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spain movement
André Leroi-Gourhan
digital media
The Comtesse d'Hoissonville
many colored peices
Philosophy of Beauty
Dutch Baroque
Frans Hals
heavy rustification
rough unfinished masonry
The Riviere Family
Ingres, 1805
media for relief printing
vertical, weight carrying(sometimes not) architectural member; circular in cross section &consisting of a base, shaft, and capital
shaped like a cross
Mausoleum of Emperor Shihuangdi

China, Qin Dynasty210 BCE 

pont-du-gard france. bridge brought water from a distant mountain spring to nimes
interior room in a temple
Robert Colescott, Les Demoiselles d'Alabama: Vestidas
picture stones
those with figural decoratiion
A 3 panel hinged painting
Small glass/stones to make mosaics.
ancient kingdom in present-day Iraq
Jean- Auguste-Dominique Ingres
The Apotheosis of Homer
based on radical juxtaposition of objects
Portrait of a young man
Agnolo Bronzino
Parmigianino, Madonna with the Long Neck
Buddhist religious monument made of piled earth
Bull Leaping Fresco, palace at Knossos, Late Minoan LM 1550-1100 BCE
Chartres Cathedral: Gothic
Middle Ages 1200 CE
developed during WWI which was nihilistic and against everything
In Greek mythology, the legendary battle between the Greeks and Amazons.
Dionysiac Mystery Frieze,
from the Villa of Mysteries, Pompeii,
Roman Republican, ca. 60-50 BCE
Latin, "eye". The round central opening of a dome, also a small round window in a Gothic cathedral
Twisted perspective
Haphazardly placed, painted=technique
triangular space formed by roof and cornice
"bottom of the page" An illustration or decoration that is placed below a block of text in an illuminated manuscript
In early Christian art, the depiction of the Old Testament persons and events as prophetic forerunners of Christ and New Testament events.
-began 1886
-group came to feel that the impressionist had neglected too many of the traditional elements of art in attempts to capture momentary sensations of light and color
-1880-four artists were much more systematically examining the properties of line, pattern, form, and color
-Vincent Van Gough, Paul Cezanne were the artists
-1889-Starry Night-Van Gough
rose window
The large round stained glass window
In the Renaissance, an emphasis on education and on expanding knowledge (especially of classical antiquity), the exploration of individual potential and a desire to excel, and a commitment to civic responsibility and moral duty
holy place of worship for christians (usually attached to a school, church, hospital...)
King Akhenaten(a.k.a. "Akhenaton," "Akhnaton," or "Ikhnaton")
Born Amunhotep IV, c. 1375-1358, 18th Dynasty
Parents (Amunhotep III + Tiye)
Religious revolutionary who abolished __and established a new cult for Aten, the __ __; took new name meaning "Aten
King Akhenaten(a.k.a. "Akhenaton," "Akhnaton," or "Ikhnaton")
Born Amunhotep IV, c. 1375-1358, 18th Dynasty
Parents (Amunhotep III + Tiye)
Religious revolutionary who abolished monotheism and established a new cult for Aten, the solar disk; took new name meaning "Aten is pleased"
Established a new capital at Akhetaten (modern Tell el-Amarna)
Amarna period is well-documented in correspondence tablets.
birth of venus
botticelli 1482, late ital renaissance, egg tempera, canvass, depth proportion, greek statue-like
a cylindrical wall which supports a dome.
small concealed chamber in an Egyptian mastaba for the statue of the deceased
a vertical support for a sculptural object. Also know as a plinth.
"Step Pyramid Complex of King Djoser", Old Kingdom Egyptian, Saqqara, 2600 BC
Dressed Stone
Highly finished and precisely cut block of stone creating a uniform face with fine joints.
Dressed Stone
Ex: Palace at Knosses
Name, Artist, "-ism"
The Gleaners, Jean-François Millet, Realism
Lapith Fighting a centaur
440 BCE (Greek-high classical) metopese on parthenon, significance of architectural decor (war won against persians=political events)
grave stele
An upright stone slab or pillar, sometimes with a carved design or inscription that was found in grave sights.
Bishop Bernward
responsible for building decor of St. Michael's
school where you study the Quran and Muslim law
what happened during the Geometric period?
Homer, Olympic Games
Early Byzantine Art
Virgin and Child Between Saints Theodore and George
used to transfer weight from a great dome to the piers beneath rather than to the walls, giving the illusion that the dome is suspended above; concave, spherical triangle that merges
a small arch built across the interior angle of two walls (usually to support a spire)
raphael: school of athens
1508-1511 sfumato tech.
stella della segnatura, vatican palace, rome. pope's private library
A male figure that functions as a supporting column. See also caryatid.
Temple of Horus
Edfu, Egypt, First Millenium BCE 237-47 BCE

______ _______ stick into the stone to hold it in place
Silver nails
Corinthian Capital
consists of a double row of acanthus leaves from which tendrils and flowers grow, wrapped around a bell shaped echinus. although this capital form is often cited as the distinguisng feature of the corinthian order, no such order exist.
refers to the effect of light on a three-dimensional form. The three-dimensional quality of such a form is emphasized by means of light, shadow, and color. Reproducing the effect of light, shadow, and color in a drawing of such a form makes it seem more realistic.
__ era: "Stonehenge", __ __ ,____, England, ca. _ _ _ 0-_ _ 00 BCE.
Neolithic Era: "Stonehenge", Salisbury Plain,Wiltshire, England, ca. 2550-1600 BCE.
Archaic smile
The curved lips of an ancient Greek statue, usually interpreted as an attempt to animate the features.
A temple with a circular plan seen in Aegean and, more developed, in Greek architecture. It served as the basis for later circular-plan architecture in various cultures.
a three petaled star or flower in art or architecture; ex: Gothic
what are the characteristics of Venetian paintings
rich color and glowing light
Carolingian Art Concepts
1. art of the empire consolidated by Charlemagne
(Charlemagne as Holy Roman Emperor: power/propaganda links past to present - unifies with church - created unified currency - military soldier - Feudal system/new society structure - held books in high esteem)
2. renewal of the Roman Empire emphasized through the re-use and appropriation of earlier artistic vocabulary.
3. art and architecture as visible statements of imperial power.
Characterize Masaccio's style. Cite specific works. What technique did he often employ? How did his work influence his contemporaries, as well as later artists?
Macaccio's style was to use consistently scaled figures, rational architecture and natural settings with linear perspective. The facial features where not as important to him. Rather capturing the emotion was his focus. He was also known for using a single light source in his pieces. He often employed linear perspective as one of his techniques. Trinity with the Virgin, St. John the Evangelist, and donors, The Tribute Money, The Expulsion of Adam and Eve from Paradise. His work influenced contemporaries and later artist because they used style of volumetric solidity, consistent lighting, and spatial integration.
Rebecca and Eliezer at the well
• codex vs. rotulus
• folio (page)
• vellum and parchment
-from a book, codex, continuous narration

Athenian Agora,
400 bc

market place 

2 important locations of activities

o agora and

o agora was at
the base of the acropolis

every building was usually on a grid

o theory connected
to constellations

atastion is best preserved temple in athens 

stoa of Athens 

o 1st
schools of philosophy 

o per level of
building – has roof orniments and leaf catchers

What are 4 examples of French Gothic?
Chartes, St. Maclou, Ameins and Rheims
in cycladic art are there more females or males and where are they found? (and why)
lying in graves because they can't stand on their own
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