid 20th c.
Androcephalus bull/lama/lamassu
Man headed bull
Last Supper (manerist style)
van Gogh
Night Café
18th/19th century
Kaaba is Arabic for "_____"
Still life with cabbage, melon
The French Magistrate of Requests
The Renaissance is generally considered to have started in what Italian City?
The Garden of Earthly Delights
in classical architecture, a continuous horizontal band of sculptural decoration - ex. The Ionic frieze in the Parthenon depicts the Panathenaic Procession
School of Athens
-Plato & Aristotle
-Classical Architecture & Gods
Plato = Leonardo
Stone Block = Michel Angelo
Akhenaten (was Amenhotep IV)
Colossal statue from Temple of Aton
18th Dynasty
New Kingdom
Karnak, Egypt
13' high
abandoned worship of most Egyptian gods in favor of Aton - sun disk
art - stark contrast in style
androgynous manifestation of Aton,
text in paintings
text anchors abstraction
The first life-sized nude bronze sculpture was __________ by the artist Donatello.
Methodological approach in art history that focuses on the culture background of art.
Daumier- The 3rd Class Carriage (France Realism)
Nicolas Poussin, Landscape with Man Killed by a Snake, 1648
Peplos Kore, c. 530 B.C.E., marble,Greek Archaic
Jan Vermeer: Officer and Laughing Girl, ca. 1657
*Dutch (Northern Netherlandish) Baroque Painting
the bounded or boundless "container" of objects
Catlin Painting the Portrait of Mah-To-Toh-Pa
by Geroge Catlin, 1815
analytic cubism
limited palette, visual fragmentation, flat space with no recession, subjects taken from the real world but heavily distorted, multiple viewpoints all shown at once
hard-baked clay, used for sculpture and as a building material. it may be glazed or painted
a connoisseur of icons or images.
an early form of writing with wedge-shaped marks impressed into wet clay with a stylus, primarily used by ancient Mesopotamians.
a religious movement of the 16th century that began as an attempt to reform the Roman Catholic Church and resulted in the creation of Protestant churches
International style
a major architectural style that emerged in the 1920s and 1930s, the formative decades of Modernist architecture
Color Field Painting
Non-representational fields of color, signature style of Rothko. Pure painting, no subject required.
an architectural device used as a transition from a square to a polygonal or circular base for a dome.
Warhol, 32 Campbell's Soup Cans, 1962.
a curved structural element that spans an open space
marcel duchamp
miles of string. surrealist. did "ready-mades" toilet, mona lisa with mustache.. ect
-bicycle wheel 1913
-bottle pack 1914
style of sculpture where object is given illusion of having clothing
egg tempera, is a permanent fast drying painting medium consisting of colored pigment mixed with a water-soluble binder medium (usually a glutinous material such as egg yolk or some other size)
Artist who did Holy Trinity and Tribute Money and Expulsion from the Garden of Eden
content or subject; study of content in art
A recess, usually semicircular, in the wall of a building, commonly found at the east end of a church.
a highly detailed painting of a cityscape
Fresco Asecco
painting on dry plaster; color may flake off
Artemesia Gentileschi
- instructed by her father, Orazio, who was strongly influenced by Caravaggio.
- Judith Slaying Holofernes is dark in subject like Caravaggio's work
- her work was popular in Florence and granted her to be the first women to be inducted into the academy.
House church
The home of a Christian where Eucharistic worship took place.
an arched brick or stone ceiling or roof
Khafre Seated
Made of diorite - idea of eternity
Hawk in back - Horus - sky god - under his protection
Very symmetrical, formal, stiff
Based on canon to idealize aristocrats
Headdress, linen, skirt
Side of chair - lotus and papyrus plant - represents upper and lower Egypt - he has dominion over both
cutting into metal with a burin to create a linear image, used with metal work also called chasing
well of moses
very detailed and shows facial expressions
Positive Shape
Type of shape that describes anything that is something in a painting
Openings in the walls of catacombs to receive the dead.
Aesthetic Experience
the experience of seeing and enjoying something for its own sake, or for its beauty and pleasurable qualities
Fan Vault
A masonry roof or ceiling constructed on the arch principle, or a concrete roof of the same shape. A fan vault is a vault characteristic of English Perpendicular Gothic architecture, in which radiating ribs form a fanlike pattern.
