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Terms Definitions
Saint-Sernin,1070-1120,Toulouse,France,Romanesque Art
Oppenheim, Surrealism
grave figure
Mamluks means
corbel arch
Mycenaen archway
florence cathedral campanile
net (nette)
in focus
first nude male statuary
A Studio in Batignolles
Sistine chapel ceiling frescos
technical, industrial, economic change; The Industrial Revolution
Minoan - Prehistoric Aegean
Bull-leaping Wall Fresco
"Toreador Fresco"
Palace of Knossos
1450 - 1400 BCE
2' 8" high
Bull-leaping ceremony includes both men & women
Typical Minoan style: extremely small waists, long thin legs

Title: Ambulatory and Chapels, Abbey
Church of Saint-Denis

Artist: N/A

Style: Gothic

Date: c. 1140- 1144

Country: France

"Dry bed" or "Rock Garden"
an engaged column/pilaster that projects from a compound pier
Marcel Duchamp
("1,200 Coal Bags Suspended from the Ceiling Over a Stove"
33-72: ALEXANDER CALDER, Untitled, 1976. Aluminum honeycomb, tubing, and paint, 29' 10 1/2" x 76'. National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C. (Gift of the Collectors Committee).
the large, sometimes rusticated, usually slightly projecting stones that often form the corners of the exterior walls of masonry buildings.
true to natural appearance; superrealistic
A two-paneled painting or altarpiece.
Sun god; gave Hammurrabi law code
Fall of Icarus, Bruegel; Northern Renaissance
Revival of Plato's text; Platonic love; the drive toward the ideal as the goal of transcending mere material reality
Chinese Horse
15,000-13,000 BC Details, snout, hoofs.
Carefully viewed before painting
Modeling-3D on 2D surface, light and dark lines
Tone- darker highlighted of same color
Domination of animal, respond to challenge of environment, knowledge is power
Art of the Stone Age
"Napoleon Crossing the St. Bernard Pass" David (Neoclassicism)
San Carlino (or San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane)
Rome, Italy
(Rounded Building)
figures projecting from a background they;re part of
votive statues
(votive-"offering") figures that offer constant prayers to the gods
a conventional religious painting in oil on a small wooden panel
Giotto, Entry into Jerusalem, Arena Chapel
Durham Cathedral, Durham England, 1093 plan
Winslow Homer's mature work ultimately depicted the theme of __.
pointed arch
an arch with a pointed apex
Art style that focuses on pastels, ornate interiors, and sentmental portraits.
Hagia Sophia
Most famous example of Byzantine architecture, it was built under Justinian I and is considered one of the most perfect buildings in the world. Built by Anthemus of Tralles and Isodorus of Miletus
largest town in region of Hazarajat, central Afghanistan, capital of Bamyan Province. has many Buddhist statues. was part of the Buddhist Kushan Empire.
Continuous narrative:
Sculpture recounting the heroic deeds of kings and generals are common, especially in Assyria and Rome. The Romans made use of a form known as continuous narrative, the best known example of which is the spiral, or helical, band of relief sculpture that surrounds Trajan's Column
Automatic Writing (Art)
Andrew Breton, self-portrait. 1938. Photo montage. Self-portrait.
Excavation view of Tomb 1, Mawangdui, after 168 BCE
pier &door
upright support for arch or bridge
history painting
based on historical, mythological, or biblical narratives, and conveyed high moral/intellectual idea
A style of ancient Greek ceramic decoration characterized by red figures against a black background. This style of decoration developed toward the end of the 6th c. BCE and replace the earlier black-figured style.
Scene in which Christ raises someone from their tombs to bring them to heaven with him.
warm colors
these colors advance in a space
Shiva Nataraja
Shiva: Lord of Dance. visual theology
-4 arms, third eye, matted hair, fire and drum, ganga in hair, ring of fire=destruction & creation "samsara", hand gesture to foot and fear-not gesture
-foot crushing dwarf of ignorance
-male fertility
11th century, chola dynasty
-turns like a top on one leg, reference to his role as the world pillar or axis mundi. world supporting position
-snakes in hair=pan-indic, something ppl can all relate too.
Name, Artist, "-ism"
Rouen Cathedral, Claude Monet, Impressionism
A kind of engraving in which the design is incised in a layer of wax or varnish on a metal plate. The parts of the plate left exposed are then etched by the acid in which the plate is immersed after incising
most ornate of the three orders of classical Greek architecture
good shepard
earliest depiction of christ in 200 AD
Les Fauves
French for "wild beasts," early 20th century movement led by Matisse. Color became formal element most responsible for pictorial coherence and primary conveyor of meaning
Realism, was a French painter who led the Realist movement in 19th-century French painting; started and dominated it; "show me an angel and i'll paint one" radical thinker. The Stone Breakers
residence that is a place of religious seclusion (such as a monastery)
A large Greek bowl used for mixing water and wine
A mixture used to attach layers of coil when building a vessel by hand.
Edict of Milan
when Constantine ended persecution of Christians
3. Women Artists
Morisot, Wet Nurse and Baby, 1880
piece-mold technique
a casting technique in which the mold consists of several sections that are connected during the pouring of molten metal, usually bronze. After the cast form has hardened, the pieces of the mold are disassembled, leaving the completed object.
Ludovico Sforza
recieved letter from Da Vinci about Da Vinci's inventions and permission to make the horse statue that he wanted.
Arch of Titus
triumphal symbol of the capture of Jerusalem
Early Christian Art
Christ as the Good Shepherd, Mausoleum of Galla Placidia; Ravenna, Italy
Who was Charlemagne?
carlos or charlemagne was born on april 2 742 in northern europe. he became master of western europe. christmas day 800 after helping pope Leo II he was crowned the holy roman emperor and was presented with a gold crown. he learned to read latin and some greek but didnt master writing and at meals he didnt have jesters perform but rather listened to the readings of scholars and learned from their work, he established the carolingian era
Illuminated Manuscript
A manuscript in which the text is supplemented by the addition of decoration, such as decorated initials, borders, and miniature illustrations
A small pyramid at the top of a obelisk.
Groin Vault
formed at the point at which 2 barrel vaults intersect at right angles (cross vault)
Transverse Arch
an arch which crosses from one side of the nave to the other side at a 90 degree angle
Sandro Botticelli
"The Birth of Venus" is the best known work of what Italian painter?
"Christ the Redeemer" from San Vitale,Commissioned by Justinian I.
526-547 CE. Byzantine Period. Ravenna, Italy.
Late ClassicalMoment in Battle of Issus when Persian king Darius III fled battlefield in humiliating defeatactual battle not idealized battle of Greeks and
gods – historical image

shows classical because its the world as
Polykleitos the Younger, Theater of Epidauros, c. 350 BCE
Clycladic art:
The __ __, 2,500-2,000 BCE
"__" figures; __; the role of __
continuation of __types and functions?
Clycladic art:
The Cyclades Islands, 2,500-2,000 BCE
"plank" figures; abstraction; the role of music
continuation of Neolithic types and functions?
__ era: "Fragment of the Victory __ of __ (Stele of the Vultures)", ca. __-__ BCE, __
Sumerian era: "Fragment of the Victory Stele of Eannatum (Stele of the Vultures)", ca. 2600-2500 BCE, limestone
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