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Synovial joint
Terms Definitions
limited movement


boasting; bragging.
partially movable joint
Ligaments reinforce the
joint capsule
Which Joint is Synovial?
sagittal suture
interverbal disc
symphysis pubis?
chronic inflammation of bursae
material for intellectual nourishment.
What is synostosis?
Sutures completely fused.
(above normal)
extension of a joint beyond 180 degrees
EX: Glancing up at the ceiling while standing, your neck is hyperextended
movement that closes the mouth
Knee (describe joint)
Tibiofemoral joint**Hinge jointlateral and medial meniscifibular and tibial co-lateral jointsanterior and postier cruciate ligamentspatellar ligament/quadriceps tendon
Movement in the anterior/posterior plane that reduces the angle between bones is known as _________.
characterized by injustice or wickedness; wicked; sinful.
What type of movement is gomphoses?
are composed of dense regular connective tissue
Synovial Membrane
composed primarily of areolar connective tissue
covers all the internal joint surfaces not covered by cartilage
lines the articulare capsule
localized movement angle foot to point outward
held together by fibrocartilage.. ie, pubic symphysis - cartilaginous
Cartilaginous joints
no cavity presentcartilage joins bonessome synarthrosis or amphiarthrosis
resisting authority or control; not obedient or compliant; refractory.
very sheer and light; almost completely transparent or translucent.
constant in application or effort; working diligently at a task; persevering; industrious; attentive:
examples of synovial joints
glenohumeral, temporomandibular, elbow, knee
_______ is bending of a body part
Superior articular facets of atlas and occipital condyles of occipital bone
Synovial (condylar) joint
Extension and flexion of the head; slight lateral flexion of head to sides
Intrinsic Ligaments
represent thickenings of the articular capsule itself

extracapsular ligaments outside the articular capsule

intracapsular ligaments within the articular capsule
when the nucleus pulposus breaks through the anulus and enters the vertebral canal the result is an
herinated disc
Gouty Arthritis
uric acid crystals, heredity, common in men, defect in protein metabolism
-shortening of the muscle-movement is accelerated (enhanced)- \"winning against gravity\"
Isometric Contraction
movement of the thumb at the carpometacarpal joint in which the thumb moves across the palm to touch the finger on the same hand
Joints that allow extensive angular motion w/o axial rotation, as in twiddling your thumbs is known as _________.
Saddle joints
symphses joints found in
pubic symphysis, intervertebral discs
What joint is between the tibia and the femur?
_____ is movement at ankle that brings the foot farther from the shin.
is a sequence of movements in which the proximal end of an appendage remains relatively stationary while the distal end makes a circular motion
Body of the fifth lumbar vertebra and base of the sacrum
Inferior articular facets of fifth lumbar vertebra Superior articular facets of first sacral vertebra
Cartilaginous joint (symphysis) between lumbar body and base of sacrum
synovial (plane) joint between articular facets
Amphiarthrosis between body and base diarthrosis between articular facets
Extension, flextion, lateral flexion of vertebral column
the tough outer layer of fibrocarilage on the interverbal discs is
anulus fibrosus
unique to the feet, soles are turned medially
the _____ of the fibrous capsule prevents bones from dislocating
tensile strength
Sutures (Fibrous)
bones of the skull-very short CT Fibers
ankle extension is also known as _______.
Plantar Flexion
a person who moves about restlessly or aimlessly, esp. from one social activity to another.
What type of joint is between the patella and the femur?
gliding joint
accessory structures
- fluid filled pockets in CT that occur where a tendon or ligament rub against another tissue; function is to reduce friction
Nucleus Pulposus
is the inner gelatinous core of the disc and is primarily composed of water, with some scattered reticular and elastic fibers
Movement that occur at the shoulder and hip represent the actions that occur at which joint?
ball and socket
anterior surface of the bone is turned away from the midline
lateral rotation
To move your head from left to right as in saying no, is called_________.
where are bursas found
where bones, ligaments, muscles, skin, tendons overlie and rub together
The structure of a ____ _____ is a convex surface one one bone articulating with a concave surface of another bone.
Saddle joint
Syllables and how they develop
important unit in early sound development
CV- consonant/vowel- Universal element of lang.
easy to perceive early and produce early
most kids learn to produce consonants in the initial position of syllables
ligaments and tendons are both made of
dense regular connective tissue
The six major types of synovial joints are
Ball-and-socket, condyloid, gliding, hinge, pivot, and saddle.
the hip is a _______ joint.
the knee is a _______ joint.
What are the three names given to the types of movement found in joints?
synarthrosis, amphiarthrosis, and diarthrosis
What are the 6 characteristics of a Synovial joint?
1 a joint capsule=articular capsule=thick layer of dense C.T.
2 Articular cartilages-shock absorbers and reduce friction.
3 A joint cavity filled with synovial fluid.
4 an synovial membrane-lining joint capsule(stops at edge of aticul. cart.) produces synovial fluid.
5 Accessory structures- Meniscus, fat pads, ligaments, tendons, and bursae.
6 Sensory nerves and Blood vessels.
The shoulder joint is the where what two bones articulate?
head of the humerous and glenoid cavity of scapula
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