what a work of art is about: it's subject matter.
Filippo Tommaso Marinetti
The name Futurism, coined by this person, reflected his emphasis on discarding what he concieved to be the static and irrelevant art of the past
high renaissance
1495 - 1520. before this, art was centered in florence. during this period, it moved to rome. greatest explosion of creative genius in history. statics and movement.
zoomorphic imagery
animals are depicted in a stylized and often complicated pattern, usually seen fighting with one another
female idol / figurine
period: early cycladic
year: 2500 - 2300 BCE
origination: syros (cyclades), greece
material: marble
significance/description: doesn't stand on any kind of platform, arms folded across the chest may be indicative of death. extremely abstract and geometric -- triangle shoulders and pointy arms. eyes and other features that are lost now would have been painted on. this kind of statue ranges from a few inches to a few feet tall. open composition (our eyes are drawn to all parts of the figure)
name, who commissioned it, material, location, culture?
Arch of TitusDomitianconcrete and marbleRomeRoman
Julia Maragret Cameron
Started setting people up in front of the camera for self portraits
moralized bible
a bible in which the old and new testament stories are paralleled with one another in illustrations, text, and commentary
Masaccio, Tribute Money, 1424-1427
on a wall in Brancacci chapel, giotto-like, the confrontation, getting money from fish, landscape goes much further back, creates a sense of anxiety in the painting, atmospheric perspective
The Spirt of the Dead Watching. Gaguin
1800's. Primivitism and Expressionism. French
Olympia (1863) Menet The Painting of Modern Life
depicts a prostitute which represents someone who has to sell themselves to the public, which is just like menet, he has to seel his paintings to the public.
"Mummy Portrait of a Man from
2nd Century, __ CE
Encaustic on Wood
Mummy Portrait of a Man from
2nd Century, 160 CE
Encaustic on Wood
Ziggurat- Mesopotamian
Impression: Sunrise
"paranoic-critical method"
Dürer, Self-Portriat 1498
Underground burial tombs.
(Human-Headed Winged Bull)
Assyrian Period
The Ghent Altarpiece
Greek god of light
Serious Client
Edgar Degas, 1876-1885
The "new" stone age.
David, Berini
1600's, Baroque, Italian
Friedrich, The Wanderer, Romanticism
copper or zinc metal plate
Filippo Brunelleschi, Dome, Florence Cathedral
Vietnam Veterans Memorial
Lin, Post Modernism
The Swing, Jean-Honore Gragonard, Wallace Collection, London 1766,French Rococo Art
Ingres, Large Odalisque, 1814, Neoclassical
Salon de la Princess
Germain Boffrand
pigment mixed with melted wax
TELLUS RELIEF (ARA PACIS AUGUSTAE)Roman EmpireRomecomposition: higher and lower reliefsiconography: symbols=honorPax Romana, new leader
Figure 2-3 Reconstruction drawing of the White Temple and ziggurat, Uruk (modern Warka), Iraq, ca. 3200-3000 BCE. (Sumerian)
The Persistence of Memory, 1931
Salvador Dali
dedicated in fulfillment of a vow
an artistic and architectural movement in Russia from 1919 onward which rejected the idea of "art for arts sake" in favour of art as a practice directed towards social purposes. Constructivism as an active force lasted until around 1934, having a great deal of effect on developments in the art of the Weimar Republic and elsewhere, before being replaced by Socialist Realism. Its motifs have sporadically recurred in other art movements since.
the continuous molding framing an arch
Honthorst- The Supper Party (Dutch Baroque Holland)
art intended to reproduce natural images, aka representational
3dimensionality that gives sense of form
Gardens at Stourhead Estate, Hoave
1700's, Neoclassicism
Vermeer, Mistress and Maid, ca. 1666-67
mastaba -Arabic for "bench." An ancient Egyptian rectangular brick or stone structure with sloping sides erected over a subterranean tomb chamber.
This artistic specialty was so strongly associated with England, it was called ___________, or English work.
opus anglicum
West pediment temple of Artemis, Ca. 600 BCE, Corfu, Greece
what contemporary trend inspired poesie?
Literature, The Temest.
"Le Moulin de la Galette" by Pierre-Auguste Renoir
In the Renaissance, an emphasis on education and on expanding knowledge (especially of classical antiquity), the exploration of individual potential and a desire to excel, and a commitment to civic responsibility and moral duty.
