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Terms Definitions
Saint-Denis,1140-1144,Saint-Denis,France,Gothic Art
Picasso, Surrealism
Odalisque: artist
Chauvet cave
double handled vase
black metallic alloy
Un camaïeu
a gradation
Judith With Holofernes' Head
Orchestra at the Opera
Las Meninas
Velazquez, 1656, Baroque
Johannes Vermeer - 1668
Mycenaean - Prehistoric Aegean
Treasury of Atreus
Tholos tomb: beehive-shaped with circular plan
Mycenae, Greece
1300 - 1250 BCE
43' high
Post & lintel doorway
Greeks believed was tomb of Atreus, father of Agememnon who waged war against Troy
Title: Impression, SunriseArtist: Claude MonetStyle: ImpressionismDate: 1872Country: France
Skidmore, Owings, and Merril
Lever House
virgin and child (madonna enthroned)
elaborate an extensive ornamentation in decorative art and architecture that flourished in Europe in the 17th century
33-13: GEORGES BRAQUE, Bottle, Newspaper, Pipe and Glass, 1913. Charcoal and various papers pasted on paper, 1' 6 7/8" x 2' 1 1/4". Private collection, New York.
the representation of the three-dimensional world on a two-dimensional surface in a manner that creates the illusion that the person, object, or place represented is three-dimensional
Art Nouveau
1890s-1900s decorative style; ornamental with long sinuous curved lines, organic "plant forms"
The space an object occupies
To the Unknown PainterNeo Expressionism.
city of the dead; funerary complex.
School of Athens, Raphael; Italian Renaissance
the central area of a church
Ishtar Gate
515 BCE Ancient Near Eastern
"Luncheon on the Grass" Manet (Impressionism)
Caravaggio, Saint Matthew and the Angel, 1602-3. Oil on canvas.
relieving triangle
Myceanan(lion gate) arc; the triangular opening above the lintel that serves to lighten the weight to be carried by the lintel
a distinctive feature of mosque architecture, a tower from which the faith are called to worship.
clay figures used in ceremonies, healing 1000-400 BC
Caravaggio, Conversion of St Paul, (remember Caracci's Assumption of the Virgin
Ste. Chapelle, Paris, 1243-1248 (built for Louis IX) upper church
La Pia de Tolomei
Oil on Canvas
curved molding formed by the voussoirs making up an arch; In Romanesque or Gothic architecture, one of the series of concentric bands framing the tympanum.
stress that squeezes rock until it folds or breaks
a large amphitheater built in Rome around 70-80ad; site of the contest and combats between people and animals. A complex system of concrete barrel vaults once held up the seats in the worlds largest amphitheater.
nara period in japan. capital of Japanese civilizaiton. society was agricultural and centered around villagers. modeled after Chang'an, the capital city of Tan. permanent establishment of Buddhism
: the act of attributing human characteristics to abstract ideas etc.
Louis XV
Ruled France 1715-1774. Rococo started out as interior design. Very decorative. Moved court back to Paris.
Filial sons and virtuous women of antiquity, Datong, Shanxi, Northern Wei
pharoah during New Kingdom, famous for his tomb, child ruler
Style that recaptured the dignity and simplicity of the classical style of ancient Greece and Rome
Latin for "hide stripped from an animal." Term used for 1) spoils of war and 2) fragments of architecture or sculpture reused in a secondary context.
The square panel between the triglyphs in a Doric frieze, often sculpted in relief.
Patterns or pictures made by embedding small pieces (tesserae) of stone or glass in cement on surfaces such as walls and floors; also, the technique of making such works.
the application of paint cannot be seen through
Vassatra Jattaka
generousity. gave away his freakin kids and wife!
Name, Artist, "-ism"
The Scream, Edvard Munch, Expressionism
The process of incising a design in hard material, often a metal plate, also the print or impression made from such a plate
-Jan van Eyck, Adam and Eve, 1432.
-Ghent Altarpiece, St. Bavo Cathedral, Ghent.
-Joining of oil paint and skin
-Bodies look realistic, alive, and vulnerable
barbizon school
painted in the barbizan forrest. in plein- aire. in plain air
2nd half of 19th century that sought to capture the images and sensibilities of the age; goes beyond simply dealing with present and involves artist's critical examination of the premises of art itself
used a lot of paint, brush strokes, lack of detail, about color and light, cropping like Japanese Art, movement, independent from academy "middle class painted by mostly middle class artist for the middle class" , An artistic movement that sought to capture a momentary feel, or impression, of the piece they were drawing
Art Deco characteristics
Movement sought to upgrade industrial design as a "fine art" with decorative patterns. Characterized by streamlined, eongated, and symmetrical design.
Transverse Arches
An arch separating one vaulted bay from the next.
the triangular top of a temple that contains sculpture
A coffin or tomb, especially one made of limestone.
polished stone in the general shape of an ax
7. Women Artists
Bashkirsteff, Self Portrait with a Palette, 1883
royal portal
the doors of the west facade at Chartres Cathedral, contains episodes from the life of Christ
Grape Cluster
In art a _______ __________ was used to show a group of people without having to show their bodies. The heads of the people would only be shown and this technique makes the group of people look like a _______ __________.
"Luncheon on the Grass"
-huge size
-broke all the rules
-in your face nude (not sugary & idealistic)
-modern everyday life as subjects instead of classical or oriental
-direct lighting (unflattering) instead of the normal side lighting
-seemed unfinished
A term that refers to the modern era. Refers to cultural and intelectual movements. The effect of these changes on society and the individual. Psychic and cultural changes. "By Modernity i mean the ephemeral, the fugitive, the contingent.." -Charles Baudelaire 1863
Santa sophias history.
eventually converted into a mosk, is similar to the pantheon, interior of santa sofia is mosaics, the ceiling in the pantheon and in santa sophia are very similar
a groove cut into stone or wood called a mortise, that is shaped to receive a tenon, or projection, of the same dimensions
A hall where the roof is supported by colums.
Peristyle Garden
an enclosed garden at the center of a Roman house.
Lawrence 1940 American
No. 49 (Migration of the Negro) (No Movement)
split complementary
a color plus 2 colors next to its complementary color
Anthemius of Tralles and Isidorus of Miletus, Hagia Sophia,
532-537 CE. Byzantine Period. Istanbul, Turkey Commissioned by Justinian I.
2% of prehistoric art portrays______________
98% were of __________
2% of prehistoric art portrays human beings
98% were of animals
"__Vase," from __, Greece, ca. 1200 BCE
"Warrior Vase," from Mycenae, Greece, ca. 1200 BCE
__ era: "__statue of __ Holding Temple Plan", ca. __ BCE, Diorite
Neo Sumerian era: "Seated statue of Gudea Holding Temple Plan", ca. 2100 BCE, Diorite
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