Seated Statue of Gudea Holding a Temple Plan
Lagash Period
Relief Sculpture
Figures projecting from a background of which they are part. The degree of relief is designated high, low (bas), or sunken. In the last, the artist cuts the design into the surface so that the highest projecting parts of the image are no higher than the surface itself.
Schapiro, A type of collage that includes textile art, traditionally produced by women
Performance Art
(Happenings)- centers on a single actor or artist who symbolizes some social message and they try to convey that message through their art. Believed that the human condition could be changed for the better through pieces like this
Blue Rider
1919-1930 CE. Kandinsky, Marcs. Blue, art and music, spirituality, non representative.
tempera painting
similar to poster paints; pigment mixed with water saluable; dated back to ancient egypt where pigment was mixed with egg yokes; dries fast; ground is usually a wooden pannel
sphinx -A mythical Egyptian beast with the body of a lion and the head of a human.
Catholic Baroque in the 17th Century (Italy)Gianlorezno Bernini
Ecstasy of St. Theresa
the art of working raised and ornamental designs in threads of silk, cotton, gold, silver, or other material, upon any woven fabric, leather, paper, etc., with a needle.
pop art
insists that common culture and mass media are legitimate inspirations for artistic innovation. deals with the expendable
a structure composed of a series of arches supported by columns
linear perspective
a mathematical system for creating the illusion of space and distance on a flat surface, originated in Florence
Effects of Good Government
Makes good decisions
Landscape and cityscape that is realistic
Source of lighting
Perspective shown by use of light
People happy that gov't is doing its job properly
Traffic moves peacefully, trading, graceful dacing
The social order and cosmic order in ancient Egypt.
Palace of Knossos
1,700- 1,400 BCE. King Minos, Reconstructed - Red and black columns
column drum
cylindrical section of a column that is stacked to create the entire shaft.
blocks of smooth, squared stone of any kind
Name of the architect who designed the Step Pyramid
Michelangelo Buonarroti
High Renaissance
Creation of Adam (from the Sistine Chapel)
Michelangelo Buonarroti
High Renaissance
Sir Joshua Reynolds
traveled to Italy to study paintings; went back to London to paint portraits of lords and ladies and their children; experimented with new kinds of paints and oils
uses an image etched into a coating of wax or an oily substance applied to a plate of lithographic stone as the medium to transfer ink to a piece of paper. (Other words early printing press using plates)
as he began a campaign against the Turks, the duke of bavaria hired the artist..
Albrecht Altadorfer
Norman Conquest (1066)
)- Invasion of England by William, Duke of Normandy, which resulted in Norman control of England
Giant Stone Heads
unique to individuals and wearing ball game helmet
Sactuary of Athena,
Delphi, 400 bci

- gardian porch of
the place behind it

temple-tholos temple

-marks the site of
the dephic sybil- person who told fortunes

-seen as center as
the earth and the powers of the earth that’s why its round

-believe to be
designed by kallikrates

- bench on inside
wall where there were corintian
collums 1st apperiance of the corrintian collums in history

curl of hair on the forehead that is a characteristic mark of a Buddha
Mask of Agamemnon
solid gold, thin, found in the shaft graves
"Concerning the Spiritual in Art"
Kandinsky 1910, defense of abstract art. Publishes 1912 Kandinsky argued that art should deal with color and form in spiritual ways
symbol of stability and eternity
what is the significance of the pyramid shape to the ancient egyptians?
Discourse on Arts and Sciences
ROUSSEAU: at the same time of enlightenment, early romanticism. Conflisting themes but strong morality. Principle proponment of this view in Discourse on Arts and Sciences return to nature where like locke's view, humans are born good. Feelings determine their choices, not rational thought.
Djoser's Funerary Complex (2630 - 2575 BC)
Old Kingdom: (2950 - 2575 BC)
Virgin and Child (Morgan Madonna) 1150-1200
small scale image of the holy family, placed on chapel altars, painted wood
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